Fitness Girls

The Ukrainian female fitness girls are so sexy. It is hard to believe how sexy these girls can be, with there tight butts and thick legs wow. The trend now in Ukraine is fitness gyms. They are everywhere in big cities also in most of the small towns too. If you have the confidence to meet these girls you will not be disappointed!!

The hard part about dating these girls is you won’t believe she is with you. But luckily most men do not care for this type of girl so if you do, they are all yours. No matter what city you are in you will be able to find a good gym to work out in. You will see for yourself what I am talking about when it comes to these sexy girls.

I will not bore you with a lot of information about these girls. In the case, pictures are worth so much more.

One of the most remarkable things about these girls is they are very down to earth very easy to talk to. If you like the gym you can easily have a conversation with one of these girls. Most of the professional trainers are very sexy they like their work. So it would be easy for you to ask for some pointers on the best technic.

When the weather is nice if you look you can find some outdoor gyms. Yes, they can be a bit old and rundown but they work. A new type of training has come to be in most cities it is pole dancing or air aerobics.

It is not the norm for most girls. These girls are some of the most flexible people I have ever seen. Sometimes it hurts you to see them flex their bodies. I am told most girls when they are young are instructed to take a course in either ballet or gymnastics. The athletic girls are extremely focused on taking care of their bodies.

Most girls work long ten hour days after work the head to the gym spending one to two hours. Then back home to eat then sleep day after day.

Not only is it physically hard but also economically difficult.  You need a special diet to enhance your body in this way. Eating a high protein diet can be very expensive for a girl that makes $200 a month. Beef and seafood are out of the question very expensive. Most will eat pork or chicken as the main source of protein. If you want to make big points with a fitness girl take her to a sushi restaurant.

I have a good friend who has been a fitness girl for many years. She tells me her routine is sleep, work, and train in the gym. Little time to eat or have any chance at a personal life.

This is her choice the only way she can become happy if she is to find a man that will share her type of life. Then again if she were to find a good man to help her with her training she would not have to work so much and have more time to create a good relationship.

 Here I will add some photos of some of these amazing girls that work so hard to get to where they are but get not much recognition for their hard work and dedication. 










It feels like every town or city I visit there is a gym or should I say many gyms. The cost for one visit is from one to two dollars. You will be provided with a locker and shower, bring your own towel some do not provide this. I have two favorite gyms one in Kiev called Interfit Velyka Vasylkivska St, 72, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000. The second is in Vinnitsa Fitness Time it is on the top of the sky mall, I like the place very much. Very friendly staff.

Come and Date the sexy fitness models in Ukraine you will not have a hard time finding them. With the help of your personal dating guide you just might date one.

We have been introducing men to fitness girls for only a few months now and the possibilities are endless. One man that has not worked out for many years met one of these sexy fitness girls. She would help him train most days when he met with her in Ukraine. Now he is dating a beautiful girl also he is getting back in shape with her help what could be better than this? 

It is a little ironic that some Ukrainian men do not like the well-toned fitness girls too much muscle. I personally prefer them I have trained girls in my past.

Yes, they can be very muscular if they are training hard and have a strict diet. Unlike men, they lose the muscle very fast but keep their great shape if they don’t train so hard. With these girls you know two things about them before you meet. First, she has pride in her appearance second, she has drive and determination to succeed. This will carry on in her life in her relationship.

The spring and then summer months are coming up fast. this is the time when you will see these amazing girls wearing short skirts or better yet short shorts.

It will be very hard to not look at them, one thing I know for sure is they do not mind you staring at their incredible bodies!! This is where Ukrainian girls are different when it comes to attention. They love it!! I have heard the girls say I do this for me first but really I do it for the men. I hope I can stand out in a sea of beautiful girls to find my love.

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