Do Ukraine Girls Like Foreign Men

Do Ukrainian girls like foreign men? If so what is it they like about men from another country? I all my travels to Ukraine only once did I feel uncomfortable. Most of the girls do like men from somewhere else, as in most countries. 

People are very curious as we all know. We want to learn, experience, and find out what others are like. In all the countries except Mexico were Ukrainian girls so eager to meet a foreign man. In some cities, it is very easy to meet a girl.

Although in others, it can be very difficult. Also, you what to know if the girls that want to meet you are the girls you want to meet.

How do you know if the girl that is so eager to meet you hse good intentions? This is one of the biggest questions we men face when we meet someone new. The first question that comes to our mind does she like me? Then almost immediately the second question is she really interested in me?

Almost every man that I have shown a photo of a beautiful Ukrainian girl. Says I think she is only looking for money or a way to America.

Most can not even imagine that a girl that sexy is interested in him just because she wants to know him. It is burned into our minds sexy girls only want something from us. OK, I will admit they do want something from foreign men a chance to better their lives and fall in love! So you will not even try to see what is on her mind right?

You can do this alone take your chances or you can hire us to show you. We have many years of experience doing this.

Between me and my colleagues, we can over a short period of time read the girl. We can not be 100% sure of course. Knowing the customs we have a very good idea of what she is looking for from a foreign man. It is like this if you give a dog a nice piece of meat. He smells it then does not eat it and walks away you know something is wrong. You know the meat is fine fresh but he refuses to take it.

There are certain things we have noticed with these girls. Things they will almost always do in a given situation. Also if you know how the Ukraine girls think we will know if she is real or not.


I know what you are thinking, what are we some type of mind reader or can we make them do what we want? Know but like the dog what is natural is almost always how people act or react. Saying this is because Ukraine has not caught up with the rest of the world. Meaning it is still a good way of life. You know and can rely on your neighbors, something the UAS has been going away from for the last few decades.

Most people have not been jaded or more importantly taught money and stuff is how you can be happy.

Now you see what I am saying Ukrainian girls have a good heart want to help not use people. I am sure that in time it will be the same as everywhere else. I am not saying these girls do not want nice things in life. To a girl here scented soap or some perfume will be enough.  For now, this is one of the biggest reason I want to help the girls here find love.

Here is another reason I want to help these girls. There are some smaller cities that have more women than men. Some up to 5 or 6 to one.

If you are lucky to find one of these cities have fun also be careful. Why? Because you will be surrounded by single girls wanting to have a chance to find love. I have read the reason for this the men are leaving the country for work. The census has reported the population in Ukraine has dropped by half a million in two years. Some parts of the country have seen a dramatic loss of men.

I was talking with a woman a few weeks ago. She told me she would never get married again unless she was to move to another country.

She said there are no men where I live, then added I have no money to leave my country. Also, she said I do not want to leave my country what should I do Rod? Please find me a man a good man to make me happy again. As I have said before we do not do online dating. Here is the plus we do know where these little cities are. With a little persuasion, we can introduce you to some girls that have not dated in some time.

I have been to cities like this but not to such an extream. Maybe 2 or 3 girls for every guy. Not bragging but I have dated 5 girls in a day, sounds fun but it can be very exhausting.

Even the shyest man would have no problem meeting girls in these cities. I think the problem you will face is to make a choice on which one to date. Or you can date a few and make up your mind when the time comes. Most girls can be understanding of a man dating one or two girls at a time. When you decide to make one of them into a serious relationship. Here is when the understanding stops. All of these girls will not let her man be with another girl. They are very loyal to their man, they hope their man will be the same as them.

If you are tired of the games girls play where you are from. Come with us to Ukraine a country where you will feel welcome by some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

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