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I want someone to love me! How do you know when someone loves you? Why can’t I find someone who loves me? 

I have heard this from Ukraine girl over and over young and old. I have a lot of friends in Ukraine, and this is what they ask me, Rod, why can’t I find some who loves me? This is one of the biggest reasons I started this company for the girls in Ukraine. I do not know the reason for this so many single girls and women there. Some say it is because there are more females than males if you google it this is not true. There are a small percent more women than men there, so why all the single women? Some Ukraine girls tell me a lot of Ukraine men do not work and who wants to marry a guy like that? Some say it is because of the war all the men are taken from their cities to help fight! By the way, the war is quite a distance from where we will be. The same distance from New York to Cincinnati or from L.A. to Salt Lake City.

Victoria sexy Ukraine woman
Vicky Wants To Find Love

Whatever the reason is all I know, that I meet so many single girls in Ukraine more than any place I have traveled.

This is the perfect scenario for a man that can’t find love in their cities. So we have the single girls, and we have the single guys so why no matches why don’t we see more marriages? It is because of these Ukraine dating sites if you ever go to one of these sites you will not see many success stories. If you do it will be from more than seven years ago like this site-  Date Ukraine women .com and if you read some of these testimonials you will see that the letters are addressed to many different agencies?? In the last few years, you will not see any success stories from the online Ukraine dating sites.

They use the girls to trick the men to spend their money, so the men lose, and so do the girls.

It upset me when I research videos or blogs that talk about all the scamming going on in Ukraine dating sites. The comments always blame the girls, and the girls are not the problem. Unless they are hired by a dating agency to date men for commission or a free photo session. 90 percent of the girls that signup for these dating sites is real. At the time when they signed up, they were interested in dating a foreign man. But they soon found out that most men that use the Ukraine dating sites are there for entertainment.

I have talked to some girls that used sites like these and most say the same thing the men are not serious. One woman told me her story about a man that promised her he would come and see her.

anna beautiful Ukraine woman
Anna Waited For Her Love.

Even gave her the date he would be there, she made plans to go to Kiev and see him. She lived four hours from Kiev. She waited at the hotel where he told her he was staying, but he did not show. She waited for a phone call or an email from the man, who did not come. She went back home, never heard from him again! She told me she would never use one of those dating agencies again. Then asked me if I had any friends that would want to marry her?

  It is not only the women that are to blame! The whole online date Ukraine woman is a bad idea from the start.

The online dating companies are just that online; they have no need or desire to help people meet. Here in the USA, it is the same you meet a girl online, and you and the girl decide. If and where you will meet, there is no third party involved. These Ukraine companies or I should say agencies decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Exploit the girls in sexy photos, for the men to get excited that a young girl wants to meet them. More photos are sent to the man and a template or form letter that always says the same thing. Something like this, Oh Rod, I think I finally found the right man for me you are the most interesting man I have ever met. You are not a boy you are a mature man that I always dreamed about for me.

There are not many men after getting a letter like that from a sexy young girl will not respond to her. Now they hooked the man, and he will have to pay for every letter and sometimes photo he receives.

95 percent of men have no desire to go to Ukraine to meet a girl when they think about it. Some men are so lonely that they continue to write the girl and she replies, and this goes on for months sometimes. I tell guys that ask me if they think the girl he is writing is real. I tell him in your next letter tell her you will be in Ukraine in 1 week to meet her. The reply will be I do not think we know each other well enough or I am sorry Rod I will be out of town next week for work. You see it is a dating scam. A week is not enough time for an agency to find the real girl and make plans for them to meet!

People that are serious about meeting a girl in Ukraine. Should go there with me I will show you how easy it is to date a Ukraine woman or girls.

If you would watch this video, you will hear that most of the girls in this video are open to meeting and marrying a foreign man. For only the right reason, and most of the girls say they want a kind man I hear this a lot when I am in Ukraine.


Most girls I know in Ukraine would marry a foreign man from certain countries, countries that are economically stable.

So now you think oh they are all gold diggers! So let me ask you if you were offered a job in a foreign country. This job paid twice what you are making now would you go? Does this make you money hungry or smart or maybe even ambitious? What is wrong with a girl that wants to better her life? Go to a country that she will have a chance to live a good life? I do not know one couple, American man Ukraine woman that married. The girl divorced him and wanted only his money. I do know a few couples, where the girl could not find a job because her English was not good. And she moved back to Ukraine. These Ukraine women are good people they are kind, and so much a woman you will be surprised.

Mila sexy ukraine woman
Mila Looking For Her Love

So you could date online for the rest of your life or you could come with me to Ukraine and meet a girl that will tell you one day. I finally found the man that loved me. I knew there was someone out there that who would love me. I never believed I could find someone that loved me.

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if you want to have a real meeting Come With Me To Ukraine! 

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10 Replies to “Find Someone To Love”

  1. Hi Rod, what an interesting read! I never knew this was the case. Are there really so many Ukrainian women available? I do like me an eastern European lady.

  2. Yes, Anthony, there are many many Ukraine girls and women. I will put it like this I could take you to a park in a city in Ukraine and you would meet more single women than you could imagine. The first few times I went to Ukraine I had no idea there were so many single women but now I found how to meet them.

  3. Hey Rod,
    I’m with Anthony here and would have never believed this. I wonder what are the causes for this to occur. But thanks for making a service like this. I actually might consider to do this in the upcoming summer once I get more free time!

  4. Thanks, Lester, I think one of the reasons for this is simple economics. No matter where you are from a woman will not want to be with a guy that has no ambition. So these girls are looking to better their lives, not only financially but they believe foreign men a better.

  5. Hi Rod, this has shown me the dark side of online dating. Women and men being exploited by 3rd party agencies. I met my wife in the UK through online dating and there are many success stories over here. Thanks for sharing this Rod, was an interesting read.

  6. Thanks, Lee, it is just not right to use people like this but this is the way the world works sometimes. I hope I can help these women and girls that are truly looking for love. But I feel with more and more scams coming from Ukraine dating, it will give such a good country and very bad name.

  7. I like the way you express yourself. Interesting topic. I guess you can say people from race to race, culture to culture are all human beings with the same needs and desires. Where you’ll find good, you’ll also find bad, riches and poverty, health and sickness, etc. I think that the way this world is going, that men are more and more scarce. Not enough men to go around the the globe. If you ever look around, you’ll find approximately 40 women to 5 men, not statistics, just my personal observation. So men don’t have to go to Ukraine to find love. Women are all around, you just have to know what you want. It’s easy to make a good first impression, but what happens in long-term is what will matter. It’s exciting to go through all the motions of meeting someone new, but that can get boring too, if you’re looking for someone to build a life with, someone you can trust, and love you back, treat you with the same respect you give and someone who will take care of you when you need them the most. Anyway, I think what you are doing is nice, but risky. Best wishes.

  8. Thank you, Kris, yes it can be somewhat risky! I like a lot of other men I know have been through some bad relationships in the past and we are looking for something different. You do make a good point about finding someone and respecting them and you should receive it back. But it doesn’t work like that for me. There is something more to it about Ukraine women why is Ukraine online dating a billion-dollar business?

  9. Man, them Ukrainian women look sexy as hell. I like your point about them not being gold diggers, women naturally want security and support so it does make sense. Great article. Have you ever dated a ukranian woman?

  10. Hey Joshua, Ukraine girls need to feel secure and safe like most women. Yes, I have dated a lot of Ukraine girls and they are very sexy as well as smart!

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