Cost To Marry A Ukrainian Woman

What would it cost to bring a Ukrainian woman to America to marry her? Is it better to bring a Young Ukrainian girl to marry? Do The Ukraine men care if you marry their women? How long does it take to get a fiance visa for these women?

Sexy NataliI do have many answers to these questions. First how much would it cost to bring a Ukrainian woman to America? I have done this two times now in my life. The first was here for a short period of time, three weeks to be exact. She had a tourist visa so it was not much of a problem to bring her to me. It cost $1200 for the plane ticket, I also had to send her some spending money. Sometimes US customs will ask women from certain countries how much money they have on them. This is only for a tourist visa! They want to make sure you have enough money to stay for a week. I would say for the time she was here it cost me about $2500 total.

The second time that a Ukrainian woman came to stay with me was a much different story. We met in Kiev spent 10 days together it was a great time for both of us.

We talked for two months when we both decided she would come to see me. She had a son, because of this we decided to first try a tourist visa for her it is much cheaper and a lot faster. I know many women in Ukraine that have applied for a tourist visa and were denied many times. Kristina was different she had worked in Dubai for two years because she had a child that would stay in Ukraine she was granted her visa. The cost for the visa was $300, her plane fare $1100 and $400 for travel. We spent four weeks together for a total cost of $3000!

She went back home to get her personal things in order to move to the USA permanently. We decided to leave her son with his grandmother until we were married and settled in.

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The second plane ticket was $1300 because it was now in the summer more expensive to travel. She asked if she should pay extra to bring all of her clothes and things she needed. Not thinking I told her no I will get you what you need here. Not realizing what it was going to cost me. It was great to see her at the airport again. We talked about getting married but she was on a tourist visa. It is not advisable to marry a woman with a tourist visa. The complications could take a few years to work out with the government. We were advised to either apply for a fiance visa or wait the allotted time to get married which was three months.

If you marry a foreign woman with a tourist visa it will be seen as a ploy to get around waiting for a fiance visa. The Us government could not allow her residency if you marry too early.

I read immigration feels it would take two people three months to fall in love then they could be married on a tourist visa. So we decide to wait the three months. In this time we did a lot of shopping for clothes and cosmetics for Kristina. I will say it was somewhere close to $2000 dollars for the things she needed. My advice is to pay for the extra luggage, around $100 per extra bag! All together it cost around $8000 to bring her to me so we could get married. The shocker was when we applied to get married we found out she was still married to a man she had not seen for three years. She moved back to Ukraine to fix her problems.

Here is another piece of advice for a man that wants to date a Ukrainian woman.

After you meet her and date her for a week, you will return home. Of course, you will miss each other. Most women would not ask you for money after you leave, but like me, most men want to help their woman.

OK here is the thing I have learned about sending your woman money. Do not think about it in your financial situation but in hers.


She will most likely be making $200 to $250 dollars a month salary. If you were to send her $100 per month it would help her out very much. You have just given her a 50% raise! She will appreciate this very much I promise. Now if you can afford to send her more please do not do this. You will create a money monster, I know this from experience. One of the first girls I dated Marina, she was a dance instructor. Made $200 a month and had to travel sometimes six hours a day for work. She lived with her mom and dad, mom took care of the house and dad worked. They lived a decent life I know I was invited to their home.

When I returned home we talked every day wrote emails 3 times a day the relationship was going very good. I sent her $120 the first month, told her she did not have to work so many hours anymore.

She was so appreciative of this extra money. She told me now she would be able to spend more time with her daughter. It felt good to hear you are helping someone you care for very much. I felt so good about myself I sent her $200 the next month. What a mistake that was. She asked me why did you send me so much money? I said I can afford it is not a problem Marina. A few weeks later she told me she lost her job, had no money to pay her bills. Not thinking right I wanted to help my woman when she was in need.

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She asked me for $300 so she can pay her bills. If I was in my right mind and not thinking I have to save this sexy woman of mine. She only made $200 salary before why does she want $300?

Stupid me I fell into her game, the next month she wanted $400 because she was so far behind on her payments. But she only made $200 when she was working, she lived OK with this amount per month. I stopped sending her money at this moment, we still communicated but it was different. We decided to stop our relationship a month later. I did see Marina a year later, we talked for a few hours. I asked her why did you need that much money? She said I did not need it I wanted it when you sent me $120 it was great. I could relax for some days and not have to work.

When you sent me $200 I thought to myself I do not need to work I have a rich man to take care of me. She then said I was living free had money to spend on things I always wanted.

It went to my head, Rod. She said now I only date rich men, I get what I can from them then move on to the next one. I asked her how was her daughter? She said I do not see her much. Marina looked at me, said, Rod, I am a gold digger now. I know I have a mean heart but this is what I am now, I wish I could be different.

 Now back to how much money it could cost you to bring a woman to marry her. For me, it was $2500 to almost $8000.

If you have little or no experience with marrying a foreign woman let me help you. You do not have to impress these women they live simple lives. As I have found out the more you give some of these women the more they want. This is why you need an experienced guide in Ukraine to let you know what you are getting yourself into. I can help you keep the cost down to a minimum if you book a tour with me.

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  1. Hi Rod I have been following you for some time now. I an 54 and want to meet an older woman can you help me?

  2. Hello Hector, Yes I can help you meet and date a beautiful woman of any age. This is what we do book a tour to see for yourself.

  3. Hii Rod,
    Nice to meet you. I want to marry Ukranian lady. Can you give instructions and the minimum cost. Includes the cost of wedding. You can arrange the suitable lady for me. Age around 30-40 years.

  4. Hello, Abdur, yes you can marry are Ukrainian girl. It is not all that easy you will definitely need someones to help that knows the customs.

  5. Juhari, the cost is all relative. I have known some men that have married in Ukraine and the cost was around $2000 for a wedding with 200 people.

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