Kiev’s Beautiful Sexy Women 2020

Does Kyiv have the most beautiful women in the world? Is this not true that Ukrainian women are not the hottest women around?

sexy Ukrainian girl

sexy Ukrainian woman

I have traveled to many parts of Europe, Eastern Europe and also the Americas. So who has the most beautiful women? In my opinion and also some women I have met with here. Think the most beautiful women are in Las Vegas. Like any city in the world, there are the most beautiful women and then there are the average women. By far the women of Las Vegas are the hottest women around.

To the Ukrainian women like these two left and right. Incredible right?

Ok now to the truth about these women. Here in Vegas, the hot women are looking for one thing and that is money yes cash. Does this make them bad? No, we do what we can to survive. Now the difference is the hot women of Ukraine also are looking for a better life. But they also have morals and respect for themselves.

What I am trying to say is these women are looking for love, not a sponsor or sugar daddy.

beautiful Ukrainian girl

Many think there are more women in Ukraine than men this is not true. I have read many articles from government publications that state the true numbers of male to female. It is about the same give or take a .5%. I have talked with many Ukrainian girls that say there are not many men worth marring there. Most say that all the good men are already married.

beautiful Ukrainian woman

So here is where we come in Personal Date Guide Ukraine!

We will help you find some good girls for you to date and see if there is a chance to have a relationship. Over the past 2 years, we have been helping men in Ukraine. In turn, we have help, many Ukraine women find their happiness. Yes, so many think it is all a scam I will not lie there are many scams on the internet. This is why we do not use the internet for having men write to an empty photo. Read More

Ukraine Personal Dating Guide

I have read time after time how men get either scammed or taken advantage of when going to date A Ukrainian girl. It is not the fault of online dating sites it is a 50-50 fault. The lonely men that believe a sexy photo and has lost his sense of reason. Also, some dating agencies in Ukraine are not trying to help people meet. But to make money off people trying to find love.

I have met with men, read many stories about men being scammed. As they say, it takes two. It still surprises me to why a man would sign up to an online dating site to meet a girl from another country. Yes, the internet is so convenient now to talk with someone anywhere in the world. For someone that says to me, they met a Ukrainian girl online.

I ask them how can you meet anyone online? I the virtual world now or new real world? If this is true them stay home with your virtual girlfriend.

Please do not go to Ukraine thinking this virtual girl is going to meet you at the airport. If she does she will not be what you think she is from chatting with her. Do we forget about phone sex? Remember before the internet there were I think 900 numbers that have women talk about sex with you. 100$ later you go to sleep alone. What is the difference with these girls online? It is their job to keep you talking obviously more time more money they receive!!

With Personal Date Guide Ukraine, we help you meet and date real girls in Ukraine. For instance, I or one of my colleagues will be with you show you the correct way to approach a girl.

Can you believe this we will take you to the best places to meet a girl? If you are a bit shy, we will do all the work for you. I will give you an example. One morning a client of mine was sitting in a cafe drinking coffee for 4 hours. He called me wanted me to meet him at the cafe. When I arrived he was sitting in the far corner.

I asked him what is going on, why have you been here for so long? He said do you see that girl the waitress? I find her to be so amazing, I would love to have a girl like her.

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How Ukrainian Women Think

How do the Ukrainian women think about life love relationships? Everyone has an opinion on what women think, right? I am not saying I can read minds only wanting to explain from my experience. Here is a more general perspective on what I feel they think in life, love, and general being.

If you want to believe the internet or most of the hundreds of articles that promote Ukrainian women as money hungry or even worse that they are only about sex tours. Sure it makes good reading, for most who have no life and have to bash others to make themselves feel better. It is odd that the Caribbean and southeast Asia has a transparent view on sex tours to their countries.

I ask anyone that has a poor opinion about Ukraine a simple question, have you been there? I have talked with many men that have been to Ukraine. Men that have been scammed by certain agencies.

I will not dirty anyone here. The funny thing is most of the men that had a bad experience told me they would like to go back again. What is the draw if these men were taken advantage of but want to go back? OK, it is like this. On one of my trips to Amsterdam, I was waiting for a train. It was a little crowded this day.

Later when I was sitting in a cafe I noticed my money was gone. I was told that pickpockets roamed the busy parts of the city. I only lost $100 dollars. The point is do I now think all the Dutch are criminals?

Of course not I love the Dutch people they are great friendly very easy to get along with. So because an agency that is not honest and prays on the tourist from western countries make all Ukraine a bad place? Again no! I am sure from people from America a big reason we have poor thoughts about this place is the cold war days. Russia and Ukraine are very different places I have been to both. Read More

Do Ukraine Girls Like Foreign Men

Do Ukrainian girls like foreign men? If so what is it they like about men from another country? I all my travels to Ukraine only once did I feel uncomfortable. Most of the girls do like men from somewhere else, as in most countries. 

People are very curious as we all know. We want to learn, experience, and find out what others are like. In all the countries except Mexico were Ukrainian girls so eager to meet a foreign man. In some cities, it is very easy to meet a girl.

Although in others, it can be very difficult. Also, you what to know if the girls that want to meet you are the girls you want to meet.

How do you know if the girl that is so eager to meet you hse good intentions? This is one of the biggest questions we men face when we meet someone new. The first question that comes to our mind does she like me? Then almost immediately the second question is she really interested in me?

Almost every man that I have shown a photo of a beautiful Ukrainian girl. Says I think she is only looking for money or a way to America.

Most can not even imagine that a girl that sexy is interested in him just because she wants to know him. It is burned into our minds sexy girls only want something from us. OK, I will admit they do want something from foreign men a chance to better their lives and fall in love! So you will not even try to see what is on her mind right?

You can do this alone take your chances or you can hire us to show you. We have many years of experience doing this.

Between me and my colleagues, we can over a short period of time read the girl. We can not be 100% sure of course. Knowing the customs we have a very good idea of what she is looking for from a foreign man. It is like this if you give a dog a nice piece of meat. He smells it then does not eat it and walks away you know something is wrong. You know the meat is fine fresh but he refuses to take it. Read More

Do Ukraine Women Like Affection?

Do Ukrainian women like affection from their man? Is it acceptable for a man to kiss a girl in public? What would you think a Ukrainian girl would do if you hugged her in front of her parents?  How far would a woman let her man go in public before she was embarrassed? 

Being in Ukraine for quite a lot of time I have a good concept of when how and what is acceptable. Most girls do like you to be affectionate with them. There is a limit for most girls that are in a public place. You will not be able to have long wet kisses with her. A kiss on the lips all do not mind this. By the way, do not kiss her on the forehead that is done by her dad!

It is nice when a girl likes you she will kiss you on both sides of your face when she meets you and when she says goodbye.

If you want to let her know she is the only girl for you. When another girl especially if she is a sexy girl walks by hug and kiss your girl to let her know she is all yours. I promise she will like this very much. As the economy in Ukraine is not getting any better more and more men are leaving to other countries to work.

So this makes it very difficult for a girl to find a good man. When she has a man she will want you to show her all the time you are her man and she is your girl.

This does not mean you always need to be holding her. But you will need to reassure her you like her. How with a simple kiss or helping her across a roadway. Some of the girls I know want complete attention from her man but most want her man to show he wants to be with her. So many girls have told me do not tell me you love me show me you love me.

Far from how it is in America, the girls here want you to buy them things to prove your love to her. Oh, my man bought me a new car he really loves me.

Or maybe this is how he gets her off his back!! I was talking with a friend the other day he asked me if the Ukrainian girls were the best women to marry? It does help me if I know the man. If you have been in a bad relationship before then yes they are. If you do not want a girl that is needy, by this I mean need you to show her you love her. How by making her first. Read More

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Fitness Girls

The Ukrainian female fitness girls are so sexy. It is hard to believe how sexy these girls can be, with there tight butts and thick legs wow. The trend now in Ukraine is fitness gyms. They are everywhere in big cities also in most of the small towns too. If you have the confidence to meet these girls you will not be disappointed!!

The hard part about dating these girls is you won’t believe she is with you. But luckily most men do not care for this type of girl so if you do, they are all yours. No matter what city you are in you will be able to find a good gym to work out in. You will see for yourself what I am talking about when it comes to these sexy girls.

I will not bore you with a lot of information about these girls. In the case, pictures are worth so much more.

One of the most remarkable things about these girls is they are very down to earth very easy to talk to. If you like the gym you can easily have a conversation with one of these girls. Most of the professional trainers are very sexy they like their work. So it would be easy for you to ask for some pointers on the best technic.

When the weather is nice if you look you can find some outdoor gyms. Yes, they can be a bit old and rundown but they work. A new type of training has come to be in most cities it is pole dancing or air aerobics.

It is not the norm for most girls. These girls are some of the most flexible people I have ever seen. Sometimes it hurts you to see them flex their bodies. I am told most girls when they are young are instructed to take a course in either ballet or gymnastics. The athletic girls are extremely focused on taking care of their bodies. Read More

Sex With Ukrainian Girls

What does sex mean in Ukraine? Is sex a forbidden topic when you meet a sexy Ukrainian girl? Could a man have a conversation about sex with girls in public? Is sex with Ukrainian girls better or worse than in other countries? What are the chances of a foreign man having sex with girls without knowing the customs?

Here are some of the questions I have been asked by potential clients. I could be upset that this is what they are looking for in Ukraine but it is natural. To ignore these questions would be very hypocritical I think. OK, first I would like to talk about professional girls or prostitutes. Being from Las Vegas I myself have become used to knowing about this lifestyle. Sex is everywhere in Vegas.

In Ukraine, it is not in your face as they say. The most you will see is strip club billboards on the highways. For a city as big as Kiev there are not many clubs like this.

There was a brothel on a riverboat but I understand it was closed a few years ago. I have met with men that ask me why are there so many sexy women in Kiev. Dressing in a short skirt very high heels skin showing all over the city, but no prostitutes? I do not know the answer to this, maybe it is not needed?

I have had a chance to talk with girls and women about sex in Ukraine. Most of the time it is in a group of more than 2 girls. The conversation usually goes like this.

Most girls think real life in America is like movies or TV. It is very eye-opening for me to know that sex or talking about sex is not that big of a deal there. I remember one group of girls they were from age 25 to 30 I would say. Once the conversation switched to talking about sex it was a long afternoon. There was no talking about the act itself but a lot about the process leading up to the act.

They were so curious to know if most American girls were willing to have sex with a man they just met. In so many TV shows it is shown to be like this.

After a few hours of talking, I realized sex is natural and not at all forbidden to speak about it in cretin company. I asked the girls would you go to a man’s apartment after you just met him. All said no they would not! One girl asked me if I were married or had a girlfriend? I answered no I am single. Read More

How To Meet Ukrainian Girls

How would you meet a Ukrainian girl? The first step to meet a Ukrainian girl is to go to Ukraine. Not online not through skype and definitely not with an online photoshop photo. There is no secret to meeting these girls, yes you have to follow their customs. Let’s be honest you have no idea how to meet these amazing girls right?

This is not so bad most men I meet with have no idea how to meet a girl any girl. In Ukraine, it is more difficult to meet a girl than it is in the country you are from. There is the language thing also where to go when you get there. Do you go to a cafe or a bar maybe the supermarket? One big question is what type of man are you? Are you outgoing or maybe shy do you see girls as less than you? Many variables to consider when you are looking for a girl.

Another thing is these girls are different from city to city. I have been to many cities in Ukraine. There are big differences from one place to another. For example, the girls in Odessa are very different from the girls in Vinnitsa.

Yet only a few hours away from one another. When I meet with a man I need to get some sense of who he is what he is looking for in a girl. For instance, I would not take an Indian man to say the East of Ukraine. There are certain cities that are more welcome to different types of men. Call it prejudice or just call it what it is a reality!!

One city is different from the rest that is the capital city of Kiev. Many different types of cultures there. Many Armenian and Georgian people in Kiev. Most any type of tourist would be welcome here.

The problem for men wanting to meet girls is it is somewhat more difficult. Kiev is a very fast pace city, most girls do not have time to sit on a long date with a man. The reason is travel, most girls travel by walking, bus, or metro. I have friends that tell me it takes them almost 2 hours to get to work every day. That equals a 14 hour day! I am not saying it can’t be done it can if you know the schedules of the work in Kiev. In smaller city girls have more free time because travel time is shorter.

Now let us talk about how to meet Ukrainian girls. With all the videos, blogs dating sites and scammers who do you listen to?

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Ukrainian Women Love Compliments

Do Ukrainian women like to be complimented? If you were to tell a Ukrainian girl something like this. You are the most beautiful girl in the world! She would think for a second then say, Really even more beautiful than Ani Lurak? Who, is one of the most beautiful women in Ukraine. Or she might ask you why do you think so? 

If you are lucky enough to meet and date a beautiful Ukrainian girl make sure you do not give her empty compliments. The girls are not silly to believe unfelt words. They are not like many women in the world that love compliments even if they are not true. I once told a girl, Marina, I knew only a few days, you are a girl I could marry. She asked why? I was not expecting this at all. She sat there waited for my answer. I said because you are cute and have a great smile.

Is that all Marina asked? No, I told her you are easy to talk to. As I was about to say more she stopped me. Rod, please do not tell me things you are not sure of.

Also some mornings I am a monster and want to talk with no one. So all that is left is my cute smile she said? I was very embarrassed just wanted to get up and walk away. She saw me turn red I think. She said what are the qualities of a woman you want to marry? I could not think at the moment. I thought… said I have to love her. I need to know she is mine and only mine. I want a woman I can trust build a life with to have a family. Marina said good that is very smart of you. Do you feel this way about me now? I told her I do not know you well enough so I can not say.

She looked as if she wanted to slap me. I said OK OK what I meant to say was you are very sexy and I would like to have sex with you. She had a big smile now.

Rod now that is the truth I do appreciate the truth from a man. Well, you are not having sex with me today, if you keep playing with me you will never have sex with me! Read More


Ukrainian Girls Date Older Men

When I am with a younger girl I do not get bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is her life to live any way that makes her happy. Now the problem in Ukraine, the economy is not getting any better so young girls are looking for a way out. A mature man can help them to find a better life.

22 Years

Again there are so many girls looking for a good man some might think there is something wrong with them. Her parents are from a poor family maybe she works 7 days a week to support her family. Maybe she is looking for that right one nice kind man that will make her happy. It is odd to see and feel how the girls compete with one another. In all my years going to Ukraine, I have not seen one fist fight between two men. I have seen several hair pulling fights between two girls. The reason is always the same they want the same man, it is worth fighting for they tell me.

There are not many good men left in their cities, the men that are there most are married. The younger guys are not ready to settle down with one girl.

I was in a larger city a few months ago in the southern part of Ukraine. Not many tourists there. When the girls would hear me speaking English it would bring them towards me. I felt almost famous sometimes. I would be at a cafe and 4 or 5 girls were around me wanting me to speak with them in English. Read More