Are Ukrainian Girls Pretty ?

Beautiful Or Sexy

 I have been asked this a few times are Ukrainian women pretty or beautiful? Sexy or cute? What is the difference between Beautiful or Pretty, Sexy or Cute the four types we give women? Then there are those girls that can be two or even three types.

We all have our preferred type of girl that turns us on or puts a smile on our face. And sometimes we see a woman that is all of the above pretty, sexy, beautiful and cute. But most men when we see such a woman, most think she is way out of my league! Here is where most men settle for someone we are just a little attracted to. Now the ladies will be upset with what I say, I know.

Cute Or Beautiful

Again it goes back to what is natural. Men think with their eyes first or right side of the brain. Women with their left side of the brain which control reason and logic.

We men think when we meet a girl what a sexy body nice face or sexy legs. We do not think if she is smart or is she strong, we are not looking for another man. Women think when they see a man, can he provide for me is he strong will he defend me and care for me! Her first thought is not wow he is so cute. Ok Ok yes American women do because they are not looking for a provider a husband. They look for some cheap sex with a cute guy!

So are they cute, sexy, beautiful or pretty? These amazing Ukrainian women can be all of the above. Let us see what the definition is for the words.

Sexy Girl

Now cute is defined; attractive in a pretty or endearing way. Beautiful says; pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. Sexy says; sexually attractive or arousing. Last is pretty; attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful. So these are the dictionary definitions. While I am in Ukraine I have a good opportunity to sit with and discuss with sexy, beautiful, cute pretty girls. I am neutral to these girls, I can ask some of the most intimate questions.

I have asked many beautiful women what would they want their lover to say to them? Most reply cute is the word they most like to be called.

Pretty Girl

One very beautiful sexy girl I asked told me this. I would like to be thought of as cute it is such an endearing word. She went on to say babies are cute puppies are cute the things in life we want to pick up hold and never let go of are cute. Flowers are beautiful the sky can be beautiful but we do not want to hug the sky. Pretty is a word some use to not hurt someone feeling, oh your dress is pretty or your face is pretty. Then she said sexy is not what I want to hear my man say to me.

I want him to look at my chest like he has not eaten for some time, my butt like he can not wait to touch it. Sexy is a feeling. In other words, don’t tell me show me I am sexy!

The girls here have not lost their way of how to be sexy, to be looked at by men with eyes wide open. It does not upset them they do like it I am very sure of this. One girl, I asked said I would like more to be looked at like I am some sexy girl. Than not looked at at all. She said I do not care about what some say as we are just sex object. We are women we know what men want from us, is it bad? Then why all the sexy ads why do we vote on who is the sexiest or most beautiful.

We girls cannot forget why we want to be desired. Or maybe we all should just stop trying to impress the men all wear baggy clothes as some cultures do. We are sexy cute beautiful pretty women, right?

If you are not sure if you are the kind of man these beautiful women or sexy girls is right for you. Stop thinking, you are their type that is if you have a decent job it does not matter if you live in a nice house or an average apartment. Most will not ask you to buy them expensive gifts or want to take all your money. They will, on the other hand, expect you to take care of them listen to and protect them. They will want to work even if it is a part-time job, they are proud people. They want to help their man. You will be kissed a lot they love affection.

You can just sit there and read all the articles on these women or you can take a tour with us find out for yourself. 



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