Where Is Ukraine?

Where is Ukraine many people ask me this is it in Russia most ask? Is it in Europe or Asia? Believe it or not, some have no idea where Ukraine is. But most Know Ukrainian women are very sexy, also that many men get scammed there.

How is it that not many know where it is but they know the women are hot and men get scammed? I am sure from the media about the scamming, but how do so many know they are very sexy girls there? In the American movies, I think there are three Ukrainian women celebrities. I am trying to think how do so many know the women are sexy. I do not see anything on TV that shows sexy Ukrainian women. There are a few shows that talk about how Russian and Ukrainian girls are gold diggers

It could be through the online ads on the internet. My mom told me the other day she was online looking for something, an ad from some Ukraine dating site popped up.

2010Photo Julia

I read once that over 5 million men have joined Ukraine online sites at one time or another. Could it be this is how Ukraine got its notoriety? From online ads on the internet? I do remember the first time I heard about Ukraine was online about 12 years ago. I Was out of work bored from watching TV so I went online to a Russian dating site. I do not remember the name, but I received a letter from a girl in Lugansk. A very pretty girl she wrote very kind words to me, not like the Russian women. I looked for more girls from Ukraine on this site, there were only a few.

Over the years more and more Ukrainian girls started to show up on the Russian sites. I think now more men look to Ukraine than they do to Russia for online dating.

I started to travel to Ukraine in 2011 eight years ago, online dating was much different then! One company had the most Ukraine members it was loveme.com. I used this site for a year or so, but it was so expensive. I did not meet one single woman from this site.I saved a few photos from the sites 11 years ago they were not so photoshopped then. I think the technology was not very good at the time. Now 95% of the Ukraine online dating site use enhanced photos, it is a shame what they do to Ukrainian women.

Beautiful Woman

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Why “Date Ukraine Women” Is Different

What is different about personal date guide Ukraine? Is it an online dating company with a membership every month? Is it a Ukraine company? Do they help women or men while in Ukraine? What exactly do they do?

I have received many e-mails that ask these questions. I will answer them the best I can. What is different about us? We are not a Ukraine company, we do not have a big staff nor do we do any online dating services. I do not want to talk generally about the marriage agencies in Ukraine. From my personal experiences in the past 8 years, these companies did not care about me. They were about making money, it is a business that takes advantage of lonely men.

I was one of those men I used several agencies, I will not tell you all of them are bad. Some were not so greedy, made a few hundred off me. Some could have made thousands off me if I let them.

I have spoken with men that spent over $10,000 with these companies. This is how it works, there is a need for the men who decide to go to Ukraine to find love. Some men show up thinking there will be a woman to meet with them that they met online. Some women do meet these men, but for a big cost. You will be charged for everything you do in Ukraine. You will pay double or sometimes triple for an

Lugansk Women

interpreter that is not on your side at all. She will advise you on where to take your date, restaurants, cafes, and sightseeing. She will do everything to make the date as long as possible. If you decide to do anything different from what the interpreter asks the date will be over.

Ok now with personal date guide, this is what we do. We do no online dating you will not have a membership with us. No monthly fee no fake photos with untrue profiles. It is a one time cost for your 8-day tour.

In this time you will be able to meet and date as many women you like. We will have interpreters for you if you need them, the first 5 hours are included. After that, it will be $10 an hour or $80 a day. Some dates you will have with a woman could last 10 to 15 hours! Read More


Tips To Date Ukraine Women

10 tips to date Ukraine women, or is it 5 tips to date Ukraine girls? It might be Top 20 tips for dating Ukraine women. Maybe how to win a woman’s heart! I read so many articles on this subject.

There are not tip to date a Ukraine woman, all you have to do is learn the customs of Ukraine. Then what? Well, the only way to date a Ukrainian woman is in Ukraine. Not online, it is funny so many sites tell you to join an online dating site, why is that? It is for money of course. I met one man a few months ago, he told me he had two Ukranian girlfriends. I said oh you have been to Ukraine? He said no I met them online. Are you serious you have two virtual girlfriends, he said no they are real? I asked how do you know they are real? He said I write them every day and they write me back for over 2 months now.

He also told me he has not seen them in video chat either. Somehow this man was lost, caught up in why these online sites make so much money. They pray on lonely men, I do understand this.

Beautiful Real Woman

There was a time I also thought they were real. Here is why I started this company, to help men that are lost looking for love. I asked this man what can I do for you? He said I want to go to Ukraine and date both of them. But I do not want them to know I am dating another girl too. Wow this guy was so lost, I agreed to help him out. A week before he arrived in Ukraine one of the girls told him her mom was sick and she could not meet him. He was relieved, he told me.

He shows up in Kiev I meet with him, bring him to his apartment. He said I want to meet Juia tomorrow. I asked have you spoken with her to meet her?

Nope, but I will have you call her in the morning. In the morning we call Julia, but it is not Julia it is some agency. I had one of my colleges speak with them. They told her the only way Julia will meet him is if they bring their interpreter. Of course, so they can take advantage of him. We agreed to their terms. What they did not know is one of my interpreters would also be there with him. The date lasted 10 minutes if Julia liked this man it would not matter who was the interpreter right? I did help him to meet some real women, in person like normal people do! Read More

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Do Ukrainian People Smoke Marijuana

Do people in Ukraine smoke cannabis? Yes they do, I have met many people in Ukraine who smoke weed. I think most are like Americans were 20 years ago.

If you asked someone back then if they smoke weed the answer would always be no! Then they would go home and smoke weed. It was illegal you never knew who you were talking to. Now that cannabis is legal in many states all of a sudden everyone smokes weed. In Las Vegas where I am from it is completely legal, so guess where everyone comes to smoke? I do not know how much money as an industry it is making but I know it is bringing in millions in taxes every month.

This is how I know so many people in Ukraine smoke cannabis because they are safe with telling me. Almost every young person I asked if they tried it most said yes.

Last September there was a rally in Kiev in support of decriminalizing cannabis. It was very odd that the same young people that told me they thought it was OK, started a riot against the rally supporter. The police were called to break up the riot. It is odd how people act sometimes. I Las Vegas I have many friends and acquaintances, a few years back they were all against marijuana. Now that it is legal all of a sudden it is fine, most people here in America are in support of cannabis.

I was in a city in Ukraine, a young man was the hooka master or whatever he is called. I asked him if he smoked cannabis he said yes I do.

Lugansk Woman

We had a long talk on the subject, he wanted to know everything about how it was in the USA now pot is legal. If it was true you could go into a shop, buy cannabis like you would buy cigarettes? I told him yes as long as you are 21 years old, he that that was so cool. He asked me how much does it cost for 1 ounce of weed in those shops I said about $400. He laughed, said you can buy one once here for about $20. I said no way, he told me I will show you.

He called a friend and in a few minutes, his friend was with us. He said let’s go around back if you want to see it. I did, sure enough, it was weed. The price was a little higher than what I was quoted.

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Best Countries To Date Women

What are the best countries in the world to date women or girls? What are the best countries to meet women? The Ukraine women are not in the top 25 in either category. Why? Not many can show you how to meet or date Ukrainian women!

Ukraine came in 28th on meeting women and to date women, it was 43rd.The statistic does not bother me at all. They are right it is not the easiest thing to learn how to meet and date Ukrainian women! In the countries I have traveled to I think for me it was Mexico. Beautiful women in Mexico, very friendly and, they love Americans. It is very difficult to get a visa for a Mexican woman. The second would be Belgium most of these women speak English, they are very sweet girls.

Here in Las Vegas where I live some of the time. It is easy to meet the women that come to Las Vegas, but very difficult to date them.

Lugansk Woman

The local women are much easier although they do not go to the strip very often. The women that come to Vegas, unless you have pockets of money it is difficult to date one. One night in a high-end nightclub will set you back $1000 to $1500 for two people. If you get crazy it could cost $20,000 to date a woman here. I could help 5 men in Ukraine date many women not just for one night, but the whole week on 20 grand! They would probably be more fun and sexier.

The first time I went to Kiev I spent over $5000 not including my flight over. Now it would cost a few $1000, but more importantly, I could date as many women as I liked.

Ukraine is a great place to meet women if you know what you are doing that is. With me as your personal date guide or as some call me the “Ukraine Hitch”. I will show you in a matter of days what took me over five years to learn. If you are looking for a wife, or just want to date the women to see if you like them. Either way, I am the guy to help you. I have helped many men meet and date these beauties. They are not only super sexy, also smart, funny, and easy to get along with!

In the eight years, I have been going to Ukraine I have had only one heated argument with a woman. It was over money, of course, she is now a typical gold digger.

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Your Personal Date Guide

What would help you meet and date the beautiful Ukrainian women or girls? A personal date guide like me. I have helped many men in Ukraine date beautiful women. I take out all the guesswork, from the date customs to how to get around in Ukraine.

I have for over eight years been dating Ukrainian women. I first used anastaisiadate it did help me meet a few women online.It was very difficult until I learned some of the rules. Slavic women can be a challenge to understand, how their mind works. For one thing, if she tells you something she means it, there are no head games with her. If you are too old she will tell you if you are you fat she will tell you. You need to have thick skin most of the time. When she does like you, start to trust you it will be like no other woman before.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what exactly do I do for you. What would a typical tour with me be? From the beginning, we will pick you up from one of two airports in Kiev.

Imagin Meeting Her!

Bring you to the apartment office where you will be given your keys, and escorted you to your apartment. Which is included in your tour package. Me or one of my staff members will instruct you on how to get in and out of the apartment. We will give you a quick tour of the neighborhood. Places to buy water and some essentials you made need during your stay. It will not be a formal tour like some expect. I will not give you a tour of the city sites, this will be done by the women you date. Most Ukrainian women are very proud of their cities, it will be a must for them.

The reason why I like the number of guests for me to be 4 or 5 is the interaction. Most women are not easily persuaded to meet a man by himself.

It will also be better for you and your date to have another couple to interact with. It is not a must but it seems to work better.That is unless you want to take a private tour only you, we can accommodate this for a high price. When you first arrive the group of men on the tour you pick will be together the first night. Read More


Donetsk Lugansk Ukrainian Women To Date

Eastern Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful Ukrainian women and girls, I have seen in my life. I dated several Ukrainian women from this region. It was very difficult the first few days I was in Donetsk.

It all worked out in the end with my two new friends Dasha and Marina. My first trip to Lugansk was very eyeopening for me. It let me see how it would really feel to be in Russia! Every city I have been to in Ukraine there is some English feel to it. The menus are in English many cafes have English names. In Lugansk none of this was present. I found only one restaurant that had a young server that spoke English. It was called Melange, a very nice place great food.

 Thinking back, I saw these dark-haired women with green or deep blue eyes. I was mesmerized by these women. When I met a Woman Alla with jet black hair, dark green eyes, with an amazing body.


I have never seen eyes like this before. Time after time I saw these jet black haired Women. When I met Nastia, she had beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well. She insisted we go to every part of her city. We found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest along the river. I do like Lugansk very much there was not much modern to it, an old city that years ago had many factories.

We dated for five days it was one of my favorite times in Ukraine. She was smoking hot but you would not know it from her personality. 

I do not think she knew how gorgeous she was. We would go to a place I forgot the name it had a place to eat out in the garden. One evening Nastia asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke with her and her friend. I did not like to sing, but how could I say no to her? She was the first to sing, her friend said she is one of the best singers. She was great she could sing many different songs. In English, Russian and Ukrainian. She sang to me a love song in Russian, I fell in love with her right then. Read More

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Is Kiev An Expensive City

Is Kiev an expensive city to visit? Like most big cities it can be if you do not know what you are doing. What does it cost a day to stay in Kiev? It can be as little as $30 up to $500 a day depending on how and where you stay. 

My first trip to Kiev I must have spent over $5000 in 7 days, it was not much fun. From the very beginning, I was taken advantage of by the taxi driver. I came to find out later just because someone says they are a taxi driver does not mean they are. It cost me almost $50 from the airport to my apartment hotel. Yes, they have these in-between places to stay called apart-hotel, actually, they are hotels in apartment buildings. This was $110 a day with no services at all, a very small room in a noisy building.

I was going to meet a girl I met online, she was real I thought before all the scamming started to happen. I met her the first night I was in Kiev, a very pretty girl from Armenia. Her family moved to Kiev when she was young.

We took a cab to a sushi place that was far from the city center. I believe it cost $100 for the cab ride and dinner. The next day we spent together seeing the tourist sites churches, monuments, and museums. She asked if a friend could meet us for dinner in the city? I did not mind at the time. We went to a place called Touch it was an ultra lounge. You could also order food that was very good but very expensive! Her friend ordered so much of everything for us to sample, nice friend. I think that bill came to just under $200 for drinks and food.

The next day we went to another expensive place, of course, her friend decided to come. When I looked through the menu saw the prices, I told them lets go to another place.

Pretty Girl

We went to Chateau a nice place that made their own beer, it is one of my favorites now. The girls were all of a sudden not so nice to me anymore! Anna said I have to leave I cannot be with you anymore.  I ask why? She said I talked about you with my mom, her mother told her she can not date an American man. It was all because I would not let them take advantage of me any longer. Read More

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Sexy Middle Age Women

I have met many Ukraine women that are over 35 that are incredibly sexy. Some are divorced others were single moms never married. Some did not have a child are just single women.

But a lot of these women were very sexy! The one thing I absolutely loved about these older women, was how passionate they were. I could see it in their eyes, the way they would touch me, and the attention I received. They were not judgmental or uncompromising. I do have a great respect for the middle-aged woman of Ukraine.

 One one of my trips I was in the gym, I met these two trainers. Both with incredible bodies, both were over 40 years old.Tatyana and Sveta! The three of us would go out together to lunch, dinner, or to walk.

Beautiful Middle Age Woman

It was so nice to be cared for looked after by these two wonderful women. The funny thing was they were not jealous of one another, they actually complemented each other. One spoke English very well the other not bad at all. Both were very affectionate with me, hugging holding hands. People would look at us strange sometimes, Sveta love this.

One afternoon we three had a long talk about life and our past. Sveta was married to a man for 15 years until one day she caught him in bed with a girl half his age.

She said she was off from work a little early that day. She opened the door to her apartment, there they were on the floor. The girl was so surprised she left holding her clothes in her arms. Her husband was a heavy man and could not get up off the floor, begging her to help him. She said, he finally crawled to the couch and pulled himself up. He was sweating so bad she thought he might have a heart attack! She left him, went to live with her sister in a different city. She laughed very hard while she told me this story. Such an easy going woman.

Tatyana was never married but had a son that is a jeweler in Crimea. She told me he had a very good life there, would send her money every month.

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Ukraine Dating Culture

Ukraine dating culture is this true? Is it different to date a Ukraine woman or girl, then in other countries? Yes, It is! With my dating service, you will be in good hands. Let me help you date Ukraine women.

I remember most of the times when I said something or did something wrong with a Ukraine woman. Unless it is a big problem she will not tell you. But she will remember it when it comes time for her to make her decision about you. I have read through so many dating site culture advice articles. Articles on dating secrets or things you need to know dating a Ukraine woman. Only a few can say they actually dated a Ukraine woman. I still have a problem no one explains how to meet a Ukraine woman!

There are many ways to meet women, but it is not always the same. All I have to ask someone who thinks they have the answers, are they an older American man?

Beauty In Snow

If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukraine woman for us. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are midlife. Most do not have a dating clue how to meet these woman. Do you know what all different women want and need from a man? Is it the same to meet a 23-year-old sexy girl as it is to meet a 40-year-old divorced woman? Is it the same for a good looking guy with money as it is for an older average man?  Finally is the same for a Ukraine man or a foreign man? There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing.

In my experience, different women take different approaches. Some women feel threatened by good-looking men or think he is only after sex. Some prefer a man with a little belly fat, some prefer muscles.

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