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Ukraine Justice For Women

Do the Ukraine women have equal rights? Is there violence against Ukrainian girls? Who will protect the Ukrainian women? Is domestic violence an issue in Ukraine? Who will help the Ukraine women?

Elena Has A Sad Story click to read

Like so many bad things in life, people do not want to talk about certain things. Nobody wants to talk about bad or lack of sex or their financial problems. Definitely, no one wants to talk about domestic violence. So who protects the women? Here in America, it is not talked about but it happens here quite a bit. Depending on the culture you come from it is more accepted to hit your wife. Some cultures do not agree with violence against women but they overlook it. I have heard many times this, if it was so bad why doesn’t the woman leave her husband?

I think most do not want to have to hear or deal with domestic violence. I have heard stories of communities passing judgment against men that beat their wives.

One such story is a friend of mine she was from Turkey. She was 5 months pregnant, her husband did not want the child. One morning they were in a terrible fight he was beating her stomach wanting for her to lose the baby. The neighbors heard the problem, went to her rescue. They beat the husband and put him in the hospital, but the child was lost. It was enough time for her to pack her things and leave the country. This is how she came to Las Vegas.

I remember when I first moved to Las Vegas it was a time when the so-called mafia controlled Vegas. I have to say it was much better times then before the corporations came in.

They did know how to take care of people back then. One night the pit boss gets a call from a dice dealer that was in jail for being drunk and disorderly. In about 1 and a half hours later the dealer was back to work. Another time an employee was in jail for beating his wife, nobody came to his rescue. You see we all know what is wrong and right we just need to be strong to support those that can not support themselves.

Angel Single Moms Need Help

This brings me to a story that a Ukrainian man told me about his wife. She was a food server in a nice cafe she liked her job, until the owner started to make advances to her.

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Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian Girls to me are magical! They can be sexy sometimes so cute and lovable. These young Ukraine women are very intelligent not silly or conceited at all. Most are looking for a man to marry, age is not a major concern to most young women.

Anna Poltava

The women I am talking about are from 18 to 25 years old. If you are a man from 30 to 40  you have a good chance to date this type of girl. Wouldn’t be nice to walk up to a beautiful young woman, ask her name and she tells you. No games no rolling of her eyes just a simple my name is Julia. That is what you will find in these Ukrainian girls, it is so refreshing to be able to sit and talk with them. When I was in Lugansk I met three young women 18 to 20 years old we talked for over three hours. They were so curious about me as I was about them. There is one trick to meet and talk with these girls, one thing that I had no idea I did it.

When you become a client of mine I will let you in on a few secrets or maybe I should say dating tips. Sometimes the two cultures clash, the next thing you know the girls get up and leave you.

I many times have talked with the girls in Ukraine, it was not about dating them it was very interesting how these young women think. How even though they live in a country that has many economic problems. They have a positive outlook on life, they would be the best support for a good young man. Even so the women there are the same maybe not so optimistic about life seeing how they are single. But they do have a good attitude for the most part. I can help you meet and date these beautiful women do not believe all the bad press about Ukrainian women.

I would like to tell you about some of the young women I had the lucky chance to meet with, in Vinnitsa. I was sitting in the park with some friends.


I saw these two women walk by I smiled at them, they smiled back then stopped and said hello. We just talked for a few minutes, I asked them to join us. The mom spoke English a little, the daughter spoke pretty well. The few hours I talked with Irina and Julia, I found out they were from a small farm grew potatoes and cucumbers.The Irina asks me if I wanted to get married again? I said yes, of course, if I find the right girl. She said you could marry my daughter Julia!

I was surprised by this was not expecting this at all, why would she want me for her daughter?. Julia said I would make you a good wife I can cook, do all house chores.

I ask her how old do you think I am? She said maybe 32 to 35 years old. I said I am older than that; she said OK it does not matter all that matters if you will be good to me. In Ukraine, it is not that odd to see younger women looking for older men. I could not see myself doing this, but it does happen. Read More


Sexy Asian Girls Or Ukrainian?

What country has the sexiest girls in the world? Is it Sweden maybe Russia, Ukraine, or is it an Asian country? Sexy Asian girls are the number one most searched when it comes to sexy girls.

Beautiful Woman

So I would have to agree that most men feel the Asin women are the most desirable in the world. Here is a funny fact a lot of Ukrainian women have Asian blood in them. If you would look at a map you would see Asia is only 400 miles from the edge of Ukraine also these women have Middle Eastern blood in them too. I feel this is the reason they are some of the sexiest women in the world. We know when different races are mixed the result can be very exotic.

I recently looked up where are the women that make the best wives. I was very surprised to find an article that wrote Ukrainian women make the best wives!

Most write about how bad Ukraine is how all the girls there just want money. It is not true the people online that promote or should I say take advantage of these women just want money. I think this was a very well written article, it says they most good women come from Asia or Eastern Europe. With the one exception of Columbia. I have dated a few Asian women they do like to take care of their man. Maybe this is why Ukrainian women make good wives, it was passed down from their Asian ancestors.


Top 7 countries where to find a wife!

In our age of easy traveling and easy access to the internet, men are getting curious where to find a wife abroad…

7. The ever-welcoming Philippines

The advantage of Philippines brides is that it is easy to take them out of their country. Unlike many Asian countries, the Philippines is a very easy come-and-go place; its regulations are friendly.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

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Real Ukraine Dating Sites

Is there any real Ukraine online dating sites? Does such a site exist that is Legitimate? Who is writing all the articles that we read about online scammers?

Is She Real Does She Want You?


Is there any real online Ukrainian date site? If there are I have not heard of it. The whole online Ukraine Russian dating is a lie right from the type of business they do. Online dating! What is online dating? It would be the same to have a company that has online eating food. They show you photos of a beautiful plate of food tell you how real it is. But you can not smell it taste it or touch it but they tell you it is real. Would you believe them? Or would you keep paying to look at more photos of beautiful food?

This is the same as so many lonely desperate men are doing with online Ukraine dating! Looking at a photo of a young sexy girl that says she wants to be with you.

Why do we believe this, why do we trust a company that is using our emotions against us? Is it real dating? Of course, not it is playing with people for money. There are no other countries that do this sure there are online dating sites, I have friends that use Philippine and also Mexican sites to meet girls. Yes, they meet the girl online but then switch to Skype and continue until they have a personal meeting. They do not need translators or interpreters when they arrive they use google translate.

 I have a few friends that are professional translators or interpreters, they fear Google translate. They say it will take their jobs away someday.


There is now a new app put out by Google that is real-time translation. The way it works is, say you meet a Russian girl in a park. Either of you speaks the other’s language with Google you speak in a normal voice, your phone speaks to her in her language. When she replies to you-you hear the translating through an earbud. Check it out Here! This will stop some of the scamming going on in Ukraine there will be no need to pay $25 dollars an hour for a chaperone that speaks English! That is all the interpreters do you know, they are there to get all of your money.

 Why is it Russian and also Ukrainian sites do this make you think you need an interpreter, well you might for the beginning of your relationship.

With our company Personal Date Guide Ukraine we will provide you 5 hours free to get to know your woman. After the first or second date, you will not need an interpreter. One will be standing by if you do have a problem 24 hours a day by phone or in person during normal business hours. OK, what does normal business hours mean? It depends on you and your date if she works during the day it will be evening and night availability. If you are more of a daytime person it will be what is most convenient for you.

Is there such a thing as real online Ukraine dating. No of course not online dating is not real, not real dating at all. How can it exist?

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Date Ukraine Tour Package

There are many different tour packages to travel to Ukraine. Day tours where a guide shows you the tourist attractions. Also tours to other cities like Lviv or Odessa 2 to 4-day tours. There are also package tours where a tour company provides most of your travel needs. From hotel to showing you the sites of Ukraine.

Nadezda Kiev

The above tours can run from $100 all the way up to $6000. What we at Personal Date Guide Ukraine do for men. We take care of all your travel needs from apartment to ground travel. There is one other thing we take care of for you. Meeting and dating Ukrainian girls. We show you the correct way to meet a woman, there are some cultural differences. Many men who travel to Ukraine without help end up broke and alone. I have seen this many times in the eight years I have been traveling and helping men meet women.

Personal Date Guide Ukraine

I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; There are many dates to choose from– check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from the airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide (also several other Languages covered)
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women
    • We do all the preparation for you, show up in Kiev and we got the rest!

This is What we do for you an all-inclusive tour and you get to meet as many women as you like. There is no extra charge for meeting new women like some companies do.


Our Goal is to give you the time of your life, hopefully, introduce you to your future love! I do remember the first few times I went to Ukraine I tried online dating sites I tried Ukraine dating agencies. Every time I would be sitting on the plane going back home, wondering what just happened? Sure at the time I thought everything was good I was with beautiful women even dated her a few times. It was all staged for me and my money!!

Online dating companies are just that online dating companies. They do not care if you ever go to Ukraine as long as you pay them every month.

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Ukrainian Women

Why date a Ukrainian woman is it worth the money? Is it easy to marry a Ukrainian girl and bring her to your country? Do the women of Ukraine make good wives and mothers?


If I have not been to Ukraine so many times in my life I would be telling a different story now. The first time I was in Ukraine was one of the worst times but also the best time I have had in my life. If I only knew some of the dating cultures back then. But here is the problem no many people can teach you the dating culture of Ukraine. If you ask the women in Ukraine they will not tell you because they think it is the same as in America or the western world. I had to learn this on my own!

I think back it took me three years to learn how to date these women. Sure I knew how to meet women but had no idea how to date them.

Everyone has their own opinion about how to date Ukrainian women. Now if you are from Ukraine you know how to date women from your country. If you are not and maybe from America, there will be some confusion when and what to do. Can you walk up to a woman in the street and talk with her? No, and yes, there is a way to talk to a woman in the street but most of the time they have no time to sit and talk with you.

I remember a time when I walked up to a beautiful woman in the street, she was waiting for a bus. As soon as I walked over to her she held up her hand in my face.


Of course, I did not know what to do and was very embarrassed. A few days later I saw the same women in a cafe with her friends. I decided why not see if she will hold her hand up to my face again. I walked over to her table asked if she remembered me she said yes I do. I am sorry for the other day but I was very busy and you can’t talk with people in the street. She asked if I would like to join them for a drink? I was a little confused about what just happened. She explained to me why she did this, said I did not want to talk with you then. But now I am relaxed with my friends and we can get to know one another! This would never happen in America.

Even to this day, it is hard for me to forget I am in a foreign country and the rules are different. I date a girl from China for a few months talk about culture shock.

One evening we were going to a show in Las Vegas it was so crowded people everywhere it was hard to walk. We were bumping into everyone, I kept excusing myself for bumping people. My girl asked why do you say sorry all the time I said it is proper. She said in China we do not do this there are so many people that bumping into them is constant. So if we were to say sorry every time we would not get anywhere. When I think about it in Ukraine they do no say sorry for this either, unless it is for an older person. Read More

Ukrainian Women Are Beautiful

Are these women the most beautiful in the world? Why are the Ukrainian girls so beautiful or is it not true? The most important question, how to date a beautiful Ukrainian woman?

Katarina From Lugansk

I have been going to Ukraine for over eight years now, does Ukraine have the most beautiful women in the world? No, I do not think so! I am not trying to be a pessimist to challenge all the sites who write about this. I have been to many countries, also to many cities in the USA. In my opinion, women from the USA are the most beautiful. If you read the articles online most say Ukraine or Sweden are the best. Here is an independent view was written by Rudy Owens.

Are Swedes more beautiful, or do they just have a better public health system?


First, I do not ascribe to the idea of “national beauty” or the national ranking systems that have little scientific validity. Social and popular media are obsessed with the idea that Swedish women are among the world’s most beautiful. A dubious online source called Traveller’s Digest claims Sweden tops their list of countries with the hottest looking women. (The country’s men also rank No. 1). Such rankings amount to Internet silliness.

I traveled to Sweden in 1990 for about a week, staying with friends I met in India (Eva and Eva — yes the real names). I found many people I met there to be healthy and attractive, but not to an extreme. I did find an excessive amount of out of control binge drinking in the social circles my generous hosts ran with, particularly among college-age and slightly older Swedes. In fact, globally, I have found few places that matched the excessive drinking I saw all over Sweden.

I also have seen Swedes globally, and in general many do appear more fit and healthier than the typical American, who rightly has earned a reputation as being overweight and thus unhealthy, and therefore unattractive in the eyes of many. Such data is borne out by national health statistics, as America is the fattest country on the planet, and because of that, my country does not have the reputation as Sweden does for the hottest men and hottest women, I think.

One of the most ubiquitous stereotypes of nationalities is that of “hot” Swedish women–perpetuated by photos like this one.

Globally, Sweden does very well in terms of health rankings and public health investments. Sweden scores highly in terms of life expectancy from birth, ranking No. 16 among all countries (81.8 years). Its Nordic neighbor, Norway, ranks 25th (80.32 years). The United States fares worse Read More

Ukrainian Sexy Girls

The sexy girls of Ukraine are looking to date young and older men alike. Why are there so many sexy Ukrainian women? How do you date these beautiful women?


It is no different than where you come from it is just more publicized here. That younger girls date older men in Ukraine. Many men write to me why do these women want to date older men, why are they not married yet? Is there something wrong with the sexy girls are they looking for money? Here is the thing when you see these women in person you will understand why they are still single. Do you want to know the secret? It is because there are so many sexy girls that men have their choice. Most Ukrainian men want a good partner a woman that has a good job comes from a good family.

It is no different than most countries you want to choose the best mate for you. Another thing that can make it so a sexy girl does not get married is her mom.

Yes, her mother! Some moms only want the best for her daughter, so they will make it very difficult for any man except the right man to marry her. I have had this happen only once, she was Armenian and both her mom and dad did not want her to be with me. In all the other cases all the parents want their daughter to marry a western man, especially from America. All the dads I met with that I was dating their daughter welcomed me. Even if I was 20 years older then her.

One girl, I dated in Lugansk was 25 I was almost twice her age, but her father wanted me to fall in love with her and one day marry her.


He told me his country is a hard place to make a good life if he knew she was with a good man in a good country. it did not matter how old he was. He was a realest he also told me if you someday did not want to be together, at least she would have the opportunity to continue to live in her new country. It sounded a little strange at the time. If my daughter met a good man that could provide a good life for her what is the problem? Most of us want is what is best for our kids.

I dated a Chines girl once that was 20 years younger than me. I asked her why do you want to date a man so much older than you are.

She said I look at it a today not tomorrow or 20 years from now. Today I have strong feelings for you and that is all that matters. If later it changes then I will decide which way my life will go then. Very smart reasonable girl I thought, why worry about the future? In Ukraine, it is the same way of thinking I have not once been asked how do you see your life in 10 years. Really what a stupid question, what do we say I hope I am rich or I hope we have a terrible divorce then? Live for today as they say.

When I am with a younger woman I get no bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is your life live it the way that makes you happy.

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Ukrainian Woman How To Kiss Her

Do Ukrainian girls kiss on the first date? Is it proper for a Ukrainian woman to kiss you first? How do you know when it is time to kiss these women? What is a Ukraine kiss?

Natali Kharkov

All good questions, there is only one answer for this it depends on the woman!! A Ukrainian kiss is the same as the way western woman kiss. I have found that many women have not or do not French kiss open mouth kiss. The girls that do open mouth kiss seem to like it very much. There is no secret to how the Ukraine women kiss, but there is one thing different than American girls. They will not kiss you if they do not like you. There is no making out for fun in Ukraine, kissing is very important. When I girl kisses you or lets you kiss her you are on the right track to the next level.

 I have dated women in Ukraine that kissed on the first date why I have no idea. Also, some that took over five dates to get a kiss. Is one girl an easy girl and the other a good girl nope.

It does not mean one girl is easy the other slutty or easy. Most women will not allow you to kiss her in public. Especially with her parents or family. Holding hands is another thing that will not happen if she is not into you. When she is into you or likes you she will feel proud to be holding her man’s hand in public. I like this very much about the women there, there are no mercy emotions. I mean women will not be with you because they feel sorry for you. If they do not like you, they will tell you in not such a nice way sometimes. They are extremely honest to a point.

 It is a little strange how some articles write there is something special or a secret way to make a Ukrainian woman kiss you.

The only secret is she has to like you and feel comfortable with you. It is very hard to trick these woman into doing something they do not want to do. It is a very good feeling to know that the woman is with you because she likes you. Not because you have money or she thinks you are powerful. They are very simple people, they respect and honor their man if he is worth it.

 I remember a story where  I was our having a late night beer in a small cafe outdoors in a park.


I have been to this cafe many times in the past, there is one server that has been working there since I have been going there. She is a very cute sexy girl around 28 or 29 years old. Many men flirted with her as she worked, I am sure it was very tiresome for her. She did not pay me any special attention I was just another customer. One night I overheard her and her manager talking about money, she was short on her cashout. It was a very busy night this night she was the only server.

I noticed some young guys were wanting to pay their bill but she did not notice, they walked out without paying.

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Dating Russian Women

Dating Russian women is the same as dating Ukrainian women? Is the culture the same for these two countries? Do the sexy girls from Russia and Ukraine just want money? Do they look for a better future?


Have I been asked a few times are Ukrainian women that same as Russian women? I think not at all except for the language they both speak Russian. I have dated only three Russian girls in my time. Two were in Odessa the other was in Las Vegas. There was a noticeable difference between the two. I would say the Russian girls are quite a bit louder when they speak, not modest at all! Ukrainian girls are shy in the beginning a little more reserved. The Russian girls wanted to have fun they did not think about settling down. I feel they were a little materialistic.

Ukrainian women are about the family keeping a nice home taking care of the children and her man. Most of the women I know or have dated in Ukraine are very kind sweet caring.

They can also be harsh to someone that doesn’t understand their culture. They will almost always tell you the truth when asked a question. Most are well educated and have strong opinions when it comes to politics or the state of the world. Do not ask a Ukrainian if they like Russia, they don’t!! What do these women really want? I will tell you what many women have told me or should I say asked me. Why can’t I find some who loves me? One of the biggest reasons why  I started this company for the women of Ukraine. I do not know the reason, so many single girls and women there. Some say it is because there are more females than males. There are a small percent more women than men there, so why all the single women? Some Ukrainian girls tell me a lot of Ukraine men do not work, who wants to marry a guy like that? Some say it is because of the war all the men are taken from their cities to help fight!

 A big question is how do you know a woman likes you or is interested in you? When you meet a woman to date she will let you know if she likes you.

If you have not found her, just looking for the signs when you do find a woman to date. I will tell you there are no signs, there is no right time. Never never tell a Ukrainian woman you love her in a new relationship. You have only one chance at this with Ukrainian women so you better get it right! I have made the mistake a few times telling a woman I love her too soon. The women I did this with I have no idea where they are today. It is not a good idea to try to impress these women. She will always call you on this! Do not tell her you like her eyes if you don’t, she will ask you what do you like about my eyes. Now, what do you say?

When you meet a Ukrainian woman she will let you know if she wants to spend time with you. Once you are with her be prepared to be asked many questions.

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