Donetsk Lugansk Ukrainian Women To Date

Eastern Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful Ukrainian women and girls, I have seen in my life. I dated several Ukrainian women from this region. It was very difficult the first few days I was in Donetsk.

It all worked out in the end with my two new friends Dasha and Marina. My first trip to Lugansk was very eyeopening for me. It let me see how it would really feel to be in Russia! Every city I have been to in Ukraine there is some English feel to it. The menus are in English many cafes have English names. In Lugansk none of this was present. I found only one restaurant that had a young server that spoke English. It was called Melange, a very nice place great food.

 Thinking back, I saw these dark-haired women with green or deep blue eyes. I was mesmerized by these women. When I met a Woman Alla with jet black hair, dark green eyes, with an amazing body.


I have never seen eyes like this before. Time after time I saw these jet black haired Women. When I met Nastia, she had beautiful green eyes, she spoke English quite well. She insisted we go to every part of her city. We found an outside cafe right in the middle of the forest along the river. I do like Lugansk very much there was not much modern to it, an old city that years ago had many factories.

We dated for five days it was one of my favorite times in Ukraine. She was smoking hot but you would not know it from her personality. 

I do not think she knew how gorgeous she was. We would go to a place I forgot the name it had a place to eat out in the garden. One evening Nastia asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke with her and her friend. I did not like to sing, but how could I say no to her? She was the first to sing, her friend said she is one of the best singers. She was great she could sing many different songs. In English, Russian and Ukrainian. She sang to me a love song in Russian, I fell in love with her right then.

 We were on our last day together, I was feeling a little sad. I was going to miss her very much I knew. We were at a cafe having lunch when a few women walked in. She saw me look at them, asked me if I thought they were beautiful?

Nelia Beautiful Girl

I said they are pretty but not like you. She said not like me, what do you think they are better than me? I was surprised at her answer! We got into a little argument over this simple thing. She had a big misunderstanding about what I said. She took it as the women were better than her. I should have said Nastia you are much more beautiful than they are, come to find out later. How could I know she would feel so insecure, a beautiful woman she was. Well because I did not know the customs or how to explain away what I said it was over between us.

I went to my hotel thought what could I do how could this happen? I had no one to help explain this to me, I went downstairs to the cafe. I sat at a table outside started to feel sorry for myself.

The bartender remembered me from a few nights earlier and brought me a beer. I sat there for I do not know how long, maybe 4 hours. I watched the people go by so many beautiful Ukrainian women passed by. I looked down the street saw a woman in a short skirt, I could not take my eyes off of her. The closer she came the more it looked like she was looking at me also. It could not be true she was looking at me! When she was five feet away she smiled at me, said where are you from? I said Las Vegas how can you tell I am not from here? She said this is a small city I would have seen you before. I asked her name, she said my name is Nelia what is yours? Rod nice to meet you, Nelia!

She asked if she could join me, of course, I said yes. We talked for hours she had a great personality. I told her about the other woman what happened what I said.

Nelia and Me

Nelia said I can see how she misunderstood you. Rod, you need to understand we women here in this part of the country are different. We like our men to want only us, tell us nobody else matters. You can not treat us like the women of America. She said anyway I am better than her so you are lucky you met me! Nelia was so nice very easy to talk with and modest! it was getting late I had to leave for the airport at 3 am. I had only 3 more hours with her, but I knew I would see her again. We went to the park talked about when I could come back to her.

She asked for my email phone number even my work number told me she did not want to take a chance to lose me.When I got back home I called her she was very happy to hear from me and that I was safe.

We talked on the phone almost every day. It was going so great that I found her this wonderful woman.  I was planning to go back to see her in May but I never did see her. The war started between Ukraine and Russia, she lived right in the middle of the fight. I was so scared for her and her family. I did not know if she was OK or not until I get a text from her telling me she was fine, She also wrote it is not good for us to continue to communicate, my life has changed, sorry, Rod!

Lugansk Woman

From time to time I would hear from her but she was not the same girl I met. The war had changed her she became cold, did not want much to do with me. Of course, I understood I had no idea what she was going through.

I met two amazing women in a place far from me and my culture. I lost both of them one because I did not understand the other because I could not understand! I think about Nelia often, wonder if she is happy hopefully she found love. I see her sometimes on facebook, I do not bother her. I hope she knows she can reach out to me anytime. Hopefully, she knows what she means to me.

It has been many years that I have been going to Ukraine come with me and find your love. I now know how to help you with all the cultural differences. So you will not end up like I did wondering if I only did something different if I could only have understood.

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