90 Day Fiance 2

So You are interested in marrying a Ukraine girl? Are you ready for the real truth?

After you meet the girl of your dreams you will need a K 1 visa the k 1 processing time takes about 4 to 5 months. It is best to get an attorney for this, there are several online attorneys that have a good reputation and the cost will be from 1200 dollars to 3800 dollars.Make sure you check their approval rate percentage. Here

anna from poltavaare the government fees everyone has to pay to bring a girl to the USA. USCIS Filing Fee: $535 This is the fee required to get the ball rolling with your petition. It goes along with the Form I-129F in the initial filing of the k1 visa petition. Second is Embassy Fee: $265 This fee is paid towards the end of the process and paid directly to the U.S. embassy where your fiance visa interview is conducted.

 Now after all the technical stuff is done here comes the real challenge. The girl!

To bring a girl to the USA from Ukraine is not hard at all spend a few dollars and she is here. OK the USA is nothing like Ukraine. Most Ukrainians do not drive. It will take some time for her to adjust to our wide spaces and the time it takes to go from place to place. You see in Ukraine if you need bread or milk you usually have maybe a 5-minute walk to the market. If you want to go to a supermarket it would take longer but the public Marina transportation is very good there.

But this is the biggest challenge the time! She will be alone during the day when you work.

It will take 4 to 8 months before she can work, most Ukraine girls want to work. It is their culture to help the family and bring in some money. They do not want to be the number one breadwinner but they want to help.

So she will be sitting all day alone watching TV or cooking cleaning but I guarantee she will get bored so bored. Even if her English is good she will not be so easy to make friends with American girls. If her English is not so good another problem arises, teaching her English.

I do not know about you but if I were brought into a whole new country with the culture shock and the language barrier.

 I would be a little hesitant to explore this new place on my own. She will need a lot of care and understanding in the first few months. Depending on the type of girl she is outgoing or shy you will have to be her entertainment. When my fiance came to me I took 2 weeks off to be with her it was good but then I had to go back to work. She would text me 20 times a day and call me 5 to 6 times a day. In the beginning, it was nice to have the attention from her but when it started to interfere with my work I had to stop her. She had a child and I wished she would have brought her son with her. She would not have been so bored and had someone else to be with when I was not there.

katarinaAfter 2 months things get worse and worse she was so bored being alone and I was not in such a hurry to go home. To hear how bad her day was how she had nothing to do.

So I bought her a bike and this worked out great, she would ride her bike through the neighborhood. 

So if you think it will be like having an American girl think again there is a lot of work and sacrifice. You will be everything for her, her best friend her only family. But when she finally gets her work permit it all changes she changes. For a Ukraine girl to work in America is a very big thing for her she will be so proud. Her family and friends will be proud of her and she will be able to help support her man. That is really what most Ukraine girls want to feel needed to feel they are accomplishing something in her life.

She will be the best partner you can ever imagine I have heard Ukraine girls say to me Rod you will be the head and I will be the shoulders that support you.

I hope one day you can feel this in your life when someone appreciates and supports you in most everything you do. One of the best things that happened to me was finding Ukraine and then finding Ukraine girls or women.

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