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I have been to Ukraine many times but my first trip there I did not even know what Ukrainian people ate. Come to find out it is very similar to Mexican food.

A lot of pork dishes dumplings is another favorite for them. My favorite is Vereniki dumplings. One great thing about Ukrainian women is most of them, cook! It is simple home cooking but soo good. There is nothing better than to go to Ukraine meet a beautiful woman, after a few dates she cooks for you. In your apartment that we provide with our tour. I have researched many sites to find out what are the typical Ukraine dishes. I do know most but some I have not tried.

The 12 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes You Must Try

The peculiar features of traditional Ukrainian food have been forming over centuries. The neighboring countries, climate conditions, rich soil and hard-working locals have influenced the complexity of the dishes. Ukrainian dishes are generously flavored (with garlic often the main seasoning) and, despite the contradictory tastes being used, come together in a harmonious blend.

Borscht with garlic fritters

Ukrainian dishes often use a number of ingredients. Borscht is a direct proof of this. Initially, this dish was made of 30 ingredients but, of course, over time that number has decreased. However, the technique remains unchanged. Beef is placed in cold water to make a meat broth. Then the meat is taken out and other ingredients are added and cooked in a closed saucepan. Garlic fritters are given instead of bread and called pampushki by locals. Traditionally, every Ukrainian girl learns how to cook borscht before getting married.

Ukrainian borscht | © liz west / Flickr

Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev is the dish that has brought fame to Ukraine. The simple combination of fresh chicken filet with a piece of butter is considered to be quite exquisite all over the world. To ensure that butter does not flow during the frying, you’ll need a lot of practice and true professionalism. Nowadays, chicken Kiev is served in fashionable restaurants across London and New York. It is always the first dish ordered by foodies visiting the Ukrainian capital.

Chicken Kiev | © Jason Lam / Flickr

Chicken Kiev | © Jason Lam / Flickr

Potato pancakes

Deruny, or potato pancakes, are a perfect course for breakfast or dinner. They are usually freshly fried or baked. If you want to make a good batch of deruny, first off, you should make sure the potatoes are finely grated. Then, to diversify the flavor, add meat, slices of chopped onions, mushrooms, fresh herbs or a variety of spices. Alternatively, you could just keep it simple: potatoes and a pinch of salt.


It has already become a source of humor: Ukrainians love salo. This well-established symbol of hospitality and wealth is usually served as an appetizer—but sometimes a fully fledged dish. Pork fat is reportedly a source of vitamin D and A, both of which foster brain activity, digestion, and detoxification. Put it on rye bread with spices or greens and have yourself a surprisingly healthy snack.

Salo on rye bread | © Pavlofox / Pixabay


Vareniki is a kind of dumpling. It is made of dough, but the filling depends on the imagination and taste preferences of the chef and their guests. Cabbages, meat, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cherries, currant or potatoes are the most typical fillings. Savory or sweet, vareniki turns out to be succulent. Ukrainians put sour cream almost in every dish, and these dumplings often get the same treatment. Begin your meal with one of these—you won’t regret it.

Vareniki preparation | © Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

Stuffed cabbage rolls

Traditional stuffed cabbage rolls, golubtsi, take many hours to prepare properly. There are two ways to make them: bake them in the oven or stew them in a pan. Minced meat with rice wrapped in cabbage leaf requires fine culinary skills and passion. Otherwise, the form and the taste of the rolls will suffer. Golubtsi is a good choice for dinner—top with some sour cream to give it even more gusto.

Traditional cabbage rolls | © Masahiko Satoh / Flickr


Okroshka is a refreshing soup that is mostly cooked during the summer period. The ingredients vary: it may be prepared with kvass or kefir, both of which are sour in taste. The accompanying sausages, cucumbers, greens, carrots, and radishes should be chopped in relatively large pieces to give it texture. Once you tried okroshka it’ll soon become your savior from sultry weather.

Okroshka soup |  © Nikkolo / WikiCommons


Western Ukraine has a number of unique recipes that are not as common in the central or eastern parts of the country. One of them is a legendary dish called banush. Decades ago, banush was a dish associated with poverty, but now this staple food is served in the best restaurants across the Carpathians. It is made of corn grits, fried pork fat, and cheese, and is traditionally cooked over a fire in order to get it well smoked. Mushrooms are also often added to the porridge, to make the taste even richer. Read more…

I am always finding new dishes I Ukraine they have such a diversity of things to eat, most is organic. Not by choice, it is just the way they do it. If you want processed food Ukraine is not the place for you to go.

Beautiful Cook

If you want your food in 15 minutes Ukraine is not the place to good. If you want some of the best home cooked food you have ever had come to Ukraine with me. I will show you some of the best places to eat, it will not cost much either! The Beautiful Ukrainian women and girls are great cooks. Not only will your friends be amazed by you sexy wife but they will be equally impressed by her cooking talent.

Do you want to meet a date some of the most beautiful sweetest women you can imagine? Come with me to Ukraine and have the time of your life, you might also meet the woman of your life.

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