Beautiful Women Beautiful Ukraine

 The beautiful women in Ukraine are also the sweetest, kindest women. If it were not for two Ukraine girls I met I would not be writing this. Ukraine women are smart, easy going, Sexy and have high family values.

I remember the very first time I came to Ukraine nieve scared and very unsure. Until I met Marina and Dasha, these two changed my life for the better that week! I was raised in a family first culture also. My fathers family was from Mexico, we had a huge family. Now when I see my family it is very comforting how we all turned out. Not the richest or most powerful but very supportive and kind. I do not remember a time where there was a fight among family members. Ya, sure some did not agree with others so they don’t talk to one another, but no fighting! I love my family very much. On my mom’s side, they were from England and Poland a few generations back. Again they had their differences but no fighting. I had a good childhood!

It took me three times to plan a trip to Ukraine I kept on canceling it for one reason or another. It was late September when I finally got up the nerve to go. After a long 20 hour flight from Las Vegas, I was in Kiev the capital city.

Apartment Complex Kiev

I made a reservation at a small hotel it was on the left bank of the city. At that time I did not know any difference between left and right bank of the river. Now after being there at least 20 times, I know the difference.The left bank is where most people live, in these big apartment complexes that we have seen in movies.

The right is the tourist places and the city center. Arriving at Kiev Boryspil Airport, there were men asking if I need a ride where was I going. Most only spoke a little English. I saw a sign that said Taxi in English I felt better. I went up to the booth, the girl spoke English very well. She helps me find where I was staying and directed the cab driver.I was on my way to my hotel exhausted.

When I arrived at my hotel, it was nice but very old. I went inside to register but no reservation. I showed the front desk clerk my confirmation number, it was the wrong hotel!

I was tired frustrated I asked if I could stay there, it was sold out. I believe it was the hotel manager that came over to me and asked could he help me. At the time my phone did not work there no internet either. The Manager led me to his computer we found where I was supposed to be staying. It was not far ten minutes in a cab. Arriving finally! The hotel was nice I had a place to shower and sleep. I slept for 13 hours that first day and woke up at 3 AM. I was hungry and did not know where to go and eat. I was afraid to go outside being so late. I stayed in my room until it was light out. Later that day I was going back to the airport to fly to Donetsk.

What a fool I was, going to a different side of the world and did not much research on Ukraine. I needed to exchange some dollars for hryvnia, I ask the clerk where I could for this. 

My First Friends

It took me 2 hours to find the bank, that was only 500 meters away. The signs where all in Cyrillic alphabet, of course, I could not read them. it was time to leave Kiev, while I was in the taxi going to the airport. I was contemplating whether I should go back to the USA. At the airport, I decided to continue. I am on the plane to Donetsk it is short a one and a half hour flight. Arriving in Donetsk, looking out the window I was thinking what am I doing here this is Russia! The airport looked like what you see in the old movies about Russia. I walked off the plane went down the steps to the tarmac.

Had to walk through the mud to get my luggage, that was lying in the mud.  Again finding a taxi booth I was on my way to my hotel. The hotel was very nice it was called Liverpool after the Beatles.

The reason I was coming to Donetsk was to meet a woman named Katya. She did not show up to meet me. I sat in my room for two days not knowing what to do. I was scared I knew no one, did not speak even one word of Russian well except nyet. On the second day, I got angry with myself, put on my shoes and walked.I did not know where I was going I must have walked 10 miles that day. I found the new soccer stadium that was built for the 2012 Euro cup. There was a big park at the stadium, many people there. I sat and watched so many pretty women walk by over and over again.

 I met Dasha and Marina on the fourth day in a little cafe.They were so cute Marina spoke

Oksana The First Woman I Dated. Donetsk

perfect English Dasha not much. These two were my introduction to Ukraine culture.

Dasha help me learn a few Russian words she was so sweet. Marina showed me the people in her country were kind and very helpful. We decided to go eat something they asked if we could have sushi, why not. After we ate the girls wanted to walk back to my hotel.It was a one hour walk back I believed.

It was late maybe 2 AM, I asked if it was safe to walk at night? Marina said safe from what the werewolf or some monsters! I had no Idea!

As we walked we came up to three men in the middle of the sidewalk. They had a barrel with a fire burning in it, they were drinking. We approached them, me as a frightened child let Marina go first. The men were in the way of our travel, she pushed her way through. Not a word from the men they parted and completely ignored us. I found out later this is a very peaceful country not much violent crime. We

Beautiful Church In Donetsk

arrived at my hotel Marina asked if I would pay for their taxi ride home. They lived in Gorlovka it was 40 minutes away. I asked how much she said $15 and they were off. I spent three days with these two very sweet girls. I wish I could have seen them more but Dasha had to go to work she was a nurse.

I wrote them for several years, but after the war started I lost touch with them for a year or so. Marina wrote me an email telling me she was OK but did not know where sweet Dasha was.

A few months later she wrote that Dasha was fine living in Crimea. These two girls are the reason I like Ukraine, we were complete strangers.They took the time to help me in this strange place. Through time I figured out Ukraine people help one another, and always help foreigners. I did end up dating a women that trip Oksana. Very cute sweet girl. It was only a date, not anything more.


I went from being so afraid of Ukraine to falling in love with it. It is now it is my second home.

Come with me to Ukraine and let me show you these wonderful people. You might even find the woman of your dreams here.

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