Do Ukrainian Women Date Indian Men

I received an e-mail the other day asking if Ukrainian girls date Indian men? Yes, they do! Also Morrocain men, men from Arabic cultures and Turkish men.

I have said this many times before Ukrainian women are open-minded, all they ask from a man that wants to date them is! He should be kind, caring, and loyal. That is about it oh also the women are very clean, hygiene is very important to them. I have been with women that shower 3 times a day, I have to say they also smell sweet like candy. You will not find a better woman to marry than a Ukrainian. They are very family oriented, family always comes first. All know how to cook and take care of the home. But they do not want to be housewives, they like to work they need to work!

In all my travels to Ukraine, I have not seen one instance of a woman or girl not wanting to talk with or get to know a man because of his ethnicity.

Julia Pretty Girl

These women are very curious about the world, most have college educations. If you want a quiet woman for a partner do not marry a Ukrainian woman. They like to talk, not like some silly girls do. They like to talk about politics, one of their favorite conversations with me is what is America like? Not just America but Americans, are they all kind do they all act like on the TV shows. It is very refreshing to talk with a smart sexy woman for a change!

I come from a mixed background my mother’s roots are from England and Poland. On my father’s side, we are all Mexican. I was brought up with the Mexican culture, it is the same as Ukrainian for the most part.

Christian beliefs, family always comes first! Although Ukraine people are 80{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} to 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} Christian they never push anyone on this. One trip to Lviv I like to forget about because I went there to see if what a client told me was true. He said he was scammed by a Ukraine dating agency. I wrote an article about this here Marta The Girl Who Scammed Me. He told me it was very upset because he thought she had feelings for him. The only thing she wanted from him was money! I am sure she will be punished for this playing with someone’s emotions.

Nastia And Me

Because of the mail, I have been getting from a few Indian men I now remember the good time I had in Lviv. First I want to say because of my Mexican heritage, when I am in the sun a lot I get very brown.

It was early spring in Lviv cool in the day and cold at night. Most of the people thought I was Turkish or Indian because of my dark complexion. After my experiment, I had some time to do what I liked in Lviv. I took some short day tours to learn about the city. In the evening I found a place in the center of the city, it was a poker place with a restaurant and karaoke club. I met a very cute girl named Nastia, she worked there.

I really liked this girl she was smart sweet with some amazing tattoos all over her body.

She did not speak English very well but with my Russian her English and google translate it was great. We got to know one another over the next 5 days. She had to work so we spent most of our time together after her work ended. I asked her if she thought I was Turkish because so many people in Lviv asked me this question. She said you are dark but you do not look Turkish. Thinking back I did not feel any prejudges against me. I met quite a few younger women this trip, Nastia I believe was 25 I think. I did not ask her!

Another was Christina tall dark hair so sexy girl wow she was hot. Very smart girl too. She graduated from the university with an economics degree in business.

Beautiful Woman

We would go out during the day, we would also go to the gym together. It was very hard to workout with her, seeing that smoking hot body!! Her dream was to make enough money then move to Poland, which was only 50 kilometers from Lviv. We had a good time together, she insisted on taking me to every place in her city. I do know that the beer was some of the best beer I have ever had, it was comparable to Belgium beer. The food was great too because it is a tourist city there are many different types of food here.

 I have not taken men on a dating tour of Lviv but it might be the place for certain types of men. That want to visit a city that looks more European than Eastern European.

My personal opinion the women are not as beautiful as the women from the central or East of Ukraine. By far the most beautiful woman as a whole are the girls from Kiev. Although many of the Kiev women are from other parts of Ukraine and migrated there for work. In all, I think Lviv is a good place to meet a woman to date. I did have luck with the younger women from 25 to 35 years old. I have nothing bad to say about Lviv only be careful of the dating agencies. The one I used and the one my client use with both very dishonest. I asked for a receipt for my services, they told me they do not give receipts.

Are you tired of getting scammed or want a real date with a real Ukrainian woman? Come with me to Ukraine I will be your Personal date guide! With my services,

I will take care of everything from where you will stay, to your ground transfer to and from the airport. That is not all, I will help you meet and date as many women as it is possible. I know it will not be many, I know the Ukraine women. They are some of the nicest sweetest and sexiest women in the world!

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7 Replies to “Do Ukrainian Women Date Indian Men”

  1. Hi , I am in a Long distant relationship with a Ukrainian girl, but she is not from Kiev or Leviv.
    Would there be any advice you would be able to offer me on this? I really love this girl, but at moment I don’t have funds to travel that far.

  2. Hey. I am planning to visit Ukraine/Kiev next month. More interested in the culture and red a lot about beautiful woman. Interested to meet a few as well but not on the top of my priority list. I love to travel and meet new people. I am a South African Indian. Dark skinned and reasonably built. What am it flgoing to be like if I have to visit bars etc. any prejudice?? Any cuance of meeting some new people. What are Ukrainians opinions of dark skinned guys??

  3. Hello, Anand, I will be very honest with you. Yes, there is some prejudice there. It will not be open but you will at some places have to wait longer for a meal. Most people in Ukraine are not prejudiced and are very welcome to foreign people. My advice is, be a little reserved at first.

  4. Hello Thulla, I am sorry I do not do this to help men have sex with Ukrainian girls. I am here to help people meet, sorry!

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