Elena The Ukraine Girl.

Is it common for Ukraine women marrying American men?

One trip to Kiev about three years ago I met a girl through a girlfriend. She was cute but a little shy! I was only able to talk with her for a few hours; she was going back home to Donetsk. We exchanged email and phone numbers before she left. A few

beautiful Ukraine gilr Elena
Beautiful Girl Elena

months later I received an email from her asking how I was doing. We started to write one another almost every day, and I called her a few times a week. I found out she was once married and had a 5-year-old child a boy. She was 33 at that time worked in a restaurant and lived with her mother.

It is very common for single moms to live with their parents in Ukraine.

We were getting to know one another very well, so we decided to meet. As I said she was from Donetsk and Americans would not be allowed to go to that part of the country. We decided to meet in Odessa, this way her and her son would be able to have a vacation. She was very excited to meet with me, and I was also to meet with her and meet her son.

Elena and me beautiful ukraine girl
Me and Elena

I arrived in Odessa two days before she arrived; I had plenty of time to check into an apartment. I like Odessa very much it has a small town feeling and also great nightlife.

I rented an apartment in Arcadia it is a section of the city that has a promenade and beach club after beach club, it was a 5-minute walk to the beach. The apartment was a very high end. It had granite tile throughout the floor’s bathroom and kitchen. A beautiful place and because of the recession, it was very inexpensive 45$ a day. When Elena finally arrived, she took one step in the apartment and said wow this is amazing. I got to meet her son a nice boy, and he loves to play soccer. We spent the first-day unpacking and relaxing in the apartment. For dinner, she cooked pasta with salmon and cucumber salad. There is almost nothing better than to have a beautiful girl cook for you; she was an excellent cook. In the evening we went for a walk through the old part of the city, it was great to be with her and her son.

Elena asked me how I felt to be with a Ukraine women and if she were to come with me to America how would she be treated by my family and friends.

pretty ukraine girl and her son
Her and her son

I told her my family would love her and there would be no problem because she is from Ukraine. She said there are a lot of Ukraine women looking for American men, but she does not know of any that married. I told her I only know of three men that married Ukraine women. I know Russian women marrying  American men is more common and has been for many years. It is a common fact that most European people do not like or look down on Ukraine girls. So most Ukraine girls have this complex about living in another country. I remember one girl I knew told me she met a man from the United Kingdom they were going to get married. But his family would not accept her especially his mother. They tried to work it out, but in the end, she went back to Ukraine. Ukraine girls, unlike Russian girls, are not so ready to leave everything behind and start a new life.

Elena told me the only way she could ever leave her country is if she fell in love with me and I would accept her son.

beautiful Ukraine girl Elena

We had a great time we spent most of our time together at the beach. We would get to the beach club early in the day so we could have our pick of a cabana. We stayed at the beach club Ibiza, at this place you would get a bed about ten feet by ten feet. You will have two waitresses, and the food is very good everything from sushi to seafood stew. The cost for the whole day with food and drinks and a private beach is 90$. I do not know if you have ever been to Las Vegas but something like this at one of the pool clubs here. Would cost you well over 1000$. Ukraine is a place that is very inexpensive I have heard this from many tourists I met in Ukraine.

It was the last day of our trip, and we were both a little sad and knew we would miss one another.

We went for a walk in Arcadia complex both of us were very quiet. I ask Elena how was her stay with me she said it was one of the best times she ever had. Then she said I do not know how I will be without you I will miss you so much Rod, I hugged her for so long. I then told her I will miss you too, but I will soon be back to see you. She had a big smile and said really you would come back for me to see me and maybe… I said, of course, I like you very much and will be back to see you soon she smiled. Then said I thought you might just go back home and forget about me. I told her never! I will come back for you soon she said when I told her I have a vacation in February. We kissed, I left her standing at the entrance of the apartment my flight left earlier than her train to Donetsk.

We wrote and talked on the phone almost every day; she would tell me how she misses me and can’t wait to see me.

All through September to January we talked.Then a bad thing happened, where I work there are my partner and me. We both do the same job for the most part, but it is difficult to do it alone. Well, my partner got into a big argument with our boss and walked off the job quit. I had no one to help me, and it would take months to train someone else, the first guy I trained could not do the work. Several months go by and Elena every day started to say I knew you would do this to me, I knew you would not come back. She wrote me a letter saying goodbye and she could not go on waiting for me to come or even if I would come. I was not able to get back to Ukraine until the end of May, but she would not answer any of my calls.

This is what I learned from most Ukraine girls if you promise them something you have to follow through.

Once they decided it is over it is over no going back, no excuse will make a difference. Not like some girls you buy them flowers and everything is OK, with these girls it will not work.

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