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How can we call online Ukraine dating sites a dating service? I have the best Ukraine dating service no one does what I do. I help a man meet a girl and date her. How can you call your company a dating service if no one meets in person??


I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; There are many dates to choose from– check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women


I a few hours ago received a call from a client he was very upset. He was dating a Girl from Kiev I help him meet, it was going great. Until he said something that changed her way of thinking about him.

I always tell my clients before you do something major call me! We can discuss it before you open your mouth. What he said was simple but to his woman, it put so many doubts in her head. This is some of

Marina Stunning Woman

what he told her. “Yulia why are you with me? Are you sure you want to be my wife someday? OK seems harmless right? To a Ukraine woman, this is what she heard. Yulia I am not sure I want to be with you, are you just playing with me. Now, why would she be dating him? Most women, if they are dating you the end result in their mind is Marriage.

 I tell all my clients do not think of the Ukraine women as the same as American or western women. They do not think the same as other women do.

I tell my clients to call me and we can discuss your insecurities. Because you will be insecure when you are dating a beautiful woman, we all do. I once asked a girlfriend of mine in Ukraine a stunning girl by the way. Why are you dating me you could have any man you

Beautiful Woman

want? She looked at me! I said you are so beautiful sexy smart why me. Her answer was first “thank you, but look around, there are so many beautiful sexy women here”. She pointed out some of the sexy girls in the cafe and walking down the street. She said in Ukraine I am just normal average, trying to compete with them all. I understood then why be so insecure about it all.

It brings me back to a time when I first started to go to Ukraine, my 3rd or 4th trip. This trip I had already learned how to meet women there, I was pretty confident.

A friend of mine wanted to introduce me to a friend of hers, I excepted. The following day I was going to meet my friend and then this woman at a nice restaurant. When we walked into the place I saw a very pretty woman sitting at the bar. Thinking to myself, she is very pretty and I smiled at her. My friend said what are you doing, I thought you wanted to meet my friend? Oops, wrong girl! She is waiting for us in the back I already called her. Walking around the corner and seeing this amazing woman. She had dark hair, all pulled back so I could see her beautiful face. Her eyes were so beautiful I could not keep from looking at them. Wow, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. My friend said this is Inna, Inna this is Rod.

We ordered our food after some time of the two deliberating over what I should have. At this point, I could have eaten anything and it would not matter.

Inna was so amazing, Her English was not the best buy we dealt with it the best we could. We talked about our lives are families it was

Not Inna

going great. I liked this woman so much and to this day I still think about her. Inna had to go back to work after a few hours together. We decided to meet again the next day, we exchanged phone numbers and she was off to work.I told my friend she is the most incredible woman I ever met! I could not wait for tomorrow to come, I had to keep myself busy. I called some friends and said we have to go out tonight.

I just kept thinking about her all night, should I texted her should I call her? I then received a message on my phone, it was from Inna.

I told her while we were eating earlier I needed to go to the market to buy some things for my apartment. The text said how are you. and did you find everything you needed at the market? I could not believe it she was also thinking about me. My friend noticed my big smile and said what makes you so happy Rod? I told him about Inna, he said whatever you meet so many girls here! I thought about what he said but I knew she was different. She might be the one for me!

The next day came and I was to meet her in an hour, for some reason I was not nervous. Very excited! I wanted to get her a gift, knowing she had a son I decided on chocolate. I also got her some bath salts and perfumed soaps.

When I first saw Inna again it was great. She had this tight dress on, her figure so curvy it made me crazy. We went to the same place as before because it was Saturday and most places were booked. As we sat she said Rod this place is so expensive, do you want to go somewhere else?  I looked at her and with all honesty said Inna you are worth it. I gave her the gifts, she thanked me for thinking of her

Sasha Pretty Woman

son.  She smiled thank me again and we began our long conversation. It was a great day for me, I was with this amazing woman, nothing else mattered.

The conversation turned more personal and we were talking about meeting again. It was my last day in Ukraine so we wanted to make plans to see one another in the future.

She told me she would practice her English and would be able to talk with me more easily next time. Again she had to go to work, I offered to walk with her. It was cold outside, but neither of us minded. When we arrived at the store she worked we said goodbye, but I knew I would see her again. We wrote each other every day for several months. But I never saw Inna again. You see I made the same mistake my client made.

I do not remember exactly what I wrote her that day it all fell apart. It was something like this. Inna, we have known one another for several months are you sure you want to be with me?

Also, I wrote if you are not serious about us as a couple please tell me. Thinking back I was very insecure, being away from her so long made me think. She wrote me back the next day, Rod do you think I am playing with you? And no man is going to give me an ultimatum! I did not understand her answer. I asked a friend from Ukraine what did I do wrong. She said Rod you are a fool, how could you be so stupid? You are telling her she is playing with you; trying to make her commit to you. I tried several times to contact Inna but she did not respond. When I am in her city I am always looking to see her. In a cafe or walking down the street.

 So you see it is not so easy to do this on your own you need the help of a seasoned date guide.  

A man that has made so many dating mistakes because he did not know the culture the customs. The biggest mistake is treating the Ukraine women like western women. This is how I can help you find the woman of your dreams. But also help you after you meet with what to do and what not to do!!

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  1. Hello, it is sad we men feel so inferior towards a beautiful woman. I think most sexy women can any guy. So why would the Ukraine women be different. What you say date guy!

  2. Hi, I say the Ukraine sexy women are different. It is hard to believe but the women are not materialistic they come from a simple life. It is difficult to not feel insecure with a beautiful woman. But after you date a Ukraine woman you will feel the difference.

  3. Hello rod, you look like you have it all figured out. I have been thinking to go to Ukraine but like most where do I start. I have never been to europe. In this story you wrote that when a girl see you are weak they do not want to be with you! how can you stay strong all the time.

  4. Eric, I would like to invite you to come to Ukraine you will have a great time with my help. OK here is this thing I have learned about Ukraine women. Most men I met from Ukraine lead their women, meaning they are the boss. In the beginning of the relationship, you have to be strong. After your woman trust you and really gets to know you, then you can relax a bit!

  5. hi date guy, I have been writing with a woman from the internet, would you be willing to help me date her? I do not mind the cost I need helps
    let me see you do this

  6. Hello Andrew, sure it would be my pleasure to help you out. If it turns out you are not right for one another. I will find you other women to date.

  7. Hello Marvin, My services are $3500, what is included apartment, transfers from airport 5 hours of translation. You pay for food and incidentals. You can also date as many women you like!

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