Good Bad And Ugly Ukraine

 Is Ukraine safe right now in 2018? The Ukrainian women are good for relationships? The Ukraine girls are the best to date? Is it good to live in Ukraine?


I have been telling people for years all these questions above are true, Ukraine is a very nice place to live. There is a big feeling of community awareness, people come together every day in Ukraine. Go to a park or walk along the waterfront, you will see many people enjoying the outdoors. In the summer in certain cities, you will see some of the sexiest women in short skirts or short shorts.

I always feel welcome when I am in Ukraine. My first few visits I was not sure how the people would feel towards me.

I did not talk much to many people. When I came to understand they do like American men very much it was easy to become friends with many people in Ukraine. I can help you navigate through all the customs the things to do and not to do when dating a woman. One mistake many Western men make on the first date is flowers. It is OK to give flowers to a woman but not yellow roses, also in odd numbers. It is bad luck to give a woman 12 roses, which is the norm in America.

Many different sites will tell you many different ways to date a Ukrainian woman. There is no one way to date any woman.

But we all know when we meet someone that is kind has good manners we like them. Here is the problem with most men in Ukraine, what now? I met a woman how do I go about dating her? One thing I can tell you that will make her feel very uncomfortable is some man being loud. You know the guy I am talking about, the one that loves attention speaks loud so everyone can hear him. This is a big problem in this country. I saw this the first time in Vinnitsa. There were some German men drinking and being loud. They would be fine in most countries, for just having fun. They were asked by a few different men to keep it down or leave, they left.

Here is an article was written by a man that lives in Ukraine and the good and bad he feels this country has.

Bad Girl In A Good Way


written by Don Halbert

In this age of lowered expectations, reduced freedoms and the specter of Big Brothers’ insatiable quest for more intrusion into our daily lives, which is surely to be found among the more technologically advanced civilized Western countries, many have sought out and in some cases found various places about the world that offer considerably more freedom, privacy and less expensive lifestyles. Although living in Eastern Europe is not anywhere even close to living on the French Rivera, it does have several advantages to consider.

Here are just a few of the reasons to consider Ukraine:

1) Its a much less expensive place in which to live. Example: My wife and I live in what is considered a nice (for Ukraine) 2-room apartment and are presently paying only $150.00 per month for rent. Here is a site to find your own choices for accommodation in Kiev. The remaining utilities including high-speed Internet cable access, natural gas (most often included in the rental fee), water, electricity, and telephone expenses (less any international calling) typically run at between $20 to $30 per month.

2) Seldom do I/we need to spend over $400 to $500 US per month for all of our daily and monthly needs.I’m able to save well over half of my pension funds in a solid, reliable and stable bank, which pays me 12.5{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} interest!

3) Food is plentiful and relatively cheap! Although one cannot expect the variety of foods found in the US or Western European countries, it is adequate by most anyone’s standards. Examples: Chicken is sold by either the piece or whole. It generally runs between 15 to 18 Grevnah per Kilo. [At the date of this writing, the US Dollar is worth 5.04 Grevnah] This equates to $3.57/Kilo or roughly $1.62 per pound.]  Fruit and vegetables are even better buys, especially when in season. Carrots run around 2.50 to 3.50 Grevnah per Kilo. That equates to 50 cents per kilo or 2.2 pounds for 50 cents! Vegetables are a real bargain here and often of high quality. They’re usually grown in very rich organic soil.

4) Local Transportation is dirt-cheap! One may travel almost anywhere within town for 1 Grevnah! Remember a Grevnah is about 1/5th of a U.S. dollar or about 20 cents. If one takes one of the methane-powered older buses its only half a Grevnah or 10 cents!

There Is No Ugly

5) Ukraine has far more than its share of beautiful women! If you’re lucky enough to marry one with a heart of gold (such as my wife) and not a gold-digger, it will make your living in Ukraine considerably easier, but it’s not entirely necessary. If you are willing to purchase a home where it will be relatively easy to live here without any difficulties. I know a Canadian fellow who is not married and is living here quite satisfactorily with even less Russian language ability than my own.

6) The local people look favorably (usually) upon visitors or residents from the U.S. This is not often the case in many countries throughout the world as you, dear reader may already be aware! This is a huge benefit!

7) It is very easy to find places where one can change most currencies including U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, Russian Rubles and, of course, Euros. A few other currencies may be exchanged here but exchange points for them are not so readily accessible. These include Australian Dollars and Swiss Francs.

9) There are several Super Markets scattered all over the cities as well as innumerable smaller open type markets and kiosks near every neighborhood. Although the variety can be restricted, the supermarkets are usually the better places to buy consistently good products.

10) I feel safer and more secure here than in any large city in America even at night! read more

Number 10 I know it to be a fact I feel safer in Kive than I do in Las Vegas my home city.

It is a beautiful country much to do there and more sexy women then you have ever seen. When you come with me to Ukraine you will have the opportunity to meet and date as many of these women as you like. With me, I take care of everything! You show up at the airport, we will take care of the rest. From a nice apartment to ground transportation. We know the best place to meet women, we will show you how to meet and date the sexy girls of Ukraine.

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