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Ukraine Dating Agencies.

Can you trust a Ukrainian dating agency to help you meet and date a sexy girl? Would it be easy for a foreign man to go to Ukraine alone to find a wife? Is it true that the agencies are a scam with professional daters, women that are paid to date you?

Natalia Lugansk Girl

In the past, I used a few dating or marriage agencies in Ukraine. They were very expensive in the long run. The first one I used was in Lugansk, they provided me with an interpreter. These agencies are very private they will not let you see the business address, you will not get a receipt for their services. I think for 4 days it cost me $1300 for the very unprofessional service I received. Many times I would tell the woman Anastasia the girl I was dating, a part of my life. I waited for the young interpreter to translate it for me and nothing. Her mind was somewhere else.

It was a very strange experience for me, but I had no other choice at that time. Anastasia would meet me around 11 am we would be together for 10 to 12 hours every day.

We went to the same two restaurants every day, both were very expensive. When I think about it now what a fool I was! The three of us would do nothing of interest to me, every suggestion I made would be shot down. I wanted to go to the Antonov museum, where I could see the largest aircraft ever made. I was told there were several of these aircraft you could walk through. Instead, we went to the forest.


When they saw I was getting bored or frustrated Anastasia would make me a promise. Tomorrow we will go to the market buy some meat, and thing for a cookout by the river.

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Marry A Ukrainian Woman

I have been traveling to Ukraine for over eight years now. Why have I not married a Ukrainian woman yet? Do the Ukraine women make good wives? Should you marry a sexy girl? Are these girls loyal? 

So many men ask me these questions, why don’t I have a Ukrainian wife? The answer is a little complicated. I was engaged two times with women from there, it just wasn’t right for me at the time. I look back and wonder where would I be right now if I would have married one of the first women I met in Donetsk. Sweet Dasha was what I called her, so cute very sexy girl. On my second trip back to Ukraine I was planning to see my two friends Dasha and Marina.

I was sidetracked by a beautiful woman in Lugansk Nastia who I met online. She had black hair and a sexy body, her hobby was singing so she told me.

The day I arrived to meet Nastia I was very surprised. She did not have a sexy body anymore she was heavy, to say the least. We were together for four days, but it did not work out between us. She is what you call a bitch, yes she was the most demanding woman I have ever met in Ukraine. I wish I had a personal date guide back then to help me figure things out. I was alone in Lugansk for two days then I met Nelia. What a beautiful woman she was, smart, sexy, with a great sense of humor.

Nelia 2012

Nelia and I dated for several months, we talked about getting married. She wanted to go to stylest school, she needed $2400 to do this. Now it is not a lot of money, but then it was all that I had.

I wanted to help her I just could not give her the last of my money. It was a little problem for us to overcome. We did, after some weeks of talking about it, I was at fault. I remember I told her if she needed anything ask and I would help her. When I explained I did not have that much money, she was better about it. Many people in Ukraine assume all Americans are rich. Do not ever talk to a woman about how much money you have if you do not have it. Once you get caught in a lie they will remember it for many years.

What broke us up was not misunderstandings it was Russia, when they invaded Eastern Ukraine. Nelia lived right in the path of both armies, she would call me tell me she hears rockets launching all night.

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My Favorite Country Ukraine


Ukraine is one of the most beautiful places I have been, from the modern city of Kiev to the 300-year-old city of Lugansk. Lugansk is now in the middle of the war in Ukraine.

When I was there it was exactly what you would think to be the old USSR city we all see in the movies. The Eastern part of Ukraine was my first look at this new country. I first was in Donetsk in 2011 although at first! It was a strange place for me. It soon became a place I truly enjoyed I met some very nice people there.

I think from my opinion the East of Ukraine has the most beautiful girls.

Green-eyed Ukraine girl
Green Eyes

I saw these black haired girls with green or deep blue eyes I was mesmerized by these women. Then I met a girl Anya with jet black hair and grey eyes with just a little violet in them. I have never seen eyes like this before. Day after day I saw jet black haired women, but at this time I had no idea how to date one. Until I met Inna beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well.We went to a river Siversky Donetsk a beautiful place. Trees all along the banks the water moved so slow, we found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest. As we were coming back to the city we passed church after church beautiful with gold tops. I do like this city very much! It is an old city that years ago had many factories. I do pray that soon the conflict will be over and the people of the East will live in peace whether it be part of Ukraine or part of Russia.

I have been to many cities in Ukraine but Donetsk was the first, it was a somewhat modern city, now I understand it is in ruin.

Donetsk is the city which I will never forget, I arrived just after sunset and had no Idea what was coming next. I was so nervous in that taxi ride not know anything about Ukraine all I knew was it was part of the USSR years ago. The airport was so far from the city, so as we drove through the forest, I saw fog through the trees.Now my thoughts were getting way out of control I started thinking werewolves or vampires. Maybe the cab driver would leave me in the forest, take my luggage and leave me.

 The cab driver said I want to show you something, and he said look over there, I saw this beautiful soccer stadium. The driver was so proud; he said the Euro 2012 would be played here.

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