Ukraine Tour Package

If you choose to use us to travel to Ukraine, you will get a one on one experience! In this video, from another online date company. There are some very pretty girls, but every man interviewed said the same thing “I met a lot of beautiful women.” With Personal Date Guide Ukraine. You will say I dated a lot of beautiful women!!


So is this what you want for your hard earned money and your time spent in the most amazing country? Some companies have expensive tour packages. Wouldn’t you rather be saying I dated some very beautiful girls? Going on a tour of the city with 20 men seeing the sites sounds like fun? Or being with a Ukraine girl and her showing you her city?

It is not about the cost it is about the quality of your tour.

With us,  We will take care of your travel and stay while in Ukraine and provide you a nice apartment; apartments are so much more personal than hotels. In an apartment, you will have a kitchen, and the is nothing better than your date cooking for you! We will show you how to meet a girl. By going to cafes markets and in the park the natural way. If you need an interpreter, we will provide you with one. After you meet the girl, we will be in the background and help when you need it. It will be about you and the girl you chose.

This is not another online dating site or some planned tour with professional dating girls!

Yes, some companies have girls that come to these meet and greets that are really not interested in a real date. Sure they will date you, but it is not real it is for money that the Interpreter makes. The girl gets a commission of the money made by the agency. If you are truly interested, write me, and we can discuss over the phone what your goals are in Ukraine.

I only take 4 to 5 men at a time, so sometimes space is not available.

Write me at and we can discuss the options over the phone just write me date and time, and I can answer any questions you might have.

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