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Ukraine Personal Dating Guide

I have read time after time how men get either scammed or taken advantage of when going to date A Ukrainian girl. It is not the fault of online dating sites it is a 50-50 fault. The lonely men that believe a sexy photo and has lost his sense of reason. Also, some dating agencies in Ukraine are not trying to help people meet. But to make money off people trying to find love.

I have met with men, read many stories about men being scammed. As they say, it takes two. It still surprises me to why a man would sign up to an online dating site to meet a girl from another country. Yes, the internet is so convenient now to talk with someone anywhere in the world. For someone that says to me, they met a Ukrainian girl online.

I ask them how can you meet anyone online? I the virtual world now or new real world? If this is true them stay home with your virtual girlfriend.

Please do not go to Ukraine thinking this virtual girl is going to meet you at the airport. If she does she will not be what you think she is from chatting with her. Do we forget about phone sex? Remember before the internet there were I think 900 numbers that have women talk about sex with you. 100$ later you go to sleep alone. What is the difference with these girls online? It is their job to keep you talking obviously more time more money they receive!!

With Personal Date Guide Ukraine, we help you meet and date real girls in Ukraine. For instance, I or one of my colleagues will be with you show you the correct way to approach a girl.

Can you believe this we will take you to the best places to meet a girl? If you are a bit shy, we will do all the work for you. I will give you an example. One morning a client of mine was sitting in a cafe drinking coffee for 4 hours. He called me wanted me to meet him at the cafe. When I arrived he was sitting in the far corner.

I asked him what is going on, why have you been here for so long? He said do you see that girl the waitress? I find her to be so amazing, I would love to have a girl like her.

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Fitness Girls

The Ukrainian female fitness girls are so sexy. It is hard to believe how sexy these girls can be, with there tight butts and thick legs wow. The trend now in Ukraine is fitness gyms. They are everywhere in big cities also in most of the small towns too. If you have the confidence to meet these girls you will not be disappointed!!

The hard part about dating these girls is you won’t believe she is with you. But luckily most men do not care for this type of girl so if you do, they are all yours. No matter what city you are in you will be able to find a good gym to work out in. You will see for yourself what I am talking about when it comes to these sexy girls.

I will not bore you with a lot of information about these girls. In the case, pictures are worth so much more.

One of the most remarkable things about these girls is they are very down to earth very easy to talk to. If you like the gym you can easily have a conversation with one of these girls. Most of the professional trainers are very sexy they like their work. So it would be easy for you to ask for some pointers on the best technic.

When the weather is nice if you look you can find some outdoor gyms. Yes, they can be a bit old and rundown but they work. A new type of training has come to be in most cities it is pole dancing or air aerobics.

It is not the norm for most girls. These girls are some of the most flexible people I have ever seen. Sometimes it hurts you to see them flex their bodies. I am told most girls when they are young are instructed to take a course in either ballet or gymnastics. The athletic girls are extremely focused on taking care of their bodies. Read More

How To Meet Ukrainian Girls

How would you meet a Ukrainian girl? The first step to meet a Ukrainian girl is to go to Ukraine. Not online not through skype and definitely not with an online photoshop photo. There is no secret to meeting these girls, yes you have to follow their customs. Let’s be honest you have no idea how to meet these amazing girls right?

This is not so bad most men I meet with have no idea how to meet a girl any girl. In Ukraine, it is more difficult to meet a girl than it is in the country you are from. There is the language thing also where to go when you get there. Do you go to a cafe or a bar maybe the supermarket? One big question is what type of man are you? Are you outgoing or maybe shy do you see girls as less than you? Many variables to consider when you are looking for a girl.

Another thing is these girls are different from city to city. I have been to many cities in Ukraine. There are big differences from one place to another. For example, the girls in Odessa are very different from the girls in Vinnitsa.

Yet only a few hours away from one another. When I meet with a man I need to get some sense of who he is what he is looking for in a girl. For instance, I would not take an Indian man to say the East of Ukraine. There are certain cities that are more welcome to different types of men. Call it prejudice or just call it what it is a reality!!

One city is different from the rest that is the capital city of Kiev. Many different types of cultures there. Many Armenian and Georgian people in Kiev. Most any type of tourist would be welcome here.

The problem for men wanting to meet girls is it is somewhat more difficult. Kiev is a very fast pace city, most girls do not have time to sit on a long date with a man. The reason is travel, most girls travel by walking, bus, or metro. I have friends that tell me it takes them almost 2 hours to get to work every day. That equals a 14 hour day! I am not saying it can’t be done it can if you know the schedules of the work in Kiev. In smaller city girls have more free time because travel time is shorter.

Now let us talk about how to meet Ukrainian girls. With all the videos, blogs dating sites and scammers who do you listen to?

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Ukrainian Girls Date Older Men

When I am with a younger girl I do not get bad looks from people, friends of my girl do not question her decisions. It is her life to live any way that makes her happy. Now the problem in Ukraine, the economy is not getting any better so young girls are looking for a way out. A mature man can help them to find a better life.

22 Years

Again there are so many girls looking for a good man some might think there is something wrong with them. Her parents are from a poor family maybe she works 7 days a week to support her family. Maybe she is looking for that right one nice kind man that will make her happy. It is odd to see and feel how the girls compete with one another. In all my years going to Ukraine, I have not seen one fist fight between two men. I have seen several hair pulling fights between two girls. The reason is always the same they want the same man, it is worth fighting for they tell me.

There are not many good men left in their cities, the men that are there most are married. The younger guys are not ready to settle down with one girl.

I was in a larger city a few months ago in the southern part of Ukraine. Not many tourists there. When the girls would hear me speaking English it would bring them towards me. I felt almost famous sometimes. I would be at a cafe and 4 or 5 girls were around me wanting me to speak with them in English. Read More

Where To Find Ukrainian Girls

When you do decide to go to Ukraine to meet a girl. A girl you know nothing about only the simple communication through letters and video chat hopefully you did this. You meet her she is nothing like you thought. What then? Where do you go to meet real girls simple girls as they say? At a club, some little bar or maybe you sit and wait for one to come to you! 

Incredible Girl

I have met many men in Ukraine that think they are exactly what all girls in Ukraine are looking for. They feel better than these girls and think any girl would be grateful to meet them, right. If this is what you think, get back on the plane you will never find a Ukrainian girl. These girls are not desperate to date any man from a foreign country. There are a few rules you will have to overcome before you even think to meet one of these special girls.

First of all most girls do not or have not had the easiest life. Some arrogant American will have no chance with these girls. I do know this from being that man years ago.

Have you ever wondered why Ukraine and Russia are two of the only places you need to meet a girl online first! Why? Because it is not easy and do not believe it is because of the language problem. It is because of the culture. These girls are smart most have some college it will not be hard to find some with masters degrees. Now back to the question where do you go to meet girls? Read More

Secret To Meet Girls

What is the secret to meet sexy Ukrainian girls? Is there a secret to meeting them? What would you pay to meet and date these sexy girls? First, you need a dating guide. Some guides say they are professional is this what you need?

Beautiful Girl

Professional means you pay someone to provide services. I prefer an experienced guide, yes you still have to pay him. The difference is one is self-proclaimed the other has many years of not only providing a service. But like you there was a time when he was in your shoes. Wondering around a country that was so big and different that is was overwhelming.

In my early times of going to Ukraine, I was in a situation lost in Lugansk a city that is not used to foreign men. I look through the internet for some help someone to point me in the right direction.

I found nothing but ads for nightclubs. What did I do in this strange city for 6 days? Not much. Day after day I tried to talk with the girls there nothing happened. The last day I was there it was 10 hours before I needed to go to the airport. Sitting outside of my hotel I noticed this amazing looking girl walking towards me. She was wearing a short black skirt, the closer she came I could see how beautiful she was.

My focus was completely on her. When she was only a few feet away I stood up said hello. She smiled walked over to me and asked where are you from? I said America, she asked what is it like in America.

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Ukrainian Girl Likes You?

How can you be sure a Ukrainian girl likes you? Maybe she just wants your money and a good time? There is one way you can be sure a sexy Ukrainian girl likes you. It can be simple as a look or a smile but to truly know she has to do this!


Many men ask me how do you know if a girl like you and is not playing a game with me? There are certain rules let us call them dating rules. All cultures have such rules. I do remember when I was new to the dating culture of Ukraine. I was so frustrated trying to figure out how to meet and or date these beautiful women.

Over time I was able to see how I was so wrong in the first few times I went to Ukraine these girls are different. Most are very honest so honest you will have to have thick skin sometimes. 

29 years old

That is why I prefer to meet in Ukraine with real women. You see her you feel her, it is easy to see if you like her and she likes you. The women I know also prefer this normal way to meet someone. This way either you or she get their feelings hurt. Many Ukrainian girls I know have been played with on the internet dating sites. Some men say he is coming to visit her. She makes plans the woman takes time off from work. She is excited to meet a foreign man, he does not shows up to meet her. Her dream her job and her emotions are crushed. Read More

Personal Date Guide Ukraine

Is Date Ukraine women different? I am asked over and over again why are we different? Are you a scam like so many other online dating sites.


sexy girl
Seay Marina

Am I a scam many ask? If I were would I be honest with you?? It is hard nowadays to tell who is real or who is a scam. I can not convince you by you reading my world. I can only show you in real life in Ukraine side by side. After only one day with me, you will see as so many other clients of mine say, Rod, you are well worth the money!

Sure this is a business I do make money doing this. The reward is simple to see two people have some sense of hope and pleasure.

I was asked by a friend of mine how do people know you are real? I am sure everyone has heard about the scams the online girls that take your money. Not only in Ukraine but everywhere on the internet. This is why I do not have online profiles of women nor will you be able to video with any girls through my site. It is not natural to meet this way, well not for someone with serious intentions. This what I know about meeting someone. Let us start by online dating, can you really meet a girl online? You can look at her photos or see her in a video cam.

But did you meet her? Of course not! I will walk with you as many days as it takes to find you a real woman not some fake online.

How many of us have wanted to meet our favorite movie star? When the day come as it did for me when I met a supermodel. I will not tell you her name but it was very disappointing. She was so skinny and did not have much makeup on I did not know who she was until someone said that is whats her name the supermodel. We all know TV and the movies lie with all the computer generation tools soon we will not need real stars. Read More

Ukraine Dating Agencies.

Can you trust a Ukrainian dating agency to help you meet and date a sexy girl? Would it be easy for a foreign man to go to Ukraine alone to find a wife? Is it true that the agencies are a scam with professional daters, women that are paid to date you?

Natalia Lugansk Girl

In the past, I used a few dating or marriage agencies in Ukraine. They were very expensive in the long run. The first one I used was in Lugansk, they provided me with an interpreter. These agencies are very private they will not let you see the business address, you will not get a receipt for their services. I think for 4 days it cost me $1300 for the very unprofessional service I received. Many times I would tell the woman Anastasia the girl I was dating, a part of my life. I waited for the young interpreter to translate it for me and nothing. Her mind was somewhere else.

It was a very strange experience for me, but I had no other choice at that time. Anastasia would meet me around 11 am we would be together for 10 to 12 hours every day.

We went to the same two restaurants every day, both were very expensive. When I think about it now what a fool I was! The three of us would do nothing of interest to me, every suggestion I made would be shot down. I wanted to go to the Antonov museum, where I could see the largest aircraft ever made. I was told there were several of these aircraft you could walk through. Instead, we went to the forest.


When they saw I was getting bored or frustrated Anastasia would make me a promise. Tomorrow we will go to the market buy some meat, and thing for a cookout by the river.

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Do Ukrainian Women Date Indian Men

I received an e-mail the other day asking if Ukrainian girls date Indian men? Yes, they do! Also Morrocain men, men from Arabic cultures and Turkish men.

I have said this many times before Ukrainian women are open-minded, all they ask from a man that wants to date them is! He should be kind, caring, and loyal. That is about it oh also the women are very clean, hygiene is very important to them. I have been with women that shower 3 times a day, I have to say they also smell sweet like candy. You will not find a better woman to marry than a Ukrainian. They are very family oriented, family always comes first. All know how to cook and take care of the home. But they do not want to be housewives, they like to work they need to work!

In all my travels to Ukraine, I have not seen one instance of a woman or girl not wanting to talk with or get to know a man because of his ethnicity.

Julia Pretty Girl

These women are very curious about the world, most have college educations. If you want a quiet woman for a partner do not marry a Ukrainian woman. They like to talk, not like some silly girls do. They like to talk about politics, one of their favorite conversations with me is what is America like? Not just America but Americans, are they all kind do they all act like on the TV shows. It is very refreshing to talk with a smart sexy woman for a change!

I come from a mixed background my mother’s roots are from England and Poland. On my father’s side, we are all Mexican. I was brought up with the Mexican culture, it is the same as Ukrainian for the most part.

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