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I once read that over 5 billion dollars are spent every year on Ukraine dating sites. Big money right?

I have used many different sites some with video some with live chat and some just basic letters only. All are free to join. They all have big catch lines Ukraine women seeking America men or Ukraine girls looking for older men. Yes it is true what they write but how do you find these girls -women none will tell you that. Because Ukraine dating sites are there to make money on letters, live chat, and translation of letters. Now when you join these sites it is free but now comes the catch. They show you all these beautiful photos of Ukraine women. Within an hour or maybe a day you will have letters to you or request to chat, and it’s not free. Nor cheap, a video chat is around 1 to 2 dollars a minute, and you will get some small talk nothing of interest. Some girls will make you a promise if you come to Ukraine she will meet you at the airport. That will never happen!

Most girls are trained to keep you chatting because she is being paid for every minute she does. So stay away from this unless you just are so bored or lonely. Now about the letters, for the most part, the girls in the photos are not the ones writing you. It is a paid translator that has a job of replying to sometimes 50 men or more a day. You will notice that the replies to your letters are simple templated letters. Yes, I was fooled by this too, but the more I noticed over the years was upsetting. I would write to a girl and ask her very specific questions either about her or her town or city. I would get something like this back- Hi Rod thanks for the letter you are a very nice man. Ok let me tell you about myself– and then just ramble on about how smart and pretty she is. And nothing about my questions.

Oh, by the way, a letter is either you get so many for a monthly fee 20 letters for 29 dollars a month. Or you have to pay to open her letter which starts at 5 dollars and can go up to 25 dollars per letter.

I once wrote a Ukraine girl for several months, and this one wrote me back in a way that she made me feel a little special. We wrote back and forth for 7 dollars a letter from her. She answered my questions told when I come to see her it will be so nice. We talked on the phone many times, but her English was not good. We decided to meet ( to meet a girl first you have to request her personal information from a dating site it varies from 70 dollars to over 250 dollars on some sites) she lived in a small city about 4 hours from Kiev. I got off the train no girl, went to my Hotel again no girl. I finally bought a phone card and called her. She told me I will be there in 2 hours.

It sounded good so far.

She walked up to me very cute same as her photo, but now she forgot all her English and demanded an interpreter. Me being a fool said ok, she said the cost would be 25 dollars an hour wow a 4-hour date 100 bucks. I agreed after all I was there right. We went to a place to eat, come to find out later the most expensive restaurant in the city. We sat ordered and began to talk using this interpreter; it was very weird telling a stranger my thoughts. I ask about her mom and dad she just looked at me. She said my dad left me when I was two years old. Then she asked me how long I was staying, “what the fuck.” I said we discussed all this in the letters remember? She said what letters? So again disappointment we got into a huge argument through the interpreter it must have been funny to see that.

I found out some days later that the agencies find real girls take photos the girls sign an agreement. Then the agencies use these photos to lure men like me to write them. But most men never come to Ukraine to date the girl. So when I came, they had to find this girl and make her date me. Some men will be with a girl for days paying 25 dollars an hour to be on a fake date crazy.

Here is the actual girl! Marina

Now to go on a tour with other companies, it will cost from $3200 to $5500 you will meet a lot of girls but no time to date them. You will be bussed from city to city, and the time you will spend with the girls is a few hours in each city. No real one on one time with a girl. With us, we will be available to you 24 hours a day!

With us, we will be available to you 24 hours a day and you can meet and date as many girls as you like!

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