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Successful Couples From Online Dating!

Why don’t any of these sites talk about the successful couples that have married by using their site? The success rate of Ukraine online dating companies that have match two people together in Person?

The most successful online dating site for Ukraine women marrying or dating western men women. The top rated online dating sites for dating Ukraine girls? Do you know anyone who married a Ukraine woman, or even heard a story of such a thing? Me only twice, there are a few couples I helped that will marry this summer. Not from some Ukraine online dating sites because it doesn’t happen. All these

Vlada Photoshopped
Vlada Real

sites are in the business to make money off the membership dues or their translation fees. In this day with all the technology google translate for example. Who needs to have a real person translate a simple letter? They are taking your money!

If you google beautiful women in America and beautiful women in Ukraine. You will see some

gorgeous women from both countries. One problem I have is the amount of photoshop that is used on the Ukraine women. Read More

Date Ukraine Single Moms

I wrote a piece a month or so ago about single moms of Ukraine. I hope to help the single moms how ever I can. Ukraine single moms have a very hard time some work several jobs for their children.

The many single moms I have met in my travels to Ukraine always make me smile and also feel very sad. These women are in a country where they do not get much help from the state. It is a poorer country so the pay for a woman is not much. In big cities, it is around $250 A month in smaller cities it could be as low as $150 a month. Some of these women leave their country for Poland, Hungary or Italy for

Single Mom

work. The problem is they do not take the kids with them some leave with relatives some with friends. Most of the women that leave never come back to Ukraine.

Here is why I am trying to help the single moms, to better their lives and their kids lives. The men that are thinking to come to Ukraine to find a wife has a good chance to meet and date these women.

Because it is difficult for single moms or divorced women to find a good man they are more open-minded than other women. I have help men meet women for a while now, one I remember quite well. He is Jason, older guy in his early 50’s. He was set on finding a Ukraine wife. Most of the women I met with Jason liked him thought he was a good man. In the end, it was his age that they could not deal with. This poor guy had a rough life and looked older than his age. Read More

Ukraine Women Professional Daters

So this is how it works on all Ukraine online dating sites. There are agencies most of the time it is a travel or tour Agency.  I believe (hot topic) is a big one in most cities. They hire women to be professional daters.

The online dating sites partner up with the agency, refer a man that is coming to Ukraine to them. When a man wants to meet a woman from a site he has to pay for her private information. It can be from $70 all the way up to $300. Once a man pays for the so-called private phone number, email, and address. Depending on the company one of two things happen. Either he gets a dummy email and phone number, which is not hers, it is the agencies. Most of the time it is @gmail, so when he sends an email it goes to the agency. This is how they control everything.

Katya Scammer

Ok now, this is the other scenario, he receives her real phone number and email. He can write her or call her if she speaks English, some women do and some do not. Either way, it goes the end result is the same.

The man and women decide when and where to meet. Let us say they decide to meet in Kiev, which most do. One is set up by the agency the other by the woman. No matter what, they will both tell you they need an interpreter. If the woman speaks English, she will tell you I do not know you how can I meet a strange man by alone? If you ask her if you can provide an interpreter or ask her to bring a friend she will not meet with you. Read More


How To Meet Ukraine Women

How to meet a Ukraine woman. Is there a secret to dating the Ukraine women? Is it easy to date a Ukrainian woman?

These are some of the questions I am getting from men that want to go to Ukraine. What do these women want? Well, it is a bit different than their western counterparts Ukraine women love compliments from a confident man. A Ukraine girl will let you know when it is time to touch her. You will have no problem reading her for the first kiss. It is not like western girls that give you false signals. 

There are many ways to meet women, but it is not always the same. If you go online, read some of what other sites think. All I have to ask them, are they an older American man?

Daria Kiev

If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukraine woman for us. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are over 30, most do not have a dating game as they call it. Do you know what all women want and need from a man? Is it the same to meet a 23-year-old girl as it is to meet a 40-year-old divorced woman? Is it the same for a good looking guy with money as it is for an older average man? There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing like “5 ways to meet a Ukraine woman” Or read my e-book on dating women.

In my experience, different women take different approaches. Some women feel threatened by good-looking men or think he is only after sex. Some prefer a man with a little belly fat, some prefer muscles.

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Ukraine Online Dating Scams

The only sure way to not be scammed is to not use an online dating site. You have a 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} chance of being scammed using a Ukraine online dating site!

Yes, the girls are real, most of the time but this is a business for online scammers. She is a paid associate of the company and in the end, she will also be scammed!  She gets a commission for every letter every live chat she has with a man. If you plan to go to Ukraine for a personal meeting. She will insist on an interpreter.  But it will most likely not be with the girl you met online. Here is where they make big money. Now instead of you dealing with the online company, you are with a dating agency two very different companies.

A guy I met told me when he was in Lviv he spent over 1400 dollars on an interpreter. He then found out the girl spoke English and did not need an interpreter.

Be Careful Of Women That Look Like This Scammer

But what do you do you are in a foreign country the laws are different and unless you recorded it you have no proof.

As I said before Ukraine online dating sites is a billion-dollar business!!

How did this come about over the last few years? It used to be the girl would ask you for money online for medicine or because her cell phone was stolen. But now it is a completely different scam. You do not even know it is happening because you are on a date with a beautiful woman. Like they always say if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t true.Now do not understand me wrong I am not in any way saying the women in Ukraine are scammers. They are kind honest Christian people. Read More


Is It Safe To Visit Ukraine

Is It safe to go to Ukraine? Some bloggers are writing about things they do not know. Yes, it is safe to travel to Ukraine. If you ask any of the 100’s of friends I have in Ukraine this question.

They would look at you and wonder what are you asking me? Then continue to say what is not safe about my country? Sure if you dumb enough to go to eastern Ukraine where the war is. You would not be safe, nobody would. I found this video on youtube a few days ago and it will show you what a beautiful country Ukraine is.


Here is an article, written by Katie Matthews. It is great that someone got it right about this beautiful place.

We Like Ukraine So Far & There’s A Lot On Offer For Curious Travelers

Read More


Protection From Ukraine Scams

There are so many ways to be scammed through online Ukraine dating sites, Now there is a problem with social media. This is more of an individual effort by Ukraine women directly scamming men.

Here is how it works, you find her on facebook or twitter or one of the many social media apps. She is a real girl but her intent is to trick you to send her money. There is a company that can help you with this it is called Ukraine What they do is help you identify the Girl you are communicating with, by checking her passport. One of the easiest ways to tell right from the beginning is her

Real Photo

photo. Is it real or Photoshop?


Ukrainian dating websites are increasingly gaining popularity. Finding yourself online is no longer a shame, it’s become a normal situation. 

But, unfortunately, there you can find not only love but also get into the clutches of scammers. How to recognize the fraud on the Ukrainian dating website and what rules should be followed in order to not fall for the bait of swindlers?

The ultimate goal of any fraudster is money. But the ways to get it are different. Some prefer quick small earnings, others focus on large amounts and are ready to work for them for a long time.

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Cost To Live In Ukraine

It is getting more and more popular with the number of people traveling to Ukraine. Is it cheap to live in Ukraine? Some of the men I met in Ukraine are planning to move there.

Quite a few have already moved to Ukraine. One man, I met had spent two weeks in Kiev. He met several beautiful women, had the best time of his life he told me. Next thing I know 3 months later I see him in Kiev. He told me he sold everything he has in California and

Would You Move To Ukraine For This Single Mom?

move to Ukraine. He went on to say he was looking to buy an apartment outside of Kiev. It was going to cost him $35,000 for a new three-year-old place. This sounds crazy to most people I know. I know exactly how he feels about this place. It is not only the sexy women but the culture the quality of life. It all moves a little slow there.

 Do I think this man is crazy for doing this sell all he has and moves to a foreign country! Nope, not even a little bit I actually envy him.

I would do the same thing if I did not have many responsibilities in the USA. Did not ask him how much money he had total for this move. So let me break it down on what it would cost to move to Ukraine. First I would not move to a big city like Kiev or Kharkov, these cities can get very congested. There are many cities you could get a good deal on an apartment, you wouldn’t have to buy one. So let’s say Vinnitsa or Poltava maybe Ternopil. Even Cherkasy. All of these places are very nice and depending on what your hobbies are, in which place you choose. If you want central Vinnitsa is the place, it is 3 hours in a train from Kiev which will cost you $8 round trip. If you wanted to go to Odessa area next to the black sea. It is 5 Hours away.

So let us pick Vinnitsa and the cost to live there. First, an apartment would run you between $250 to $400 a month.

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Dating Ukraine Tattoo Girls

What is it like dating a girl with a tattoo in Ukraine? This might seem to be an odd question! I have dated women with tattoos in Las Vegas, most people do not mind.

In the early part of 2017, I was in Kive waiting for some friends to show up in the next few days. Being a hamburger fanatic I found a new type of restaurant well new for Kiev. It is the Happy Grill Bar very good food, And some of the sexy servers you will find in the city. One

Happ Grill Bar

evening I was about to have one of the delicious burgers. A couple of very pretty women came in and sat in a booth next to me. What a

dilemma I was facing beautiful girls all around me. How could I even eat at the moment? One server I think her name was Katya or Christina, I don’t remember. The women next to me were making comments about the girls serving them. Asking if there were cold with so few clothes on! The girls just laugh and said nope.

When I was talking to my server who spoke English quite well. One of the women turned to me and ask me where are you from? It was kind of rude I thought at the time, I was talking with the other girl.

Finally, I said I am from America, what is it you need? Taking her menu she asked what should we order? What do you think is the best American food here? I told her I do not know my first time here, but from the photos, it all looks like American food. The server came over, she added to the conversation. One of the women said come over here with us, so you can help us decide. What a lucky day I was

Julia From Donetsk

having. Marina and Olga were the names.We sat talked and got to know one another. When the food came it looked very good, one of the women said. Wow, this does not look like McDonald’s food!! Olga was very sweet smart and very sexy, Dark long hair very nice.

We were getting along well and Olga asked if I would like to go out with them to another place. Of course, I accepted, we went to a place I have not been it was on the left bank of

the city.

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Dating Ukraine Women

Dating Ukraine women or dating Russian women through online dating Ukraine sites or online Russian sites is crazy.

I thought a date was when two people met in person, looked at one another and decided if this person I’m with can be more than just one date. OR it can also be meeting someone and getting to know one another for fun. But you have to meet first right? I have help men find the woman of their lives, and I have also helped men go to Ukraine and date a few girls. The only way to do this is going to Ukraine!!

The Artist Girl


I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; There are many dates to choose from– check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women

I have clients that have spent several thousand dollars through an online dating site, either Ukraine or Russian. Every single man I have met that was on one of these sites did not fall in love with his virtual girlfriend.

Only a small few met the actual girl in the online date site. If you need clarification about what you will get with an online dating site. Take

Vicky Photoshop

a few minutes and look at the title, online yes online dating. You need more proof one of the best dating sites is they do not promote online dating. Their purpose is to bring people together not in a virtual world but in the real world. Read More