Month: February 2018

Are Kiev Women Strong?

 Is there a difference between Kiev women and the other cities women? Are Kyiv women stronger or harder to date? Kiev women do have a few differences from other Ukraine women. Are they more difficult for dating?

Tough Woman

One of the biggest differences is you will meet women from all over Ukraine. Women that came to Kiev for work or to escape the conflict in the east. does this make them more difficult to date? No, I think the Kiev women are more independent. The women that migrated to Kiev, are more open to change. They have already left their old lives behind, so will be more willing to move to another country. I will have to say some of these women have been hardened. Hardened from their past, but also from being alone in a big new city. These women are not nieve, some will take time to prove to them they can trust you.

Kiev is a big city, not the easiest to get around in. if you can read Ukrainian you will have no problem using the subway. If not you will have a lot of walking to do.Taking a taxi in the city center is not the best during the daytime.

I have been lost in Kiev a few times, once you learn the major landmarks you will be fine. With my company, you will not have a problem finding your way. The city can be a lot of fun once you learn the system there. There are some very nice restaurants many cafes and pubs. I will give you the basic layout of the area you will be in, so you will feel comfortable during your stay. The first time I was in Kiev was a nightmare for me. I did not go more than 500 meters from my hotel, scared to look around. Thinking back, I was a very pathetic man or should I say, child! Read More

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Ukraine Online Dating Site Jobs

Ukraine online dating scams start here. Hiring people to do the dirty work for them. This is a fraction of the number of jobs offered. 

When you read through these adds, the first thing I see is the amount of money offered. If these jobs were real, well what I mean if they paid what they wrote here. There would not be any online dating jobs. If the word got out you could make this amount of money. Every Ukraine person I know that speaks English would work for them. 12000 UAH is the best pay you would find in Ukraine which is about $420. It is more than twice the amount most make in a month. Another thing it does not say anything about gender, both men and women can apply!

I am not saying every online dating Ukraine site is a scam, why do they need so much help? If the pay was that good no one would leave a job like that.

Trustworthy Girl?

Well, the truth is most people that have tried these jobs quit after the first month. Because they do not get paid what was promised. I know a few girls who did this type of work, only made $1 or $2 for the month. So they scam the foreign men, but also the translators that did all the work! This is why I do not want to be associated with Ukraine online dating. When you allow random people to sign up and do not check their identification there is no way to control it. But even if they do check whos to say the girl is trustworthy?

I have signed up for a few online dating sites as a woman. They did not ask me for anything more than a name and email address. I uploaded a few fake photos and I was approved, simple.

I was told some of the big companies check passports of the girls. If you are corresponding with a Ukraine woman, ask for her passport. If she says she does not have one she is lying they are required for every citizen over 16 years of age. It is a shame the Ukraine women and girls are being blamed for these scams. Most of the women I know either have tried online dating and quit or never tried it. This is another reason I do not have online profiles of women. It does not work for either side. Read More


Ukraine Women Dating

As I go through the internet and look up how to date a Ukraine woman. There are many so-called help blogs out there. Some want to help you date Ukraine women. Some want to warn you about scams.

Then there are the ones that try to tell you what are the best Ukraine online dating sites. It can be pretty comical! Some online Ukraine dating sites have blogs that warn you about online dating. What is so insulting is they give you advice, then they want you to join

Irina Ukraine scammer

an online Ukraine dating site. What the Fu..!! I have looked through most of the articles from many many sites. Most are just trying to entice you to join a specific site or two or three.

I love the ones that say we are the best site you can trust us all of our women are real with real photos. Wow, I have been to Ukraine many times. I have yet to see a photoshopped woman sitting in the park!

90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the online sites have photoshop pictures of their women. I know it is hard to not look at these photos being men. Really do we all believe Ukraine women are flawless sexy supermodels? If this


were true wouldn’t there be more Ukraine professional supermodels? I did a little research and found over the years from 1980 to today there were 7 models that could be considered supermodels!  How can this be? It is simple we are all being scammed tricked. I am very sure we all know the difference from an enhanced photo to a real one Right? Here is a test which woman is real?  Olya or Irina? If you get this wrong you deserve to be scammed.

 What I am trying to say is use some common sense when you look for an online Ukraine dating site to join. I have some recommendations but they are from friends I met with, in Ukraine.

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Is There A Typical Ukraine Woman?

Many people think of a Ukraine or Russia woman as dark hair brown eyes. But also I have had friends say the typical Slavic woman is Blonde blue eyes. Which

Dark Hair Brown Eyes

is correct? 

Blue Eyed Blonde

I personally found that in the eastern part of Ukraine Donetsk, Lugansk, and Alchevsk have the dark hair but some of the women have blue or gray eyes. I will not forget the first time I saw a woman with gray eyes. Kiev is hard to say there are women from all over Ukraine that settle there. In the west Rivne, Lutsk, and Lviv the women are more fare complected. Light brown hair blonde hair and light eye color.  Ukraine women are like the women of America all different types light dark green eye blue eyes and dark eyes. Which is better? it is up to you all I am saying if you can not find your type of woman in Ukraine then she probably does not exist.

The one thing I find typical of Ukraine women and girls is their personality. After you get to know a woman she will not hold back ask her a question and she will have an opinion.

Rarely will you get “oh baby I don’t know whatever you like!” I was told many times by Ukrainian women if you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask the question. I still get a little offended sometimes by their answers to my questions. I was going on a date with a girl in Odessa, I had my favorite shirt on. When she saw me she gave me a look like something smelled bad. She said are you going to wear that shirt? I asked don’t you like it? Nope take it off is is so ugly! My favorite shirt is now in the bottom of my closet. Read More


Ukraine Women Ukraine Girls

Why are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls so sought after? Are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls the most beautiful? Why are men looking to meet Ukraine women or Ukraine girls? Do Ukraine women or Ukraine girls make better wives? Finally, who are these Ukraine women or Ukraine girls?

Sofia Beautiful Woman

Is it their looks are they the sexiest girls in the world? Is it their way of being very easy going friendly? Is it their culture and customs, family comes first. Why are there so many Ukraine online dating sites? From my experience, it is all of this. I have not met a more complete woman in my life! Are they the most beautiful in my opinion no. I have been to Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Canada and here in the US. For me, the most beautiful women are in the USA. Have you been to Las Vegas or Miami?

I wrote an article a month or so ago, about a woman that came to see me here in Las Vegas. Kris, we always argued about this if Ukraine women are the most beautiful!

I told her no they are not, it is you are so used to so many online sites stating this. So one night I told her to get your sexiest outfit on, let’s go see who is right. We went to the Encore casino there is a nightclub called XS. It is probably the best in Las Vegas.

Cute Woman

When we arrived it was early about 11 pm, Kris said I do not see all these sexy women you are talking about. We sat and had a drink, around midnight they started to come. Groups of beautiful sexy women! I have not seen Kris like this before, she was mesmerized by these women. Blonds, brunettes, Latin women, Asian women, even some Russian women. After about a half an hour, she said you are right these are the most beautiful women I have ever seen!! Read More

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Beautiful Women Beautiful Ukraine

 The beautiful women in Ukraine are also the sweetest, kindest women. If it were not for two Ukraine girls I met I would not be writing this. Ukraine women are smart, easy going, Sexy and have high family values.

I remember the very first time I came to Ukraine nieve scared and very unsure. Until I met Marina and Dasha, these two changed my life for the better that week! I was raised in a family first culture also. My fathers family was from Mexico, we had a huge family. Now when I see my family it is very comforting how we all turned out. Not the richest or most powerful but very supportive and kind. I do not remember a time where there was a fight among family members. Ya, sure some did not agree with others so they don’t talk to one another, but no fighting! I love my family very much. On my mom’s side, they were from England and Poland a few generations back. Again they had their differences but no fighting. I had a good childhood!

It took me three times to plan a trip to Ukraine I kept on canceling it for one reason or another. It was late September when I finally got up the nerve to go. After a long 20 hour flight from Las Vegas, I was in Kiev the capital city.

Apartment Complex Kiev

I made a reservation at a small hotel it was on the left bank of the city. At that time I did not know any difference between left and right bank of the river. Now after being there at least 20 times, I know the difference.The left bank is where most people live, in these big apartment complexes that we have seen in movies. Read More

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Ukraine Female Fitness Models

Are you a man that takes care of his body? If you are, these are some of the sexiest Ukraine women there are. The Athletic, or the sexy female fitness models of Ukraine. Super Sexy Ukraine Women and girls.

I have been going to the gym most of my life. The tough thing about gyms in America are the people working out. Some gyms are for the

My Friend Marina

pretty people and older or people out of shape don’t belong there. Then there are the gyms for muscle heads you know the steroid guys. Sometimes it is difficult to know which gym to go to. In Ukraine, I have been to many gyms it is so nice all types are welcome. Muscle no muscle skinny heavy they do not discriminate.

I usually workout for one and a half hours. In Ukraine, I am there sometimes two to three

Marina From Gorlovka

hours. Why? The women are amazing! The trainers are so sexy and of course in great shape.

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