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Are Ukrainian Girls The Sexiest

Are the Ukraine women and girls the sexiest in the world? In my opinion, the girls are very sexy. It is not only in the way they look but in the way they act. These sexy women have a way about them that makes it hard to resist them. It is like they went to school for how to turn on a man. 


I do not know why they are so sexy they do not know they are being sexy, they just are. Here is an example, when I ask a girl if I can take her photo. She does not stand and look at the camera like American girls do. Ukrainian girls say wait for a second, then they find a place to pose. Again it is like they went to school for this also. In the photos, I have on my site all decided how they would pose. A funny thing if they are not wearing high heels they stand on their toes! Sexy women they are!

If you have even dated one of these women you will know what I am talking about. After a few dates when they feel comfortable you will see a new side of them.

One girl I dated was walking in front of me, I was looking at her butt. What a hot butt she had! She turned, asked me what are you looking at? I said your butt is it a very nice butt. She asked do you like it?  Yes, very much it is perfect for me. She stopped walking grabbed my hand and put it on her butt. Then said how do you like it now? I learned a long time ago the women are not modest, or afraid to give you their opinion. Many times with the women I dated they surprised me in a great way.

Sexy Anna

When we see a sexy girl the first thing we think is she is too good for me. I am the same when it comes to American women. But I have learned over the years going to Ukraine this is not so true.

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Marry A Ukrainian Woman

I have been traveling to Ukraine for over eight years now. Why have I not married a Ukrainian woman yet? Do the Ukraine women make good wives? Should you marry a sexy girl? Are these girls loyal? 

So many men ask me these questions, why don’t I have a Ukrainian wife? The answer is a little complicated. I was engaged two times with women from there, it just wasn’t right for me at the time. I look back and wonder where would I be right now if I would have married one of the first women I met in Donetsk. Sweet Dasha was what I called her, so cute very sexy girl. On my second trip back to Ukraine I was planning to see my two friends Dasha and Marina.

I was sidetracked by a beautiful woman in Lugansk Nastia who I met online. She had black hair and a sexy body, her hobby was singing so she told me.

The day I arrived to meet Nastia I was very surprised. She did not have a sexy body anymore she was heavy, to say the least. We were together for four days, but it did not work out between us. She is what you call a bitch, yes she was the most demanding woman I have ever met in Ukraine. I wish I had a personal date guide back then to help me figure things out. I was alone in Lugansk for two days then I met Nelia. What a beautiful woman she was, smart, sexy, with a great sense of humor.

Nelia 2012

Nelia and I dated for several months, we talked about getting married. She wanted to go to stylest school, she needed $2400 to do this. Now it is not a lot of money, but then it was all that I had.

I wanted to help her I just could not give her the last of my money. It was a little problem for us to overcome. We did, after some weeks of talking about it, I was at fault. I remember I told her if she needed anything ask and I would help her. When I explained I did not have that much money, she was better about it. Many people in Ukraine assume all Americans are rich. Do not ever talk to a woman about how much money you have if you do not have it. Once you get caught in a lie they will remember it for many years.

What broke us up was not misunderstandings it was Russia, when they invaded Eastern Ukraine. Nelia lived right in the path of both armies, she would call me tell me she hears rockets launching all night.

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My Favorite Country Ukraine


Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places I have been, from the modern city of Kiev to the 300-year-old city of Lugansk. Lugansk is now in the middle of the war in Ukraine.

When I was there it was exactly what you would think to be the old USSR city we all see in the movies. The Eastern part of Ukraine was my first look at this new country. I first was in Donetsk in 2011 although at first! It was a strange place for me. It soon became a place I truly enjoyed I met some very nice people there.

I think from my opinion the East of Ukraine has the most beautiful girls.

Green-eyed Ukraine girl
Green Eyes

I saw these black haired girls with green or deep blue eyes I was mesmerized by these women. Then I met a girl Anya with jet black hair and grey eyes with just a little violet in them. I have never seen eyes like this before. Day after day I saw jet black haired women, but at this time I had no idea how to date one. Until I met Inna beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well.We went to a river Siversky Donetsk a beautiful place. Trees all along the banks the water moved so slow, we found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest. As we were coming back to the city we passed church after church beautiful with gold tops. I do like this city very much! It is an old city that years ago had many factories. I do pray that soon the conflict will be over and the people of the East will live in peace whether it be part of Ukraine or part of Russia.

I have been to many cities in Ukraine but Donetsk was the first, it was a somewhat modern city, now I understand it is in ruin.

Donetsk is the city which I will never forget, I arrived just after sunset and had no Idea what was coming next. I was so nervous in that taxi ride not know anything about Ukraine all I knew was it was part of the USSR years ago. The airport was so far from the city, so as we drove through the forest, I saw fog through the trees.Now my thoughts were getting way out of control I started thinking werewolves or vampires. Maybe the cab driver would leave me in the forest, take my luggage and leave me.

 The cab driver said I want to show you something, and he said look over there, I saw this beautiful soccer stadium. The driver was so proud; he said the Euro 2012 would be played here.

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Best Ukrainian Food

I have been to Ukraine many times but my first trip there I did not even know what Ukrainian people ate. Come to find out it is very similar to Mexican food.

A lot of pork dishes dumplings is another favorite for them. My favorite is Vereniki dumplings. One great thing about Ukrainian women is most of them, cook! It is simple home cooking but soo good. There is nothing better than to go to Ukraine meet a beautiful woman, after a few dates she cooks for you. In your apartment that we provide with our tour. I have researched many sites to find out what are the typical Ukraine dishes. I do know most but some I have not tried.

The 12 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes You Must Try

The peculiar features of traditional Ukrainian food have been forming over centuries. The neighboring countries, climate conditions, rich soil and hard-working locals have influenced the complexity of the dishes. Ukrainian dishes are generously flavored (with garlic often the main seasoning) and, despite the contradictory tastes being used, come together in a harmonious blend.

Borscht with garlic fritters

Ukrainian dishes often use a number of ingredients. Borscht is a direct proof of this. Initially, this dish was made of 30 ingredients but, of course, over time that number has decreased. However, the technique remains unchanged. Beef is placed in cold water to make a meat broth. Then the meat is taken out and other ingredients are added and cooked in a closed saucepan. Garlic fritters are given instead of bread and called pampushki by locals. Traditionally, every Ukrainian girl learns how to cook borscht before getting married.

Ukrainian borscht | © liz west / Flickr

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How Do You Know Ukrainian Girl Likes You

How do you know If a Ukrainian girl likes you? How do you know if she is into you? When is it time to tell her you love her?

All good questions for men that have found a Ukrainian woman. If you have not found her, just looking for the signs when you do find a woman to date. I will tell you there are no signs, there is no right time. Never never tell a Ukrainian woman you love her in a new relationship. You have only one chance at this with Ukrainian women so you better get it right! I have made the mistake a few times telling a woman I love her too soon. The women I did this with I have no idea where they are today.

So what is the right thing to do in this situation? I will tell you what I have learned over the years dating these beautiful women. To soon means you are not serious, you are just saying the words.

Pretty Kive Woman

To hear these words means a lot to any woman if they are true. How can you tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you very simple, she will see you a second time. They do not play games most of them but be careful if they seem to eager. Why? Because this could tell you they are scamming you, how did you meet her through an online dating site? So many men get scammed this way with professional daters. That is why I prefer to meet in Ukraine with real women. You see her you feel her, it is easy to see if you like her and she likes you.

The women I know also prefer this normal way to meet someone. This way either you or she get their feeling hurt.

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Do Ukrainian Women Date Indian Men

I received an e-mail the other day asking if Ukrainian girls date Indian men? Yes, they do! Also Morrocain men, men from Arabic cultures and Turkish men.

I have said this many times before Ukrainian women are open-minded, all they ask from a man that wants to date them is! He should be kind, caring, and loyal. That is about it oh also the women are very clean, hygiene is very important to them. I have been with women that shower 3 times a day, I have to say they also smell sweet like candy. You will not find a better woman to marry than a Ukrainian. They are very family oriented, family always comes first. All know how to cook and take care of the home. But they do not want to be housewives, they like to work they need to work!

In all my travels to Ukraine, I have not seen one instance of a woman or girl not wanting to talk with or get to know a man because of his ethnicity.

Julia Pretty Girl

These women are very curious about the world, most have college educations. If you want a quiet woman for a partner do not marry a Ukrainian woman. They like to talk, not like some silly girls do. They like to talk about politics, one of their favorite conversations with me is what is America like? Not just America but Americans, are they all kind do they all act like on the TV shows. It is very refreshing to talk with a smart sexy woman for a change!

I come from a mixed background my mother’s roots are from England and Poland. On my father’s side, we are all Mexican. I was brought up with the Mexican culture, it is the same as Ukrainian for the most part.

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The Truth Ukrainian girls Date Older Men

A question that many write about and many are afraid to admit! Do young Ukrainian women date older men? Is age difference important? Does the age of a man matter to the Ukraine girls?

I do not know why it is such a terrible thing. Some people think that if a couple is 20 years difference in age it is not right! OK, let me ask you when you were 23 years old did you know the difference, between what you wanted or what you needed?  Maybe not completely I am sure. I am sure we knew what we wanted! When I was 19 years old I dated a woman that was 38. Did she take advantage of me? No of course not I went with my own free will. I was curious, she was very sexy to me I do remember that. My friends would tease me, it was not that I wanted to marry her. it was just an experience for both of us.

  We dated for a few weeks, I will have to be honest she taught me some things. Things that some of my future girlfriends were thankful that I learned!!

23 Years Old

I have dated some girls or should I say, young women? Does writing young women make them any older or change their age? Not only in Ukraine but also here in Las Vegas. Once you become an adult you become curious about sex about the opposite sex.If it were a crime to date a girl 20 years younger then you I am sure the authorities would find out. Here is what so many men want to know about Ukrainian girls over 19 years old( to satisfy the uptight crowd).

 Yes, they do! I will have to say it is not the easiest or sanest thing to do. Sometimes I look back, think what was I thinking! It was an experience I will not forget.

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Where Is Ukraine?

Where is Ukraine many people ask me this is it in Russia most ask? Is it in Europe or Asia? Believe it or not, some have no idea where Ukraine is. But most Know Ukrainian women are very sexy, also that many men get scammed there.

How is it that not many know where it is but they know the women are hot and men get scammed? I am sure from the media about the scamming, but how do so many know they are very sexy girls there? In the American movies, I think there are three Ukrainian women celebrities. I am trying to think how do so many know the women are sexy. I do not see anything on TV that shows sexy Ukrainian women. There are a few shows that talk about how Russian and Ukrainian girls are gold diggers

It could be through the online ads on the internet. My mom told me the other day she was online looking for something, an ad from some Ukraine dating site popped up.

2010Photo Julia

I read once that over 5 million men have joined Ukraine online sites at one time or another. Could it be this is how Ukraine got its notoriety? From online ads on the internet? I do remember the first time I heard about Ukraine was online about 12 years ago. I Was out of work bored from watching TV so I went online to a Russian dating site. I do not remember the name, but I received a letter from a girl in Lugansk. A very pretty girl she wrote very kind words to me, not like the Russian women. I looked for more girls from Ukraine on this site, there were only a few.

Over the years more and more Ukrainian girls started to show up on the Russian sites. I think now more men look to Ukraine than they do to Russia for online dating.

I started to travel to Ukraine in 2011 eight years ago, online dating was much different then! One company had the most Ukraine members it was I used this site for a year or so, but it was so expensive. I did not meet one single woman from this site.I saved a few photos from the sites 11 years ago they were not so photoshopped then. I think the technology was not very good at the time. Now 95{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the Ukraine online dating site use enhanced photos, it is a shame what they do to Ukrainian women.

Beautiful Woman

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Why “Date Ukraine Women” Is Different

What is different about personal date guide Ukraine? Is it an online dating company with a membership every month? Is it a Ukraine company? Do they help women or men while in Ukraine? What exactly do they do?

I have received many e-mails that ask these questions. I will answer them the best I can. What is different about us? We are not a Ukraine company, we do not have a big staff nor do we do any online dating services. I do not want to talk generally about the marriage agencies in Ukraine. From my personal experiences in the past 8 years, these companies did not care about me. They were about making money, it is a business that takes advantage of lonely men.

I was one of those men I used several agencies, I will not tell you all of them are bad. Some were not so greedy, made a few hundred off me. Some could have made thousands off me if I let them.

I have spoken with men that spent over $10,000 with these companies. This is how it works, there is a need for the men who decide to go to Ukraine to find love. Some men show up thinking there will be a woman to meet with them that they met online. Some women do meet these men, but for a big cost. You will be charged for everything you do in Ukraine. You will pay double or sometimes triple for an

Lugansk Women

interpreter that is not on your side at all. She will advise you on where to take your date, restaurants, cafes, and sightseeing. She will do everything to make the date as long as possible. If you decide to do anything different from what the interpreter asks the date will be over.

Ok now with personal date guide, this is what we do. We do no online dating you will not have a membership with us. No monthly fee no fake photos with untrue profiles. It is a one time cost for your 8-day tour.

In this time you will be able to meet and date as many women you like. We will have interpreters for you if you need them, the first 5 hours are included. After that, it will be $10 an hour or $80 a day. Some dates you will have with a woman could last 10 to 15 hours! Read More


Tips To Date Ukraine Women

10 tips to date Ukrainian women, or is it 5 tips to date Ukrainian girls? It might be Top 20 tips for dating the Ukraine women. Maybe how to win a woman’s heart! I read so many articles on this subject.

There are no tips to date the Ukraine woman, all you have to do is learn the customs of Ukraine. Then what? Well, the only way to date a Ukrainian woman is in Ukraine. Not online, it is funny so many sites tell you to join an online dating site, why is that? It is for money of course. I met one man a few months ago, he told me he had two Ukranian girlfriends. I asked, oh you have been to Ukraine? He said no I met them online. Are you serious you have two virtual girlfriends, he said no they are real? I asked how do you know they are real? He said I write them every day and they write me back for over 2 months now.

He also told me he has not seen them in video chat either. Somehow this man was lost, caught up in why these online sites make so much money. They prey on lonely men, I do understand this.

Beautiful Real Woman

There was a time I also thought they were real. Here is why I started this company, to help men that are lost looking for love. I asked this man what can I do for you? He said I want to go to Ukraine and date both of them. But I do not want them to know I am dating another girl too. Wow this guy was so lost, I agreed to help him out. A week before he arrived in Ukraine one of the girls told him her mom was sick and she could not meet him. He was relieved, he told me.

He shows up in Kiev I meet with him, bring him to his apartment. He said I want to meet Juia tomorrow. I asked have you spoken with her to meet her?

Nope, but I will have you call her in the morning. In the morning we call Julia, but it is not Julia it is some agency. I had one of my colleges speak with them. They told her the only way Julia will meet him is if they bring their interpreter. Of course, so they can take advantage of him. We agreed to their terms. What they did not know is one of my interpreters would also be there with him. The date lasted 10 minutes if Julia liked this man it would not matter who was the interpreter right? I did help him to meet some real women, in person like normal people do! Read More