Month: September 2017

90 Day Fiance 2

So You are interested in marrying a Ukraine girl? Are you ready for the real truth?

After you meet the girl of your dreams you will need a K 1 visa the k 1 processing time takes about 4 to 5 months. It is best to get an attorney for this, there are several online attorneys that have a good reputation and the cost will be from 1200 dollars to 3800 dollars.Make sure you check their approval rate percentage. Here

anna from poltavaare the government fees everyone has to pay to bring a girl to the USA. USCIS Filing Fee: $535 This is the fee required to get the ball rolling with your petition. It goes along with the Form I-129F in the initial filing of the k1 visa petition. Second is Embassy Fee: $265 This fee is paid towards the end of the process and paid directly to the U.S. embassy where your fiance visa interview is conducted. Read More

Sexy Hot Girls In Ukraine

We all have our insecurities and we all have this thing inside us telling or reminding us of what our limits are when it comes to the opposite sex.

When we see a sexy girl the first thing we think is she is so out of my league. I am the same when it comes to American girls. But I have learned over the years going to Ukraine that this is not so true. There is no rule ana luganskthere for beautiful men date beautiful girls, it took me many trips to figure this out. I remember the first time I met a sexy girl in Ukraine it was my second trip and I was in Lugansk and this hot girl is walking towards me in the park. Read More


Ukraine Tattoo Girls

In my travels to Ukraine, there was one type of girl that always stood out to me and to other Ukrainians.

She was always different always happy most of them the center of attention. I have met a few Ukraine girl with tattoos and like here most are no different than a girl without a tattoo. So I thought! After talking with theseApollonia girls and getting to know them most had a secret to hide. You see it is not at all popular for a Ukraine girl to have a tattoo. Most men in Ukraine think they are lower class or prostitutes.

Most of us have seen the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo right? In the movie, she seemed nice but had a terrible past.


daria tattoo girl
Daria Tattoo Girl

Well, the first girl I met with a tattoo was Dasha, now Dasha was so cool and fun to be around always smiling having fun. She had a tattoo of a scorpion on her shoulder and I thought nothing of it. One night Dasa and I were with some friends Read More


Online Ukraine Dating Sites Don’t Work.

Ukraine dating agencies are not what they seem to be.

Ukraine scammer
Ukraine Scammer

So many say sign up for free, or this Ukraine dating site screen all are girls all our girls are ready to marry an American man. They are in the business to make money online not by helping men date Ukraine girls. Most do not even have a way to help men date in Ukraine. Let me ask you something, why do you have to meet a girl online. So you meet a girl from one of these agencies or online sites, you write her letters and then hope to meet her in person. OK let us just say the girl you are writing is real and serious to meet you.

So you fly to Ukraine and are met by some dating agency representative. Not by the girl!

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Ukraine Women Want??

 What does a girl want in a guy? Ukraine women or girls want to be wanted.

Do Ukraine women or girls see foreign men as rich all have big homes, and all live the good life? I have been asked many times do I have a maid do the cleaning or how many cars do I


have. They learn this from American TV and movies.

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Why Go To Ukraine

Ok why go all the way to Ukraine to meet single girls?

When I first started my search, I thought the same thing. Go over 7000 miles just to meet a girl! Most men would not do this but they would if they knew what they would find there. It is not a dangerous place as some might think, it is very safe and hospitable.

If you have ever been in a relationship that was just boring or in a relationship that you were not appreciated Ukraine is where you need to go.pretty woman

I once had a friend that went to Ukraine his sister was getting married to a Ukraine man. Let’s say his name is Camron. So Camron told me about his travel plans and I said if you need any help I can give you some advice. Cameron said he has traveled many times and would be fine on his own.

Now Camron is not a good-looking man in his forties and does not date much. Read More

Can You Trust Ukraine Girls.

I get asked this a lot, from my friends and people that want to go to Ukraine. Can you trust them are they honest.

Inna from Lugansk

On one of my trips to  Kiev the capital city, Katya and I were walking in the city center. There are always so many people in the street from morning to night. Sometimes I just sit in a cafe and watch the people go by. So on this day, we were just walking, and Katya notices a shopping bag next to a bench by the bus stop. We walk over and see it is a brand new iPhone someone must have forgotten it.

I told Katya you have a brand new iPhone.


In Ukraine, all phones are pay as you go, so there was no way to trace it if it is stolen. She gave me the worst look and said someone paid a lot of money for this and I can not just take it. She opened up the bag and saw a receipt; it had the store name and address on it. We looked up the address, and it was very far away from where we were.

But Katya insisted we go, after a 30-minute taxi ride we came to the store.

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90 Day Fiance

Posted September,4th updated December, 9th

It is happening over and over by these greedy online dating Ukraine companies. If you are thinking of using an online dating company to go to Ukraine, please read this story before you go.  READ

Do you want a real tour to some of the most beautiful women in the world? Not only charming but smart, friendly and loyal. If your answer is yes come with me to Ukraine! I work with just a few men at a time; there is no online dating with me. I will personally help you meet and date as many Ukraine women as you like. My friends and clients call me Ukraine Personal Date Guide!!  Before you can have your own 90 Day Fiance story you have to go to Ukraine right?

I watched this show with my daughter. You can watch 90 day fiance online through Hulu or Netflix. Is this show real or just another not so real reality show? I have two answers for this some of it is real, but there is a lot of drama also.

I have my own 90 day fiance experience, and it was a little more drama than I expected.  

It is not easy for the girl or the man having their lives turned upside down. It was not just the matter of a girl coming to live with me but it was the complete responsibility to care for someone else. It was like taking care of a child sometimes. Not that she was immature but she knew nothing about this country.

My 90 day fiance

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