Beautiful Ukraine

Ukraine has some of the most beautiful sexy girls in the world, but that is not the only beauty.

Here is a video of one of the most beautiful countries I have been to, it is my second home a place I go to relax and eat good food and meet the kindest most helpful people. The Ukraine flag is a symbol of the blue sky and golden wheat they grow. 

ukraine flag
Ukraine Flag

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places I have been from the modern city of Kiev to the 300-year-old city of Lugansk. Lugansk is now in the middle of the war in Ukraine, when I was there it was exactly what you would think to be the old USSR city we all see in the movies. The Eastern part of Ukraine was my first look at this new country. I first was in Donetsk in 2011 although at first, it was the most strange place I have ever been. It soon became a place I truly enjoyed I met some very nice people there.

I think from my own opinion the East of Ukraine has the most beautiful girls.

Green-eyed Ukraine girl
Green eyes amazing

I saw these black haired girls with green or deep blue eyes I was mesmerized by these women. Then I met a girl Anya with jet black hair and grey eyes with just a little violet in them; I have never seen eyes like this before. Day after day I saw these jet black haired girls, but at this time I had no idea how to date one. Until I met Inna beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well. She insisted we go to every part of her city. We went to a river Siversky Donetsk beautiful place. Trees all along the banks and the water moved so slow, we found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest. Comming back to the city we passed church after church beautiful with gold tops. I do like this city very much there was not much modern to it, an old city that years ago had many factories. I do pray that soon the conflict will be over and the people of the East will live in peace whether it be part of Ukraine or part of Russia.

I have been to many cities in Ukraine but Donetsk was the first, it was a somewhat modern city until the war broke out, now I understand it is in ruin.

Donetsk is the city which I will never forget, I arrived just after sunset and had no Idea what was coming next. I was so nervous in that taxi ride not know anything about Ukraine all I knew was it was part of the USSR years ago. I did not know the airport was so far from the city, so as we drove through the forest, I saw fog through the trees.Now my thoughts were getting way out of control I started thinking werewolves or vampires. Maybe this driver would leave me in the forest and take my luggage about that time I saw

Shcherbakova Park

lights and we were in the city. The cab driver said I want to show you something, and he said look over there, I saw this beautiful soccer stadium. The driver was so proud; he said the Euro 2012 would be played here.I stayed in a nice hotel it was called Liverpool after the Beatles. When I woke, I got dressed and had some breakfast and went for a walk. I was still very nervous to be in a strange country where almost no one spoke English. I walked street after street and came to this incredible park SHERBAKOVA it was one of the biggest parks I have seen. A beautiful place there was a rose garden that was several acres. I was lost in a beautiful place. I grew to love Donetsk, and I hope one day I will be able to return.

Kiev is a big place very easy to get lost here none of the streets are in a grid downtown. It seems whoever drew out the plans were heavily intoxicated,

make one wrong turn and you do not know which way is North, South? I have been lost in Kiev many times, but there are a few landmarks that are helpful to know. Kiev is a beautiful city and very clean it has so many places to visit, Maidan the independence square is a must see in Kiev. Also, the churches are incredible. A short walk from Maidan up a hill you come to Parocia Romano Catholic church. A few minutes walk away you find

St. Michaels
St. Michaels

St.Michaels monastery and St. Andrews church it is an all-day event in this area. Kiev is a beautiful place it is very modern and at the same time very old and beautiful. In the downtown area, the locals call it the city center there are many things to do. Also as I have noticed in Ukraine many beautiful parks there too. Some of the best restaurants I have eaten at in the center city one of my favorites is Mama Manana a Georgian place. There you can get this bread called Khachapuri is so good, the bread is baked with cheese in the middle. When it comes out of the oven they drop a raw egg on top; it is cheesy eggy gooey great. I would like very much to bring men to this city always something to do here and plenty of beautiful girls. I have met foreign men in Kiev many times, and all of them do not go far from their hotel. It is a shame for them not to see what they are missing in this great city. I can show you the real Kiev the part most do not see if you are a tourist. Come with me to Kiev, and you will not be disappointed.

Now to my favorite city in Ukraine Vinnitsa a smaller city but still a lot to do there well until 11 pm this is when the city almost closes.

There are a few places open, and it took me a few trips to find them, and there is always Mafia Club. This is a chain of karaoke clubs, but the restaurant is separated from the singing what a great idea!! But you can always just walk through the city at night it is very safe in Vinnitsa. You will see people in the park a 1 am all the time. But what I like about Vinnitsa is the very slow pace of life no one seems to be in a hurry. If you are one of those people that have to get your food quickly you will not like Vinnitsa. You see the food is made to order and it sometimes take over 30 minutes. But you will always have snacks to eat while you wait, it is strange I sometimes eat four times a day in Ukraine, but I always come home thinner. The food is great, but the price is the best part

Beautiful Vinnitsa
Mill Fata Morgana

you will not pay more than 12 dollars for a good meal. Lunch is about 3 dollars and breakfast around two bucks.

 Vinnitsa is right next to a good-sized river, and it is so green everywhere you go fruit trees bushes and flowers very beautiful.

I have many friends in Vinnitsa, and I think it is one of the best places to find and date a girl. Most girls are not fluent in English, but if you try to speak just a little Russian or Ukraine, they will appreciate it. Most Ukrainians understand English because most had English classes in school. If you show them, you are not some arrogant American you will have a good chance to meet these girls. The women are kind here and very much real women they always dress nice. Want a man to open the door for them and like very much when you compliment them. Here is where I like to take men that want a simple girl a good wife. A lot of the girls in Vinnitsa are farmers and know how to cook and take care of the family. So guys if you want to meet that special girl come with me to Ukraine you will not regret it!

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4 Replies to “Beautiful Ukraine”

  1. nice article about a very beautiful Country!

    my roots are in the Czech republic not too far from Ukraine i think. I have always wanted to visit my homeland, now I would love to go to the Ukraine as well!

    thanks for a great post and beautiful images!


  2. I almost didn’t make it to the bottom of your post because the music was so relaxing in your video I was drifting off! lol. Ukraine sounds wonderful! It’s so sad to hear that Lugansk is at war right now with Ukraine.
    Your write up was very informative and opened my eyes to another beautiful part of the world to visit! I’m sure if the women are that beautiful the men are too! I’ll have to let my friends know! lol Where are you from originally?

  3. Thank Mike, for the comment, I understand the Czech Republic is very nice too. I think most people would enjoy Ukraine and yes Czech is about 200 miles from Ukraine.

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, It is a great place to go and the people are very kind and helpful. I do know some women that married Ukraine men as far as their look I will let you be the judge of that. My roots are from Poland third generation.

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