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Online Dating Ukraine Sites

Here is where I started my search for a new type of wife, a Ukraine wife. Ukraine online dating to find brides are big business!

I was very new to online dating then, it was something I need because I just went through a bad divorce. A few years ago say 6 or 7 years there were not many online Ukraine dating sites. Now there are more than you can count.

I once read that it is a 5 billion dollar a year business Ukraine online dating!Irina donetsk

Some of these sites have over 500,000 members it is crazy. I do not know how this happened before it was the Russia girls everyone wanted to date. You know the Russia mail order bride thing. I have been to Ukraine over ten times in the last seven years. I remember the first time was a total scam on me I wrote a girl for a few months went to see her and no girl. She would not answer her phone! So there I was stranded in a country where looking for a bank because of the alphabet they use is like reading Klingon in star trek. It was so difficult for me the first two days. I was like a scared child sitting in my hotel room. Read More


Other Dating Companies

Now, this is a company that has been in business for a few years. They have tours from one city to five different cities I believe. They take their tour group of many men to these socials at a nightclub-like setting. Read More

Ukraine Wife

My Experience Dating Ukraine Women

Dasha and Marina
Dasha and Marina

I have been for seven years now trying to find a Ukraine wife. I have spent more than I wish to say doing this. On sites on chatting on going to Ukraine and on girls that do not want to date me even though they did. There is one big problem it is the dating site agencies that they use. The local agencies are about one thing, and that is money!! They use the girls, and they use the men that are trying to find a wife. So why do I still keep going back, the people the friends I have made. I love that country, the food is great it is so beautiful there. Now if I find a woman to marry great but it is not my first concern anymore. The other day I was sitting at this cafe in Vinnitsa small city 250 kilometers from Kiev. I was with a friend Ira, and I laughed Ira asked what are you laughing about. I told her I have been to many countries in my travels and this is the only country I got a date online before I arrived. I used this site date Ukraine girls or something like that. Why is it such a mystery? Several reasons but the biggest are the cold war. For years we were taught to fear the USSR, and most think Ukraine is still part of Russia. So it is an unknown place so the rules are different some must think.

Now with all these dating sites who knows which are real and which are a scam. There are many dating scams or dating scammers. Now I have come up with a way to change this.

Personal dating in Ukraine, where I take a small group of men 4 to 5 at the most.

I make all the arrangements a place to stay I have interpreters that I know and trust.

This is not an online Ukraine dating site it is a tour to some of the most beautiful Ukraine girls. I want to help men that need or want a good Ukraine woman.

I can say this there are many girls that want to date foreign men. Ukraine women marrying foreign men?  This can also happen, but it will not happen fast, you see these Ukraine women want happiness and to be loved. Not money like so many thinks, yes some want a sugar daddy but not the majority.donetsk

I remember the first time I went to Ukraine I wrote and chatted with this girl for a few months. Then we decided to meet in her home city. I made arrangements and was very nervous to go to a place that did not speak English, and the alphabet is wow just crazy. Katya assured me it would be fine and she would be there to help me.

About a week before I was to leave Katya called me and told me she could not meet me. I was in a panic what to do now?

So I have been to other foreign countries before Mexico and Belgium. I thought why not go, so I went. I had no idea what was in store for me I Ukraine.

After a long 18 hour flight from Las Vegas, I was in Kiev the capital city. I had made a reservation to a small hotel it was on the left bank of the city. At that time I did not know any difference between left and right bank. Now after being there at least ten times, I know the difference. Now the left bank is where most people live these big apartment complexes everywhere.kiev hotel

The right bank is where the tourist stay and the center of the city are there on the right. Getting off the plane I was lost taxi drivers coming up to me and saying “taxi, taxi, ” but most did not speak English. I saw a sign that said Taxi in English what a relief, I went to the booth and the girl spoke English. I was on my way to my hotel.

When I got to the hotel, it was nice but very old, and it was also the wrong hotel!

I was tired frustrated and about to just go back to the airport. I believe it was the hotel manager that came over to me and asked could he help me. This was several years ago, so my phone did not work there no internet either. This Manager led me to his computer and helped me find my email so I could get the correct Hotel.

In my hotel, it was nice finally and place to sleep and shower. I think I slept for 13 hours that first day and woke up at 3 in the morning. I was hungry and did not know where to go and eat, to be honest, I was scared to go outside at this late time. In 14 hours I had to go back to the airport and fly to Donetsk. I laid in my room like a scared child.

Thinking back wow I was a pathetic man, I was those days.

I was hungry and did not know where to go and eat, to be honest, I was scared to go outside at this late time. In 14 hours I had to go back to the airport and fly to Donetsk. I laid in my room like a scared child. Thinking back wow I was a pathetic man, I was those days.

Now I am on the plane to Donetsk it is short only 1-hour flight. Getting to Donetsk was not pleasant at all. The airport looks like what you saw in the old movies about Russia. I walked off the plane and went down a ladder to the tarmac. We all had to walk through the mud to get our luggage that was lying in the mud.  Finding my bag, I went to the terminal it was very small at that time. Found a taxi booth and went to my hotel, this hotel was very nice. It was called Liverpool, very nice modeled after the Beatles. It was getting late, so I ate there at the hotel.

Waking up again I did not know what to do No Katya! Again a scared child staying in his hotel room. What to do I was in a foreign place could not speak any Russian at all, what a fool I was. I planned to be in Donetsk for seven days.

On the second day, I got mad at my self for being a frightened child.

I put on my shoes and decided to walk. I also need to change some money into hryvnia pronounced grivna.

I asked the front desk for help and Anna very cut girl help me to find a money exchange. I now had money, and I grew some balls that day. I just decided to walk and walk not caring if I would get lost. I must have walked 10 miles that day. I went to the new soccer stadium that was built for the 2012 Euro cup. There was a big park around the stadium and many people there. I sat and watched so many pretty girls walk by over and over again.

Three girls sat a bench over from me, and I noticed they were looking over to me. I walked over and asked do you speak English? All 3 of them said yes we do; it was that easy to meet a Ukraine girl.stadium

We all went out that night it was one of the girls birthday, great fun. I did not see them again! The next day I went walking, and this time I had a plan, I would go a few blocks from the stadium and ask pretty girls if they knew where the football stadium was. About the 3rd girl I ask, she said yes I do her name was Margarita very pretty girl. She said I could take you there; I said that would be so nice of you. As we walked and talked, she said she was on her way to a job interview. We came to the stadium, and I thank her, she asked me if she could sit with me and talk. We spent two days together had a great time.

After Margarita, I met Dasha and Marina in a little cafe they were so cute. The two photos on top of this post are Marina the blond and Dasha the brunette. They asked if I could take them to have sushi because Dasha has not eaten it before. We went to sushi and Dasha was so cute the way she tried it for the first time. You see sushi is very expensive for people there and these two girls were poor. Oh and the bill after sitting and eating and drinking beer for over 3 hours it was only 30 dollars. In Ukraine, if you know where to go it can be very cheap. I met a few more girls that trip, but Dasha and Marina were the top. We wrote emails, and I called every few months. The war started, and I lost contact with Dasha and Marina still writes me every few months.

I went from being so afraid of this country to fall in love with it, and now it is my second home. 

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