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I have over the years helped some of the nicest women most from Ukraine. All of them either single or single moms! Now in Ukraine, the divorced women need help. Help for women is one of my main goals.

Nice Woman

The tricky part about trying to help these women is a lot of them are too proud to accept help. Sometimes you have to do it in a creative way. I have put money in women purses without them noticing, also in grocery bags. I love to hear stories about men helping the Ukraine women. I received an email from a man that I help in Ukraine, he was from Chicago. He met a very nice woman with my help but I  did not hear what happened to them. In his letter, he explains the story of the past two years of his life.

 He started with thank you, Rod! Then went on to tell me with my help he found the love of his life. But it was not the girl I helped him meet earlier. I asked if I could write his story, he told me sure maybe you can help some other Ukrainian women.

I was with the woman you help me meet but it all fell apart. I was very discouraged for a few months until I saw that show 90 Day Fiance! A story on the show was just like mine. So I thought to call you to see if you could help me again. I thought I do not need his help, I know how to get around in Kiev. Rod taught me how to date the women, so I decided to go on my own.

I was in Kiev for two days I met some women but was having a hard time finding the right one. I was in a cafe at the city center having a few beers, talking with the server.

She was a nice girl said she moved from Dnipro for work. This was the second day I saw her but she was acting a little strange. I went to the market and decided to buy her some flowers to cheer her up. I gave them to her, she started to cry. She told me she was having a hard time sleeping because of her roommate. He was an older man nice guy until he started drinking. He brought a friend over and they tried to get into my room late last night. I was sad and a little scared for her, what could I do I thought. I asked her when she got off work? In one hour I am afraid to go home now. As I sat I called the apartment company you use and booked her an apartment.

Sexy Kiev Woman

I told her she did not have to worry where to sleep, she hugged me. I walked her to her apartment, gave her some money and left. She called me told me she was going back home Kiev, was not for her.

I was relieved to hear this from her. The next night I was walking it was really late around one AM. A woman approached me with a suitcase, she asked me in English what street is this, I told her. She kept looking at me, I had no idea what she was looking for. She asked where do you stay, I said my apartment is not too far. She asked my name, she said I am Julia nice to meet you, Ben. OK, can you take me to your apartment? She said I have nowhere to stay and not much money, please Ben! We walked to my apartment went inside, I could now see she was tired and needed a shower. I said to her I will not try anything if you want to take a shower. She responded I know you are a nice man, that is why I asked you to bring me here.

She showered for quite a while, when she was finished she came out in only a t-shirt. Asked me where she could sleep, I pointed to the bed. She was asleep in minutes, I slept on the couch but did not mind. 

I woke up to her making noise in the kitchen. I went in the kitchen saw a nice breakfast she just cooked. She said good morning Ben, thank you for being so nice to me. It was all like some weird romance movie. Two women need my help in two days what are the chances? We ate talked about what she was doing in Kiev. She told me she was coming to see her friend to stay with her. While she looked for work. The friend’s boyfriend did not want her to stay with them, and made her leave. That is when she met me.

Single Mom

 Over the next five days, she stayed with me, during the day she looked for work. We were getting along very well she was so sweet, took great care of me. I found out she was 28 years old never been married, but she had a boy named Vladimir.

She left him in Metropol with her mom and dad. One evening we were having some wine, Julia asked, do you like me, Ben? I said, of course, you are such a beautiful woman. Then why haven’t you kissed me? I was at a lose, I did not think she felt this way about me. I was trying to be nice and help her. She came over to my side of the table, sat on my lap and looked at me. I kissed her for maybe five minutes, it was amazing,

What an incredible woman I met, Rod.  All thanks to you for showing me everything you do from how to get around in Kiev to dating the women.

She has been in Chicago with me for four months. We got married the first week she came here. I remembered when I told Julia about the other girl I helped in Kiev. She said do you see God brought me to you so you could help me too! Now we are happy and Vlad has a father.

 For me, this is the best, better than almost anything. That is why I want to bring people together here in Ukraine. There are so many single divorced women and single moms.

From my experience, the women are good, kind, smart, and love to take care of the home. They need a good man! You could be like Ben, married, happy, loved. I hope I can do this for you too. It is a win-win for me, I help the men and in turn, it also helps the lonely Ukraine women.


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  1. This man found a woman with your help? I am a lonely 40 man I hope to find a nice woman can you help me

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