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Kiev’s Beautiful Sexy Women 2020

Does Kyiv have the most beautiful women in the world? Is this not true that Ukrainian women are not the hottest women around?

sexy Ukrainian girl

sexy Ukrainian woman

I have traveled to many parts of Europe, Eastern Europe and also the Americas. So who has the most beautiful women? In my opinion and also some women I have met with here. Think the most beautiful women are in Las Vegas. Like any city in the world, there are the most beautiful women and then there are the average women. By far the women of Las Vegas are the hottest women around.

To the Ukrainian women like these two left and right. Incredible right?

Ok now to the truth about these women. Here in Vegas, the hot women are looking for one thing and that is money yes cash. Does this make them bad? No, we do what we can to survive. Now the difference is the hot women of Ukraine also are looking for a better life. But they also have morals and respect for themselves.

What I am trying to say is these women are looking for love, not a sponsor or sugar daddy.

beautiful Ukrainian girl

Many think there are more women in Ukraine than men this is not true. I have read many articles from government publications that state the true numbers of male to female. It is about the same give or take a .5%. I have talked with many Ukrainian girls that say there are not many men worth marring there. Most say that all the good men are already married.

beautiful Ukrainian woman

So here is where we come in Personal Date Guide Ukraine!

We will help you find some good girls for you to date and see if there is a chance to have a relationship. Over the past 2 years, we have been helping men in Ukraine. In turn, we have help, many Ukraine women find their happiness. Yes, so many think it is all a scam I will not lie there are many scams on the internet. This is why we do not use the internet for having men write to an empty photo. Read More

How Ukrainian Women Think

How do the Ukrainian women think about life love relationships? Everyone has an opinion on what women think, right? I am not saying I can read minds only wanting to explain from my experience. Here is a more general perspective on what I feel they think in life, love, and general being.

If you want to believe the internet or most of the hundreds of articles that promote Ukrainian women as money hungry or even worse that they are only about sex tours. Sure it makes good reading, for most who have no life and have to bash others to make themselves feel better. It is odd that the Caribbean and southeast Asia has a transparent view on sex tours to their countries.

I ask anyone that has a poor opinion about Ukraine a simple question, have you been there? I have talked with many men that have been to Ukraine. Men that have been scammed by certain agencies.

I will not dirty anyone here. The funny thing is most of the men that had a bad experience told me they would like to go back again. What is the draw if these men were taken advantage of but want to go back? OK, it is like this. On one of my trips to Amsterdam, I was waiting for a train. It was a little crowded this day.

Later when I was sitting in a cafe I noticed my money was gone. I was told that pickpockets roamed the busy parts of the city. I only lost $100 dollars. The point is do I now think all the Dutch are criminals?

Of course not I love the Dutch people they are great friendly very easy to get along with. So because an agency that is not honest and prays on the tourist from western countries make all Ukraine a bad place? Again no! I am sure from people from America a big reason we have poor thoughts about this place is the cold war days. Russia and Ukraine are very different places I have been to both. Read More

Ukrainian Women Love Compliments

Do Ukrainian women like to be complimented? If you were to tell a Ukrainian girl something like this. You are the most beautiful girl in the world! She would think for a second then say, Really even more beautiful than Ani Lurak? Who, is one of the most beautiful women in Ukraine. Or she might ask you why do you think so? 

If you are lucky enough to meet and date a beautiful Ukrainian girl make sure you do not give her empty compliments. The girls are not silly to believe unfelt words. They are not like many women in the world that love compliments even if they are not true. I once told a girl, Marina, I knew only a few days, you are a girl I could marry. She asked why? I was not expecting this at all. She sat there waited for my answer. I said because you are cute and have a great smile.

Is that all Marina asked? No, I told her you are easy to talk to. As I was about to say more she stopped me. Rod, please do not tell me things you are not sure of.

Also some mornings I am a monster and want to talk with no one. So all that is left is my cute smile she said? I was very embarrassed just wanted to get up and walk away. She saw me turn red I think. She said what are the qualities of a woman you want to marry? I could not think at the moment. I thought… said I have to love her. I need to know she is mine and only mine. I want a woman I can trust build a life with to have a family. Marina said good that is very smart of you. Do you feel this way about me now? I told her I do not know you well enough so I can not say.

She looked as if she wanted to slap me. I said OK OK what I meant to say was you are very sexy and I would like to have sex with you. She had a big smile now.

Rod now that is the truth I do appreciate the truth from a man. Well, you are not having sex with me today, if you keep playing with me you will never have sex with me! Read More


Are Ukrainian Girls Pretty ?

Beautiful Or Sexy

 I have been asked this a few times are Ukrainian women pretty or beautiful? Sexy or cute? What is the difference between Beautiful or Pretty, Sexy or Cute the four types we give women? Then there are those girls that can be two or even three types.

We all have our preferred type of girl that turns us on or puts a smile on our face. And sometimes we see a woman that is all of the above pretty, sexy, beautiful and cute. But most men when we see such a woman, most think she is way out of my league! Here is where most men settle for someone we are just a little attracted to. Now the ladies will be upset with what I say, I know.

Cute Or Beautiful

Again it goes back to what is natural. Men think with their eyes first or right side of the brain. Women with their left side of the brain which control reason and logic.

We men think when we meet a girl what a sexy body nice face or sexy legs. We do not think if she is smart or is she strong, we are not looking for another man. Women think when they see a man, can he provide for me is he strong will he defend me and care for me! Her first thought is not wow he is so cute. Ok Ok yes American women do because they are not looking for a provider a husband. They look for some cheap sex with a cute guy! Read More

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Ukraine Is Famous For?

What is Ukraine famous for? Of course beautiful women, but also a country of scams! It is famous for not many know where it is, some think it is in Russia. I hope one day Ukraine will be famous for the kind, caring people that live there.


I am constantly getting emails from men that want to know if the girl they are communicating with is real. How can I tell if my online girlfriend is real? The best type is I have strong feelings for this woman I never met how can I be sure she is not scamming me? I have one answer to all these questions if you have even the slightest doubt about an online girl. Then you have to understand she is not real, please do not fall in Love with a photo!

 If you want to meet a real girl with a private date guide, book a tour with us. Personal Date Guide Ukraine. We will take care of everything from where you will stay, a nice apartment in the city center.

To all your ground transportation from city to city if you choose. The biggest thing we will provide is a real-life experience with real Ukrainian women. If you have a hard time meeting women we can help you we have been doing this for 4 years now. Please do not be like so many men that write me to late. Saying I am in Ukraine I got scammed can you help me find a good woman? It will be too late most of the times to ask this. You see we have men plan for this it would not be fair to add a new member to a tour in progress. You can write maybe we can help but it is not for sure.

 Don’t be one of those guys that are stuck in Kiev wondering what should I do now because you were scammed by some online dating group.

Lugansk Woman

I see and hear about this all the time it happens very often. Why waste your time and money on something you know is not real don’t fall for it. Plus you will not be able to see how great a place this is how incredible the women are. Stuck at a bar in downtown Kiev hoping for a miracle. I am the guy that can make your terrible trip to Ukraine special. I did before look for these stranded men, I would show them the right way to meet and date the women. This is how I started my business by helping the stranded foreign men.

Some of my clients ask me what is Ukraine famous for? There are only a few it is famous for not many good things.

I hope to change this I have not had one person I was with in Ukraine that did not like it. Whether they found a woman or not they found a good place. This is what happened to me eight years ago. Now I help men like I was back then. It is a good feeling to help a couple get together. For the lonely men of the world and also the lonely women of Ukraine.

So what is it famous for well here are some not so well known facts about this great country. Read More


Good Bad And Ugly Ukraine

 Is Ukraine safe right now in 2018? The Ukrainian women are good for relationships? The Ukraine girls are the best to date? Is it good to live in Ukraine?


I have been telling people for years all these questions above are true, Ukraine is a very nice place to live. There is a big feeling of community awareness, people come together every day in Ukraine. Go to a park or walk along the waterfront, you will see many people enjoying the outdoors. In the summer in certain cities, you will see some of the sexiest women in short skirts or short shorts.

I always feel welcome when I am in Ukraine. My first few visits I was not sure how the people would feel towards me.

I did not talk much to many people. When I came to understand they do like American men very much it was easy to become friends with many people in Ukraine. I can help you navigate through all the customs the things to do and not to do when dating a woman. One mistake many Western men make on the first date is flowers. It is OK to give flowers to a woman but not yellow roses, also in odd numbers. It is bad luck to give a woman 12 roses, which is the norm in America.

Many different sites will tell you many different ways to date a Ukrainian woman. There is no one way to date any woman.

But we all know when we meet someone that is kind has good manners we like them. Here is the problem with most men in Ukraine, what now? I met a woman how do I go about dating her? One thing I can tell you that will make her feel very uncomfortable is some man being loud. You know the guy I am talking about, the one that loves attention speaks loud so everyone can hear him. This is a big problem in this country. I saw this the first time in Vinnitsa. There were some German men drinking and being loud. They would be fine in most countries, for just having fun. They were asked by a few different men to keep it down or leave, they left.

Here is an article was written by a man that lives in Ukraine and the good and bad he feels this country has.

Bad Girl In A Good Way


Read More


My Favorite Country Ukraine


Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places I have been, from the modern city of Kiev to the 300-year-old city of Lugansk. Lugansk is now in the middle of the war in Ukraine.

When I was there it was exactly what you would think to be the old USSR city we all see in the movies. The Eastern part of Ukraine was my first look at this new country. I first was in Donetsk in 2011 although at first! It was a strange place for me. It soon became a place I truly enjoyed I met some very nice people there.

I think from my opinion the East of Ukraine has the most beautiful girls.

Green-eyed Ukraine girl
Green Eyes

I saw these black haired girls with green or deep blue eyes I was mesmerized by these women. Then I met a girl Anya with jet black hair and grey eyes with just a little violet in them. I have never seen eyes like this before. Day after day I saw jet black haired women, but at this time I had no idea how to date one. Until I met Inna beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well.We went to a river Siversky Donetsk a beautiful place. Trees all along the banks the water moved so slow, we found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest. As we were coming back to the city we passed church after church beautiful with gold tops. I do like this city very much! It is an old city that years ago had many factories. I do pray that soon the conflict will be over and the people of the East will live in peace whether it be part of Ukraine or part of Russia.

I have been to many cities in Ukraine but Donetsk was the first, it was a somewhat modern city, now I understand it is in ruin.

Donetsk is the city which I will never forget, I arrived just after sunset and had no Idea what was coming next. I was so nervous in that taxi ride not know anything about Ukraine all I knew was it was part of the USSR years ago. The airport was so far from the city, so as we drove through the forest, I saw fog through the trees.Now my thoughts were getting way out of control I started thinking werewolves or vampires. Maybe the cab driver would leave me in the forest, take my luggage and leave me.

 The cab driver said I want to show you something, and he said look over there, I saw this beautiful soccer stadium. The driver was so proud; he said the Euro 2012 would be played here.

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Where Is Ukraine?

Where is Ukraine many people ask me this is it in Russia most ask? Is it in Europe or Asia? Believe it or not, some have no idea where Ukraine is. But most Know Ukrainian women are very sexy, also that many men get scammed there.

How is it that not many know where it is but they know the women are hot and men get scammed? I am sure from the media about the scamming, but how do so many know they are very sexy girls there? In the American movies, I think there are three Ukrainian women celebrities. I am trying to think how do so many know the women are sexy. I do not see anything on TV that shows sexy Ukrainian women. There are a few shows that talk about how Russian and Ukrainian girls are gold diggers

It could be through the online ads on the internet. My mom told me the other day she was online looking for something, an ad from some Ukraine dating site popped up.

2010Photo Julia

I read once that over 5 million men have joined Ukraine online sites at one time or another. Could it be this is how Ukraine got its notoriety? From online ads on the internet? I do remember the first time I heard about Ukraine was online about 12 years ago. I Was out of work bored from watching TV so I went online to a Russian dating site. I do not remember the name, but I received a letter from a girl in Lugansk. A very pretty girl she wrote very kind words to me, not like the Russian women. I looked for more girls from Ukraine on this site, there were only a few.

Over the years more and more Ukrainian girls started to show up on the Russian sites. I think now more men look to Ukraine than they do to Russia for online dating.

I started to travel to Ukraine in 2011 eight years ago, online dating was much different then! One company had the most Ukraine members it was I used this site for a year or so, but it was so expensive. I did not meet one single woman from this site.I saved a few photos from the sites 11 years ago they were not so photoshopped then. I think the technology was not very good at the time. Now 95{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} of the Ukraine online dating site use enhanced photos, it is a shame what they do to Ukrainian women.

Beautiful Woman

Read More

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Your Personal Date Guide

What would help you meet and date the beautiful Ukrainian women or girls? A personal date guide like me. I have helped many men in Ukraine date beautiful women. I take out all the guesswork, from the date customs to how to get around in Ukraine.

I have for over eight years been dating Ukrainian women. I first used anastaisiadate it did help me meet a few women online. It was very difficult until I learned some of the rules. Slavic women can be a challenge to understand, how their mind works. For one thing, if she tells you something she means it, there are no head games with her. If you are too old she will tell you if you are you fat she will tell you. You need to have thick skin most of the time. When she does like you, start to trust you it will be like no other woman before.

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what exactly do I do for you. What would a typical tour with me be? From the beginning, we will pick you up from one of two airports in Kiev.

Imagine Meeting Her!

Bring you to the apartment office where you will be given your keys, and escorted you to your apartment. Which is included in your tour package. Me or one of my staff members will instruct you on how to get in and out of the apartment. We will give you a quick tour of the neighborhood. Places to buy water and some essentials you made need during your stay. It will not be a formal tour like some expect. I will not give you a tour of the city sites, this will be done by the women you date. Most Ukrainian women are very proud of their cities, it will be a must for them.

The reason why I like the number of guests for me to be 4 or 5 is the interaction. Most women are not easily persuaded to meet a man by himself.

It will also be better for you and your date to have another couple to interact with. It is not a must but it seems to work better. That is unless you want to take a private tour only you, we can accommodate this for a high price. When you first arrive the group of men on the tour you pick will be together the first night. Read More


Ukraine Women Ukraine Girls

Why are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls so sought after? Are Ukraine women or Ukraine girls the most beautiful? Why are men looking to meet Ukraine women or Ukraine girls? Do Ukraine women or Ukraine girls make better wives? Finally, who are these Ukraine women or Ukraine girls?

Sofia Beautiful Woman

Is it their looks are they the sexiest girls in the world? Is it their way of being very easy going friendly? Is it their culture and customs, family comes first. Why are there so many Ukraine online dating sites? From my experience, it is all of this. I have not met a more complete woman in my life! Are they the most beautiful in my opinion no. I have been to Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Canada and here in the US. For me, the most beautiful women are in the USA. Have you been to Las Vegas or Miami?

I wrote an article a month or so ago, about a woman that came to see me here in Las Vegas. Kris, we always argued about this if Ukraine women are the most beautiful!

I told her no they are not, it is you are so used to so many online sites stating this. So one night I told her to get your sexiest outfit on, let’s go see who is right. We went to the Encore casino there is a nightclub called XS. It is probably the best in Las Vegas.

Cute Woman

When we arrived it was early about 11 pm, Kris said I do not see all these sexy women you are talking about. We sat and had a drink, around midnight they started to come. Groups of beautiful sexy women! I have not seen Kris like this before, she was mesmerized by these women. Blonds, brunettes, Latin women, Asian women, even some Russian women. After about a half an hour, she said you are right these are the most beautiful women I have ever seen!! Read More