Blak Men Ukraine Women?

I have been asked this several times over the last few months. Do Ukraine women like black men?

In fact, I know some Ukraine women they prefer only to date black men. I did not ask the reason for this, but I am sure they know what they like. Is there racism in Ukraine yes, of course, ignorance is everywhere. I once went to Ukraine in the winter after spending time in Miami beach so I had a dark tan. It being winter most thought this was my natural color skin.I did notice some racial attitude towards me. I was stopped for the first time at customs in Kiev. The agent called me over to him and said in Russian what are you

Mila black Ukraine woman
Mila Dark Ukraine Woman

bring into Ukraine. I said I do not speak Russian he said where you are from, I answered from Las Vegas. He then said you have a dark complexion, I said from the sun in Miami. He said OK I now I understand you have a great time here in our city.

Having dark skin in Ukraine most people think you are from Turkey. On this trip, many people asked me are you from Turkey? You see it is not so much of a thing there.

I did some research on this, but there is not much on the subject about Ukraine women dating black men. I found this short blog post which may answer some questions

Online Dating AdviceWomen of Ukraine & Russia

It is a well-known fact that Russian and Ukrainian women are considered to be some of the most gorgeous not only in Europe but across the whole globe. For tourists, this becomes evident from the first day of their arrival. So are there any chances to date these women and how does their culture influence their thinking? And most importantly, do Ukrainian women like black men?



The standards of beauty differ, but mostly according to superficial aspects, such as clothing and tidiness. Music plays a major role in the cultural upbringing, so let’s take hip-hop and rap music and analyze this situation. If a Ukrainian woman is into this kind of music, she will most probably enjoy being around a popular DJ even if he doesn’t represent her race. This depends very much on the region, as there are more opportunities for such a relationship to have a place. We have to consider Kyiv and Moscow for being the friendliest and most culturally diverse cities.
The possibility to explore Ukraine is what you need to figure out your future strategy. It helps to have friends or acquaintances there to connect to the internet and find out more about the background and people.

black Ukraine woman
Kenyul Ukraine Dark Woman

Remember, Ukrainian women do like black men; it mostly depends on their ego and open-mindedness. Multiple obstacles might come into play, such as the language and overall racial concerns, that’s a common problem for most regional cities. You will have to focus on a small percentage of women that form that social circle that will get you results.
Chances are lower for non-white men to get lucky with a woman from Ukraine, but if you ask us next time “Do Ukrainian women love black men? Our answer will be a definite “Yes.” It is a relatively grey area because there’s not much exposure to men of a different race. However, this situation starts to change together with global cultural trends.

I do agree with this post; the writer said there are not many black men that go to Ukraine. I have met only two black men in my travels to Ukraine. One black guy I ask do Ukraine women like black men his answer with a smile was. I think so because my fiance is a

Ukraine woman!

I would also like to point out there are black or should I say dark Ukraine women. Most are from the Middle East or India even the Mediterranean. These Ukraine women are considered dark. A black man would have many choices with these women because a lot of Ukraine men do not date dark girls. Not to imply black men could not date a white Ukraine woman just giving some thoughts on going to Ukraine to find love. These dark women are the minorities in Ukraine, they are not treated as equals but also not abused.

Dark Ukraine woman
Middle Eastern women in Ukraine

 Here is another thought about Ukraine women dating black men. As I mentioned earlier when I had a dark tan I was treated a little different until I spoke English.

I have met many Turkish men in Ukraine and not once did any of them complain of racial abuse or not being able to date a Ukraine woman. Some Turkish men are very dark skinned, so now that I think about it I am sure a black man would have no trouble dating a Ukraine woman. As I have heard over and over Ukraine women and girls, want to have a kind, trustworthy and confident man. I have noticed some American men in Ukraine that are so arrogant that the Ukraine girl cannot wait to get away from him. It is almost comical how some men think they have to impress a Ukraine girl. Believe me, the best way to impress a Ukraine girl is to treat her like she is the only girl in the world.

 After thinking it over my thoughts are now sure a Ukraine woman would date a black man. I also talked with a good friend in Ukraine, and she said she has known a few Ukraine women were marrying black men.

Ukraine woman
Ukraine Single Woman

She also said she does not see many American black men in Ukraine. I would like to try this I have not taken a tour with a black man, maybe they are not interested in going to Ukraine? As my friend said if he has a good personality, there would be no problem no matter where he is from! If you want to meet the girl of your dreams come with me to Ukraine. I can not guarantee you will marry a Ukraine girl, but I am sure you will date one or two!! Interested click here Date Ukraine Women

Please if you have a question or comment write me. I also am open to anyone that would rather talk by phone.set up an appointment here.

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  1. Good write up, Rod ! Not ever having been in the Ukraine before, I can’t personally respond to this situation, however, I do know a number of Ukranian women here in the US (from my gym), extremely beautiful and some of them actually very educated and while they may be attracted to Blacks (some of them, not all, just like any other race), they are mostly interested in financial security. In most cases this financial security is more likely coming from white Americans, since stereotypically Blacks don’t come from a legacy of money. So, if you break it down to simply physical attraction, “sure” Ukranian women have no problem dating a black man, however, it’s all about the money – again, in most case. My 2 cents

  2. Nice Rico, I never have to guess what you are writing in your comments always direct and to the point. Yes, it is said that most beautiful women are just looking for money this is true to a point. With the women in Ukraine, it is no different they are looking for a better life. A better life for them is a guy with a one bedroom apartment a car and a job. Not some CEO or millionaire! If you would see how most single women live in Ukraine it would help you understand what I am saying. I am not suggesting they live in a shack but most live in a two-room apartment. The kitchen is so small only the cook can be in it. I am talking about an apartment with less than 300 square feet. One thing every Ukraine women asked me is will you let me get a job if I come to your country. Thanks for your 2 cents!!

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