Dating Ukraine Tattoo Girls

What is it like dating a girl with a tattoo in Ukraine? This might seem to be an odd question! I have dated women with tattoos in Las Vegas, most people do not mind.

In the early part of 2017, I was in Kive waiting for some friends to show up in the next few days. Being a hamburger fanatic I found a new type of restaurant well new for Kiev. It is the Happy Grill Bar very good food, And some of the sexy servers you will find in the city. One

Happ Grill Bar

evening I was about to have one of the delicious burgers. A couple of very pretty women came in and sat in a booth next to me. What a

dilemma I was facing beautiful girls all around me. How could I even eat at the moment? One server I think her name was Katya or Christina, I don’t remember. The women next to me were making comments about the girls serving them. Asking if there were cold with so few clothes on! The girls just laugh and said nope.

When I was talking to my server who spoke English quite well. One of the women turned to me and ask me where are you from? It was kind of rude I thought at the time, I was talking with the other girl.

Finally, I said I am from America, what is it you need? Taking her menu she asked what should we order? What do you think is the best American food here? I told her I do not know my first time here, but from the photos, it all looks like American food. The server came over, she added to the conversation. One of the women said come over here with us, so you can help us decide. What a lucky day I was

Julia From Donetsk

having. Marina and Olga were the names.We sat talked and got to know one another. When the food came it looked very good, one of the women said. Wow, this does not look like McDonald’s food!! Olga was very sweet smart and very sexy, Dark long hair very nice.

We were getting along well and Olga asked if I would like to go out with them to another place. Of course, I accepted, we went to a place I have not been it was on the left bank of

the city.

I do not remember the name, but it had a live rock show. Some very good musicians were playing it was open mike night. I did not expect these two beautiful women being into this type of American rock music. Olga told me she loved this music, I could see she knew all the lyrics. Ukraine people love American anything from clothes to movies to even are cars. It was getting late, Marina told me she had to leave. Olga, on the other hand, asked if we could go have a late night snack.We went to a nice quiet cafe where we could talk and

Beautiful Tattoo Woman

learn more about each other. She told me I have a secret Rod do you want to see? I was curious what this woman would do next!

She said I have tattoos, she pulled down the collar of her shirt and showed me some writing on her collarbone. She said if you want to see the other one you have to come to the restroom with me.

Now, this sounds strange to go to the bathroom with a woman right? In Ukraine, you will find many restrooms that are unisex. So you see you need a guide like me to explain some of the differences in cultures. I remember the first unisex restroom I went to I walk in and there were two very cute girls in it. I turned and walked out. I asked the hostess where is the men’s restroom she said you just came from it. What a shock that was. OK so I go to the restroom with her, she pulls me into a private stall. Unbuttons her pants and pulls them down to her knees. What the fu.. was going on I thought to myself. Then I see this beautiful tattoo of a cobra on her thigh, she asks do you like it?

What do I say, of course, I like it I like every part of it. We returned to our table as if I did

Tattoo Woman

not just see this gorgeous woman pull her pants down in front of me.

I looked at Olga and asked how could you take your pants down in front of me. She said oh Rod it was not that big of a thing, not like we had sex silly. She continued to tell me she was a photo model and it was nothing to take her clothes off in front of people. Ukraine women are not modest about their bodies. Go to any Ukraine beach or swimming pool and you will see what I mean.We had a great time the three days we were together. I found out a lot about her, one of the strangest things Olga told me. That I have not heard from a Ukraine woman is, she does not want to get married. Maybe when I am older in my forties if I can find a man that wants me.

 The tattoo women of Ukraine always surprise me usually it is a sad story but with Olga, she was just having fun in life. I wish her the best.

Throughout all my travels I have met a few tattoo girls, and when I have a chance I hope to get to know them. The people here are

starting to be more excepting of the painted girls. In the smaller cities, it is not very acceptable so the girls hide their tattoos. So it is difficult to meet them because they hide it so well. Like this woman from a smaller city north of Kiev, she would sit so awkwardly to hide her painted leg. if you are the type of man that likes or doesn’t mind a woman with tattoos. Then you will definitely have your pick of these beautiful women.Most Ukraine men are not alright to date these girls, they can be quite lonely.

Tattoo Girl

You will need an experienced date guide when you go to Ukraine.

That is what I am! Some call me the Ukraine Hitch, I did not ask for it, it just happened this way. My goal is to help as many Ukraine girls and women that I can, in doing so I can help some lonely men from around the world. Come with me to Ukraine

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