Can You Trust Ukraine Girls.

I get asked this a lot, from my friends and people that want to go to Ukraine. Can you trust them are they honest.

Inna from Lugansk

On one of my trips to  Kiev the capital city, Katya and I were walking in the city center. There are always so many people in the street from morning to night. Sometimes I just sit in a cafe and watch the people go by. So on this day, we were just walking, and Katya notices a shopping bag next to a bench by the bus stop. We walk over and see it is a brand new iPhone someone must have forgotten it.

I told Katya you have a brand new iPhone.


In Ukraine, all phones are pay as you go, so there was no way to trace it if it is stolen. She gave me the worst look and said someone paid a lot of money for this and I can not just take it. She opened up the bag and saw a receipt; it had the store name and address on it. We looked up the address, and it was very far away from where we were.

But Katya insisted we go, after a 30-minute taxi ride we came to the store.

A really good person Katya!

Went inside and asked if someone just bought an iPhone today. The clerk said a few people did and ask why we ask. We showed him the phone, and he asked where did you get this, Katya told him the story. He said I have the names and phone numbers of the people that bought this phone today, so he proceeded to call them. One by one and finally he gets a girl and asks did you lose your iPhone that you purchased here today. The clerk told the girl we found her phone and returned it.

The clerk hands the phone to Katya, and I hear this girl crying and thank her over and over.

She told Katya she was asked by her boss to go and buy him and a new phone. She said that if she did not have the phone, she would have to pay from her pocket the money. 600 dollars is three months salary for her. I felt very good that day to help someone in this way, Katya could not stop smiling all day.

 When I was in Vinnitsa one of the first times, I Visited this city I was unsure about the girls.

I had my apartment in the center of the city very clean safe place. One morning I hear a knock on my door it was Alina, and she said did you eat yet? I told her no. I did not know her that well at the time and was a little unsure why she was there.

A lot of things going through my head at this moment.

We dated only once, and now she is in my apartment? Then she said why don’t I make you breakfast do you have a pan for eggs she asked? Now I was very apprehensive about this, was some big man going to break through the door and rob me?  I told her yes there is a pan in the cabinet over there and she looks in the refrigerator and sees no eggs. Laughing at me Alina said what do you have only cheese wine some strawberries. She looked through the cabinets and found flour for pancakes. She said I will make some pancakes and you go to the market for eggs and sausage. So now I think she will take all my money when I am gone, so I went to my luggage and took most of my money.

I left about 60 dollars laying by my luggage just to see what will happen.

I was gone for over 40 minutes; I do not know why but the food markets are always crowded in Ukraine. When I came back, Alina asks me what happened. I told her she said there is a little market only 50 feet down the street I did not know this. I did notice my apartment was clean, and the money was gone! I was really upset I did not know how to confront her about the money. I thanked her for cleaning, and she started to cook the eggs. 

Good Cook Great Person

I was getting very upset at this point she steals from me but goes on as nothing happened!

I lost my appetite and just wanted her to leave, 60 dollars is not a lot of money. But she could have taken it and just left. She was talking to me and cooking having a good time and then she said Rod you are very careless.

You left some money lying next to your luggage you should put it away, or someone could take it!!

How silly I felt at this moment, and I was about to ask her to leave what an ass I would have been. I have done this with other girls to see what might happen and not once did they take my money. In Ukraine, they believe strongly in karma and are very religious good people.

I did ask Alina why she came to me this day she said she wanted to do something special for me because she liked me and I was a nice person.

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