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I wrote a piece a month or so ago about single moms of Ukraine. I hope to help the single moms how ever I can. Ukraine single moms have a very hard time some work several jobs for their children.

The many single moms I have met in my travels to Ukraine always make me smile and also feel very sad. These women are in a country where they do not get much help from the state. It is a poorer country so the pay for a woman is not much. In big cities, it is around $250 A month in smaller cities it could be as low as $150 a month. Some of these women leave their country for Poland, Hungary or Italy for

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work. The problem is they do not take the kids with them some leave with relatives some with friends. Most of the women that leave never come back to Ukraine.

Here is why I am trying to help the single moms, to better their lives and their kids lives. The men that are thinking to come to Ukraine to find a wife has a good chance to meet and date these women.

Because it is difficult for single moms or divorced women to find a good man they are more open-minded than other women. I have help men meet women for a while now, one I remember quite well. He is Jason, older guy in his early 50’s. He was set on finding a Ukraine wife. Most of the women I met with Jason liked him thought he was a good man. In the end, it was his age that they could not deal with. This poor guy had a rough life and looked older than his age.

 We met a few women, one a 32-year-old woman that worked in a clothing store. She was very cute, the three of us spent several hours together. Once she knew how old he was

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the conversation ended for the most part.

She told Jason she wanted to have children and she thought he was too old to have a kid. This woman and I went outside and talked, I asked her why do you think this way. Do you have many men that want to have a kid with you? She said no I do not have any men that want a child. She told me sorry for this but I can not date Jason again. Jason and I talked he understood, this was the 4th women we met together. He was starting to doubt if this was the right thing for him. Jason was thinking to cut his trip short and return to Cleveland.

We decide to go out that night and play pool, we were at this huge complex. There was a movie theater shopping and a games room.

We played pool had a few drinks, we discussed what he wanted to do. He decided to go back home the next day. The funniest thing happened, we were surrounded by kids. They were chasing one another like kids do. One boy fell, bumped his head on a chair. You could see in his eyes he wanted to cry. Looking at us two men he fought the tears back. Jason asks the boy if he wanted some french fries that we had at our table. The boy spoke English very well. Most young people learn English in school now. This boy was around 12 years old very well mannered kid. The other boys left but he stayed and watched us play pool. Jason is a big guy but very kind and like kids, as I noticed.

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More than a few minutes went by, we see a women walking up to us. It was his mother, she did not look happy either. She came and grabbed the boy, told us sorry for him interrupting our game.

I could see Jason like her she was a very cute woman. I told her it was fine that he fell and hurt himself, we were just helping him forget the pain. She thanked us. I asked her if she would like to play pool with us? She smiled and said that is a man’s game I think. I said OK, well how about your son he could play with us. She said I do not want him to bother you. Jason said it is no bother have a seat, can I get you something to drink? They were getting along fine, I decided to play pool with the boy and let them talk. After the 3rd game, Jason came over to me, said it looks like I am not leaving tomorrow.

The four remaining days of his trip they were together. He called me before he left, thanked me for everything. Told me she is great and not once did she ask my age.

You see the single moms are not so picky when it comes to looks. They do however look for a man that will be good for their child. I was once told by a single mom all she hopes for is a man that can help her child, be a stronger person. She said like you Rod an older wiser man, I do not need to date another child. It was nice to hear this. Most of the single moms I have date never ask my age, never criticise my looks. They know what they are looking for a good man to be a family.

This is why I try to go places with older men where there are children. I know most men over 40 have passed the days of taking care of a kid.

Most good men what to help a child grow to be a better person. Also not making the same mistakes they did. It is a perfect match, older lonely men single beautiful moms. I was reading the other day, that the rate of single moms has increased in Ukraine over the last 5 years by 200{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f}. Now one in every five women is a single mom in Ukraine. This is part of the reason I do what I do, I hope to help as many of these women I can.

Do you want to date a single mom? Are you a man that likes kids? Great come with me to Ukraine and find that one woman that can make you happy.

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