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Russian Women Dating

 Dating Rusian women is the same as dating Ukrainian women? Is the dating culture the same in both countries? Are Ukrainian women as materialistic as Russian? 

Kiev Girl

I have dated both Ukrainian and Russian women in Ukraine. I have also dated a few Russian women in the USA. I have noticed the same thing both here and in Ukraine about Russian women. They are like most women in America, they want stuff. Not love but stuff, clothes, shoes, expensive perfume, and anything with value. Russia went through a really bad time years ago the economy crashed. When it recovered it recovered well, Russia was now a materialistic country. Where most have a decent way of life. Similar to the western world.

The average monthly salary is $591 in Russia in Ukraine it is $262. Russia has a greater disposable income. So they became like all other countries that want stuff.

In Ukraine, they are not materialistic why? Because they have not been spoiled in their lives. They do not make enough to buy things like perfume or clothes. I once dated a woman in Lugansk, she was very cute and sweet. The first day I met her she was wearing a sexy dress very tight to her body. On the third date she wore the same dress, I asked if it was her favorite dress? She said it is my only nice dress, the other two I have my mom made for me. I felt very bad for asking now knowing she did not have money for clothes. The next day I took her to a mall to do some shopping. She did not ask me for this.

When I told her she could get some clothes for herself. She looked at me with sad eyes and said I do not need clothing, I don’t want you to buy me things, Rod.

Sexy Poltava Girl

She said I have a good life I do not need clothes to make me happy I need a man to help take care of me. I have dated many girls that say the same thing. They do not want anything from me. I have also brought two women to live with me in Las Vegas from Ukraine. I had no problem with either wanting me to buy them expensive things. Sure they needed the basic thing women need shampoo, cosmetics, also some clothes. But not expensive things.

 I date a few Russian women in Ukraine in Odessa to be exact. I met these two women at a cafe very sexy girls. Also very friendly not like most women when you meet them in that part of the world.

We talked and drank wine for several hours, one of the girls told us she wanted to leave. The other stayed with me at the cafe. A few minutes later she came close to me and said if you buy me something I will have sex with you! That caught me way off guard. So me being me I said OK wait here a few minutes I will be right back.

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Ukrainian Women And Sex

Are Ukrainian women good in bed? Is sex with a Ukrainian girl the same as in the west? The big question, is it easy to have sex with a Ukrainian woman or girl?

Sexy Girl

I Have to tell you when a Ukrainian woman is introduced to me and we get along well. She will ask me to have sex with her in just a few minutes!!! If you believe this you are dreaming. There is no magical way to have women want to have sex with you. I would say from my experience and talking with my friends, American women are more open to having sex with someone they just met.

It is not the same in Ukraine there is not a date minimum either. Like after three dates she will go to your home to spend the night.

If your goal is going to Ukraine to have sex with a couple of women, you will have a big problem with this. Not knowing the custom or the rules of this country. From my last Ukrainian girlfriends, it was a matter of trust and respect. There was not a three date minimum! Every girl I dated it was different could be one day could be three weeks. If you push the issue it might not happen at all. Don’t expect to find many prostitutes in the cities other than Kiev or Odessa. Make sure to bring your beer goggles, because what you will find is not apeling at all.

The street girls in Kiev are not sexy at all some look a little rough so I would not try that. It is a different culture different country and laws are of course, different. Don’t get yourself into something you can not get yourself out of because you are horny!

Pretty Girl

If your one and only goal is to have sex with women try the Philippines or maybe Thai Land. Yes, I read the stories how there are so many men coming to Ukraine as a sex tourist. If this is what you want then go to Las Vegas, it is practically legal there. I am not saying you will not get a chance to sleep with a woman. The Ukrainian women are very open to sex with the right man. They are not uptight about it at all. But she has to trust you to feel safe with you. It could happen in a day but it is not the norm.

When you do have a chance to sleep with a woman it could be great but also it could be not the best.

From my understanding, most women do not have many sexual partners so they are not very experienced. I will tell you this all of the women I have dated are very compassionate. They know how to make you feel like a man like she truly does like you. Not only will she cook for and take care of you. When you are alone together she will be always touching you hugging sitting in your lap they are very affectionate. You need to understand something here, there is not much PDA in Ukraine.

Display of affection in a public place is considered almost rude. Most women will not let you kiss her in public.

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The Ukraine Perfect Date

What would be the perfect date with a Ukrainian woman? What would she look like how would she smell? The best is how would she look at you?

Before you have the perfect date you need one thing, that is a Ukrainian woman! How do you go about doing this on your own? Most men are told go online to a dating site to meet the love of your life. Really, what ridiculous advice this is. Let me ask you how did you meet your last girlfriend? Was it online? If so did you chat only online until you met some five months later? Or was it a girl that was introduced to you or maybe you met her at work! These are all very good common places to meet your future woman.

So why do you think only in Ukraine and Russia do you have to meet her online? Is it the cultural problems maybe the language barrier?

Why are so many men tricked into believing the only way to meet Slavic women are through an online dating site? I read there are 85,000 British men that go to Ukraine every year, but only a few thousand marriages. Why is this? Because most men have no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. Yes, all these sites promise you will meet many beautiful women right?

Do any tell you the chances that you will date even one woman? No, they are not in the matchmaking business they are in the online dating business.


Which means they make their money from memberships or translation fees. I have noticed over the years all of the bigger companies have changed their names from marriage sites to online dating sites. They do not care if you find your love, they probably hope you never go to Ukraine so you will just stay a member for years to come.

This is where Personal Date Guide is different as you can read in the name we are a dating guide. Not an online dating site, we are a site seeing tour but instead of seeing the tourist sites.

We show you how to meet and date the most beautiful women! Over the years I was one of those men that had no idea how to date a Ukrainian woman. I use many different online sites I met many women but dated few. Until I went out there on my own. I learned from my Ukrainian friends how to date women. It was not so easy at first, but over the years I learned. Book a tour with me I will show you how to do this.

We do not expect anyone to go there by themselves without any knowledge of what they will find. It is very difficult to meet and date one of these women if you do not know the dating rules.

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Ukraine Is Famous For?

What is Ukraine famous for? Of course beautiful women, but also a country of scams! It is famous for not many know where it is, some think it is in Russia. I hope one day Ukraine will be famous for the kind, caring people that live there.


I am constantly getting emails from men that want to know if the girl they are communicating with is real. How can I tell if my online girlfriend is real? The best type is I have strong feelings for this woman I never met how can I be sure she is not scamming me? I have one answer to all these questions if you have even the slightest doubt about an online girl. Then you have to understand she is not real, please do not fall in Love with a photo!

 If you want to meet a real girl with a private date guide, book a tour with us. Personal Date Guide Ukraine. We will take care of everything from where you will stay, a nice apartment in the city center.

To all your ground transportation from city to city if you choose. The biggest thing we will provide is a real-life experience with real Ukrainian women. If you have a hard time meeting women we can help you we have been doing this for 4 years now. Please do not be like so many men that write me to late. Saying I am in Ukraine I got scammed can you help me find a good woman? It will be too late most of the times to ask this. You see we have men plan for this it would not be fair to add a new member to a tour in progress. You can write maybe we can help but it is not for sure.

 Don’t be one of those guys that are stuck in Kiev wondering what should I do now because you were scammed by some online dating group.

Lugansk Woman

I see and hear about this all the time it happens very often. Why waste your time and money on something you know is not real don’t fall for it. Plus you will not be able to see how great a place this is how incredible the women are. Stuck at a bar in downtown Kiev hoping for a miracle. I am the guy that can make your terrible trip to Ukraine special. I did before look for these stranded men, I would show them the right way to meet and date the women. This is how I started my business by helping the stranded foreign men.

Some of my clients ask me what is Ukraine famous for? There are only a few it is famous for not many good things.

I hope to change this I have not had one person I was with in Ukraine that did not like it. Whether they found a woman or not they found a good place. This is what happened to me eight years ago. Now I help men like I was back then. It is a good feeling to help a couple get together. For the lonely men of the world and also the lonely women of Ukraine.

So what is it famous for well here are some not so well known facts about this great country. Read More

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Online Ukraine Dating

The online dating site is big business in all parts of the world. I still have a problem with the idea of how someone can date another online! Is dating when two people meet then enjoy getting to know one another?

What should it be called? Looking at girls photos because you are afraid to act in real life?


I was a fool for quite a few years doing also this but I never thought I was dating any of the girls online I felt it was more of a way to find Ukrainian women that would want to meet me in person. Then if we liked one another we would date each other. I have been traveling most of my life. I have been to many states of the USA also Mexico and Canada.  I have dated in many different cities, a few girls from Mexico only one when I was in Canada. When I would travel to Europe I dated a few women there too. A Belgium girl two girls in Amsterdam.

 I am not trying to say I am some kind of ladies man only a guy that is a nice guy and most women appreciate this all except American women.

I have played with a few different online sites from Philippine to Russian to Chinese. I came to notice Ukrainian women on a few sites. At the time the Ukraine women were not popular at all over the years the online dating changed. It went from the companies being legitimate and the girls being the scammers. So now everyone is looking to scam all men from the girls to the online site and the dating agencies in Ukraine.

This is how it looks to me with the online sites oh by the way Facebook will not let some online dating agencies advertise there. Finally, someone is looking out for the desperate lonely people.


Online dating is a virtual strip club except for a few vital differences. You can not smell the sweet perfume girls wear. You don’t get to watch her sexy dance or let her whisper sweet lies in your ear. Also, you do not come home with all that stripper glitter, who doesn’t like stripper glitter? After you leave this type of club you feel foolish a bit, but you also have some good stories to tell your friends. You spent a few hundred dollars and everything goes back to normal.

With the online dating sites, they trick you trap you with lies! Lies that we stupid men no are lies but ignore. Plus we can do it from the privacy of our homes. Nobody will know you are in love with a virtual girlfriend.

I myself was caught up in this ridiculous scam for a few months. What helped me realize it was all a scam I saved all the letters the video chats anything that this girl sent me. One day I read over everything and nothing matched. I would be very specific in what I would ask her, she would almost never respond to my letters in a direct way. Every letter I reread was the same she did not respond in a normal way. It was just a template letter. For instance Hi Rod, I have been so busy but I am always thinking about you. Read More


Ukrainian Women Speak English?

Do the Ukrainian women speak English or French or maybe German? How easy is it to meet a Ukrainian girl if she does not speak English? Are there many women that speak English? Are the Ukrainian women familiar with English or other foreign languages?


I remember the first time I went to Ukraine so unprepared so nieve about a country that has many great things about it. I did not even know how to say simple hello or goodbye. Now my Russian is better but not the best, I started to learn it but found I did not need it. Yes, more and more people are learning English now. It is not required in schools. From what I see and hear more of the younger people are speaking English nowadays.

If I have a problem and need someone to help me translate, I turn to the teenagers or even kids as young as 10 years old.

Most of the kids speak English I have found.  It is a little rude to ask do you speak English! I have learned if you at least try to speak their language, it will get you a long way with the people. Ask in Russian or Ukrainian a question more likely than not you will find someone who can help you.

Years back when I would go to Mexico two to three times a year I took a friend with me, Steve. Steve was no ladies man he always seemed to get himself in trouble by saying or doing the wrong thing.

Beautiful Girl

One morning I was sitting on the beach with some friends, Steve walks up followed by this beautiful Mexican girl. I ask him what did he do this time, he said I did not do anything I wanted to introduce you to Berta! She was very cute, I then find out she does not speak even a little English. Steve only knows hello and goodbye in Spanish, so how did these two meet? He told me they met in the lobby of the hotel we were staying. It was a few years ago so all they had to communicate was a paperback translation book.

I did not think it would last between these two, but day after day they were together. I saw a side of Steve come out that was weird, he was actually happy.

So now I am thinking like so many do she must want money or a visa from him. He was 15 years older than her. Steve and I had a talk about his new friend I tried to be as careful as I could. I asked if he thought she really liked him? He said I think so today I will meet her mom and dad. He asked if I wanted to come with my friend, sure we will go with you. They are having a party at the hotel it starts at 7 pm. When we arrived it was a very big party many people it looked very expensive. Read More


Ukrainian Sexy Fitness Models

The sexy Ukrainian girls who take great care of their bodies. I know what it is with these girls it is the shape of their bodies, to begin with. These so curvey bodies, thin waist beautiful round butt down to their thick long legs. Most men dream about sexy women like these!

Good Girl Marina To The Right

These women work full-time jobs sometimes 12 hour days and still keep themselves in shape. Some of these women go a little too far and become muscular like a man. But the fitness models are just right for me perfect bodies they have a great form without having hard muscles. I have dated both types one woman I was with her abs were rock hard it was a little bit of a turn off for me.I feel a woman should be soft when you touch her.

I have friends in Las Vegas that are fitness models. They do think they are better than other women so they can be conceded. It is just the way it is.


If you had people telling you how incredible you look all the time, you start to feel like you are better. This is why it is hard to find a genuine sexy girl or model. I have date models before as hard as they try to be the same they use their looks to get what they want. One girl I was with for a while had a hot body and dressed very sexy. We were late to see a movie she was so upset she did not get to see the start of the movie. She told me I have to do something about this.

A few minutes later over a loudspeaker, I heard because of technical difficulties we will have to restart the movie from the beginning! As she sat next to me with a big smile on her face!


She was always getting things free or going to the head of the line using her hot body. Now you ask if the women are the same in Ukraine? No not at all the only women I noticed that thought they were special, were the rich girls. Also, the women that had an impressive job made more than all the rest. I have been with women that were so sexy in Ukraine but had great personalities. Thought they were just like everyone else. It was a little hard for me to understand in the beginning.

As I have been told by many sexy women there are a lot of sexy women in Ukraine. We all try to keep ourselves in good shape to attract the men of course. Also to make other women feel jealous!

When you come to Ukraine with our company Personal Date Guide you will see this for yourself. So why would you want to prearrange a date with some girl you met online? What if she is a fake what will be your fall back plan? Have a dating agency find some professional dater to pretend like she wants to date you. Only to find out later she was paid to date you how humiliating this can be. Here is what happens if a person does not research the country they are going to.

I know these dating agencies make it sound like you will have no worries right? What if the girl you have been writing is not the same as the photo. Maybe it will be the same girl in the photo but she has a boring personality?

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Sexy Asian Girls Or Ukrainian?

What country has the sexiest girls in the world? Is it Sweden maybe Russia, Ukraine, or is it an Asian country? Sexy Asian girls are the number one most searched when it comes to sexy girls.

Beautiful Woman

So I would have to agree that most men feel the Asin women are the most desirable in the world. Here is a funny fact a lot of Ukrainian women have Asian blood in them. If you would look at a map you would see Asia is only 400 miles from the edge of Ukraine also these women have Middle Eastern blood in them too. I feel this is the reason they are some of the sexiest women in the world. We know when different races are mixed the result can be very exotic.

I recently looked up where are the women that make the best wives. I was very surprised to find an article that wrote Ukrainian women make the best wives!

Most write about how bad Ukraine is how all the girls there just want money. It is not true the people online that promote or should I say take advantage of these women just want money. I think this was a very well written article, it says they most good women come from Asia or Eastern Europe. With the one exception of Columbia. I have dated a few Asian women they do like to take care of their man. Maybe this is why Ukrainian women make good wives, it was passed down from their Asian ancestors.


Top 7 countries where to find a wife!

In our age of easy traveling and easy access to the internet, men are getting curious where to find a wife abroad…

7. The ever-welcoming Philippines

The advantage of Philippines brides is that it is easy to take them out of their country. Unlike many Asian countries, the Philippines is a very easy come-and-go place; its regulations are friendly.

Top 7 countries where to find a wife

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Real Ukraine Dating Sites

Is there any real Ukraine online dating sites? Does such a site exist that is Legitimate? Who is writing all the articles that we read about online scammers?

Is She Real Does She Want You?


Is there any real online Ukrainian date site? If there are I have not heard of it. The whole online Ukraine Russian dating is a lie right from the type of business they do. Online dating! What is online dating? It would be the same to have a company that has online eating food. They show you photos of a beautiful plate of food tell you how real it is. But you can not smell it taste it or touch it but they tell you it is real. Would you believe them? Or would you keep paying to look at more photos of beautiful food?

This is the same as so many lonely desperate men are doing with online Ukraine dating! Looking at a photo of a young sexy girl that says she wants to be with you.

Why do we believe this, why do we trust a company that is using our emotions against us? Is it real dating? Of course, not it is playing with people for money. There are no other countries that do this sure there are online dating sites, I have friends that use Philippine and also Mexican sites to meet girls. Yes, they meet the girl online but then switch to Skype and continue until they have a personal meeting. They do not need translators or interpreters when they arrive they use google translate.

 I have a few friends that are professional translators or interpreters, they fear Google translate. They say it will take their jobs away someday.


There is now a new app put out by Google that is real-time translation. The way it works is, say you meet a Russian girl in a park. Either of you speaks the other’s language with Google you speak in a normal voice, your phone speaks to her in her language. When she replies to you-you hear the translating through an earbud. Check it out Here! This will stop some of the scamming going on in Ukraine there will be no need to pay $25 dollars an hour for a chaperone that speaks English! That is all the interpreters do you know, they are there to get all of your money.

 Why is it Russian and also Ukrainian sites do this make you think you need an interpreter, well you might for the beginning of your relationship.

With our company Personal Date Guide Ukraine we will provide you 5 hours free to get to know your woman. After the first or second date, you will not need an interpreter. One will be standing by if you do have a problem 24 hours a day by phone or in person during normal business hours. OK, what does normal business hours mean? It depends on you and your date if she works during the day it will be evening and night availability. If you are more of a daytime person it will be what is most convenient for you.

Is there such a thing as real online Ukraine dating. No of course not online dating is not real, not real dating at all. How can it exist?

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Date Ukraine Tour Package

There are many different tour packages to travel to Ukraine. Day tours where a guide shows you the tourist attractions. Also tours to other cities like Lviv or Odessa 2 to 4-day tours. There are also package tours where a tour company provides most of your travel needs. From hotel to showing you the sites of Ukraine.

Nadezda Kiev

The above tours can run from $100 all the way up to $6000. What we at Personal Date Guide Ukraine do for men. We take care of all your travel needs from apartment to ground travel. There is one other thing we take care of for you. Meeting and dating Ukrainian girls. We show you the correct way to meet a woman, there are some cultural differences. Many men who travel to Ukraine without help end up broke and alone. I have seen this many times in the eight years I have been traveling and helping men meet women.

Personal Date Guide Ukraine

I meet with you in Ukraine and help you meet and date Ukraine women. I will not do any online dating, it will all be real dating in Person.
Type Of Tour Personal Date Tour
5 travelers max, dedicated tour escorts & guides throughout
Departures Scheduled Dates; There are many dates to choose from– check dates here
Price Includes  

  •  All ground transportation and transfers from the airport
    • Accommodations in Modern Apartment
    • Professional, English-speaking driver/guide (also several other Languages covered)
    • I will provide interpreters, first 5 hours free. ($10 per. hour extended)
    •  Flat cost for date tour! No hidden fees! interested click here Date Ukraine Women
    • We do all the preparation for you, show up in Kiev and we got the rest!

This is What we do for you an all-inclusive tour and you get to meet as many women as you like. There is no extra charge for meeting new women like some companies do.


Our Goal is to give you the time of your life, hopefully, introduce you to your future love! I do remember the first few times I went to Ukraine I tried online dating sites I tried Ukraine dating agencies. Every time I would be sitting on the plane going back home, wondering what just happened? Sure at the time I thought everything was good I was with beautiful women even dated her a few times. It was all staged for me and my money!!

Online dating companies are just that online dating companies. They do not care if you ever go to Ukraine as long as you pay them every month.

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