Are Ukraine women Trustworthy?

I write about trust on this blog a lot and trust has to come from both sides of the relationship.

katya honest woman
Katya The Honest Woman

On one of my trips to  Kiev the capital city, Katya and I were walking in the city center. There are always so many people in the street from morning to night. Sometimes I just sit in a cafe and watch the people go by. So on this day, we were just walking, and Katya notices a shopping bag next to a bench by the bus stop. We walk over and see it is a brand new iPhone someone must have forgotten it. When they were waiting for the bus.

We had a couple of choices hold it, wait to see if this person comes back for it. Take it for ourselves or do what Katya suggested.


I was a little apprehensive if it would work She said someone paid a lot of money for this and I can not just take it. She opened up the bag and saw a receipt; it had the store name and address on it. We looked up the address, and it was very far away from where we were.

But Katya insisted we go, after a 30-minute taxi ride we came to the store.

A really good person Katya!

Went inside and asked a clerk if someone bought an iPhone today. The clerk said a few people did what model was it and why we ask. We showed him the phone, and he asked where did you get this, Katya told him the story. He said I have the names and phone numbers of the people that bought this phone today, so he proceeded to call them. One by one and finally he gets a girl and asks did you lose your iPhone that you purchased here today. The clerk told the girl we found her phone all we heard was screaming through the phone.

The clerk hands the phone to Katya, and I hear this girl crying and thank her over and over.

She told Katya she was asked by her boss to go and buy him and a new phone. She said that if she did not have the phone, she would have to pay from her pocket the money. 600 dollars is three months salary for her.  She said I would have lost my job because I do not have that much money I felt very good that day to help someone in this way, Katya could not stop smiling all day. She is a very good person to do that for someone she did not know. Most Ukraine people I know are very trustworthy.

This brings me to another story. I was in Vinnitsa one of the first times, I Visited this city I was unsure about the girls.

I had an apartment in the center of the city very clean safe place. I met some new friends the night before in a nice cafe. In the morning I hear a knock on my door it was Alina, she said did you eat yet? I told her no. I did not know her that well at the time and was a little unsure why she was there.

A lot of things going through my head at this moment.

I saw her only for a few hours, and now she is at my apartment? Then she said why don’t I make you breakfast do you have a pan for eggs she asked? Now I was very apprehensive about this, was some big man going to break through the door and rob me?  I told her yes there is a pan in the cabinet over there, she looks in the refrigerator and sees no eggs. Laughing at me Alina said what do you have only cheese wine some strawberries. She looked through the cabinets and found flour for pancakes. She said I will make some pancakes and you go to the market for eggs and sausage. Now I think, she will take all my money when I am gone, so I went to my luggage and took most of my money.

I left about 60 dollars laying by my luggage just to see what will happen.

I was gone for over 40 minutes; I do not know why but the food markets are always crowded in Ukraine. When I came back, Alina asks me what happened. I told her, she said there is a little market only 50 feet down the street I did not know this. I did notice my apartment was clean, and the money was gone! I was really upset I did not know how to confront her about the money. I thanked her for cleaning, and she started to cook the eggs. 

Good Cook Great Person

I was getting very upset at this point she steals from me but goes on as nothing happened!

I lost my appetite and just wanted her to leave, 60 dollars is not a lot of money. But she could have taken it and just left. She was talking to me and cooking having a good time. Like nothing happened I did not understand how she could do this. If she would have asked I would give her some money. I stopped her cooking and was about to confront her about the money at the same time we spoke. I said OK Alina what were you going to say, she said Rod you are very careless.

You left some money lying next to your luggage you should put it away, or someone could take it!!

How silly I felt at this moment, and I was about to ask her to leave what an ass I would have been. I did ask Alina why she decided to come over this morning, She said she had a good time last night and feel I am a man she can trust, she wanted to do something nice for me. I have done this with other Ukraine girls left money to see what might happen and not once did they take my money. In Ukraine, they believe strongly in karma and are very religious good people. They do what is the right thing to do.

Now when someone asks if I trust the Ukraine women! I always tell them yes, I have not one time been taken advantage of by either a man or a woman in Ukraine.

This is why I have a hard time Understanding how these online dating sites get the people to take advantage of foreign men. I have been told by some friends that have worked for the agencies. It is the managers of the company they are very strict and demands these girls to take as much money as they can. I do know that most girls that work for an online dating agency do not get paid much. Maybe they take advantage because they are being taken advantage of??

Inna beautiful Ukraine girl
Inna Beautiful Woman

Now on the other hand if you are with a Ukraine women dating her and you have her trust. Do not ever break it you will not get a second chance.

A few times I have seen this in the girls I have dated. One such girl, Inna we dated a few days and made plans to meet for lunch the next day. She was so beautiful and I thought why was she with me? I became a little insecure about her. I did not meet with her for lunch I did not even call her. She called me that evening and wanted to meet with me, we met at a cafe. Inna first said what happened to you today Rod? I said I had some things to do, she said no phone call no text?

Then she continued to tell me how much she likes me and thought we would have a great relationship one day.

Finally, she said Rod I can not trust you anymore and got up and left me sitting there alone. I asked a friend what could I do to make up for my stupid behavior? My friend Maria said nothing you broke her trust you will not get it back. It is not like in the movies buy her a present and everything is OK!!

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6 Replies to “Are Ukraine women Trustworthy?”

  1. Hi Rod, sounds like you have met some great people over inthe Ukraine. Honestly is always the best policy and that seems to be the way in Ukraine.

  2. Thanks for sharing some other great stories. You must have a tremendous job satisfaction when you succeed in putting 2 people together, that all goes well and they remain in a relationship for the rest of their lives.

    A couple of questions (out of curiosity): Why Ukraine? and do you plan to expand to other countries at any time?

    You are doing a great and fantastic job Rod, I applaud you.

    John ツ

  3. Thank you, John, I do get a lot of satisfaction from putting two people together. Ukraine was just a random chance. I knew men from where I live that married Russian women and most did not work out. I was planning to go to Russia and take a chance to meet a woman. I was a taxi driver at the time.One day I picked up a Russian girl and we talked, I mentioned to her I was planning to go to Rusia to meet a girl. She said don’t do that if you want a Slavic woman go to Ukraine much better women there. This started my journey! I do plan to soon start up in Moldova and Belarus

  4. Hey Rob would you be willing to help me find a beautiful Ukrainian woman to come live with me in the United States I would really love to be with a Ukrainian woman I think they are beautiful thoughtful honest and very lovely

  5. Hello Dennis, I could help you fond a good woman. If a Ukrainian woman has strong feeling for you she would come to live with you where ever you live!

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