How Commision Works

How Does Commission Work

Your affiliate commission rate is calculated on a two-month cycle, based on all completed and ‘stayed’ bookings from two months previously.

You’ll start your account with a rate of $120 commission per booking. The percentage of commission you receive increases as the number of reservations rises.


Your commission is a flat rate per tour booked and paid for.

1-10 sales      $120

11-20 sales    $130

21-50 sales    $150

50 or more     $200

What are the payment options?

1) check in the mail

2) Paypal account transfer

Cookies duration.

Your referrals will be good for 90 days. Meaning if you refer a client to me, you will receive a commission on their purchases for 90 days


My clients are men from the age of 25 to 65


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Dating blog

Fitness blog

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