Date Ukrainian Beautiful Models.

What about the Ukrainian hot sexy models? Are these women real, do they want a simple man to marry? What do these women want look for in a foreign man?

I have met so many of these girls, I find it hard to say what I think about them. First, let me ask you if everyone around you tells you how beautiful sexy great you are you believe it! This is the first problem with these girls. If you were to ask them they would almost all say I am a simple woman. Which is sad because they have no idea what a simple woman in Ukraine is. I am talking about the women that work 12 hour days, the women that get nothing because of their looks or smile.

I was with a girl like this a short time ago Inna. She was amazing tall, sexy, friendly, easy to talk to. She had the biggest confidence! 

As we sat one day and talked about life. I realized how different she was from a simple woman. I asked her what she was looking for in a man to marry. She said the simple things he does not have to be handsome or rich. Then went on to tell me she just needs a good man and through time she would be able to fall in love with him. I asked her how many men she has dated? She told me maybe 5 this year alone.


I asked did you find that good man? No, she said I am looking for a special man for the rest of my life. So is she looking for a special or simple good man?

As we talked over the hours I found she was lost in her own world of self. I do not blame her so much but this is the life she chose. So here is the problem, she does not live in the same world as most do. As we talked she wanted more tea, it was very crowded there. She grabbed the waiters hand as he walked by, told him to bring her more tea. I saw the look in his eyes he was mesmerized by her. Tea was brought to her in seconds.

I am curious why we men almost always bow down to a beautiful woman? We know we can not have her, she is just using her looks and charm to get what she wants.

But we fall for it every time. I sometimes feel sorry for such a beautiful woman, yes because one day she will not have all those people telling her how great she is. Inna thought she was happy living the good life but I could hear from all here stories she did not find love in her life. I was once asked how do you know if the people around you like you or are just with you to talk advantage of you? If you have nothing that others want because you are a simple person no better than they are.

I would assume these people with you are your friends. How can you tell if your friends are your friends if you have much to offer? Sorry, you will not know until you lose everything.

Would She Talk With You?

Not everyone stays on top all their lives, you will fall someday. These women when it happens, have no idea how to provide for themselves in such a crisis. it is like going into the wilderness with makeup and an attitude. You won’t last long. After a few hours of talking with Inna, I asked her. Can I ask you some private questions? Sure she answered with a big smile on her face.

I asked Inna you are looking for a simple man to love right? Why haven’t you found him? Maybe you are looking with too high expectations? 

She said with all confidence no I have not met him yet. I said what about me? She smiled said Rod you are a very good man but not who I am looking for. I am confused Inna you said you are looking for a simple good man? You have one sitting right in front of you! How many other good men have sat next to you that you let go? I was hoping to upset her so I could get the truth out of her. She said you are funny Rod. I said no Inna you are sad and if you do not change you may be sad for the rest of your life. I asked her with a little loud voice what is wrong with me Inna? Now she was getting upset, she said you would not fit in my circle of friends.

You do not wear the right clothes or have the right kind of car. And you would never bow down to my people.

This is where I felt so sorry for this girl. I hope she has at least one good friend to get through her time when she falls. Over the years of me going to Ukraine, I have met and or dated some of these incredible or should I say incredible looking girls. I do keep in touch with some of them, 3 to be exact it has been 8 years later. They are no longer in the glamor business! It is hard to believe none are married, well not really.

We all have choices in life and nothing last forever right? Except for family and true love.

I am not saying all for these women are lonely some are genuine, found their happiness. It can be a difficult thing to find a woman you find beautiful and not settle for someone you are not attracted to. Here is where I can help you filter through women that are not interested only looking for more. When you take a tour with me I will not only provide most everything you need, for a safe easy stay. Also to help you and coach you on the ways to find a beautiful Ukrainian woman.

Come to Ukraine with me and have the time of your life, maybe find the woman of your life!

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  1. Hello Kelvin, there are many sexy women to chosoe from. But these women are confident and need a confidant man. You can not be shy with this kind of woman.

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