How To Meet Ukraine Women

How to meet a Ukraine woman. Is there a secret to dating the Ukraine women? Is it easy to date a Ukrainian woman?

These are some of the questions I am getting from men that want to go to Ukraine. What do these women want? Well, it is a bit different than their western counterparts Ukraine women love compliments from a confident man. A Ukraine girl will let you know when it is time to touch her. You will have no problem reading her for the first kiss. It is not like western girls that give you false signals. 

There are many ways to meet women, but it is not always the same. If you go online, read some of what other sites think. All I have to ask them, are they an older American man?

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If not then you could not possibly know what it takes to meet a Ukraine woman for us. Most men that go to Ukraine to find love are over 30, most do not have a dating game as they call it. Do you know what all women want and need from a man? Is it the same to meet a 23-year-old girl as it is to meet a 40-year-old divorced woman? Is it the same for a good looking guy with money as it is for an older average man? There are so many variables on what to say how to say it and who to say it to. It can not be a general thing like “5 ways to meet a Ukraine woman” Or read my e-book on dating women.

In my experience, different women take different approaches. Some women feel threatened by good-looking men or think he is only after sex. Some prefer a man with a little belly fat, some prefer muscles.

I have met quite a few women and learned quite a lot of information from them. One incredible looking girl told me if a good looking guy gives her a compliment she does not take it so seriously. On the other hand, if an average man gives her a compliment, sometimes she gets a flutter in her stomach.Very curious? She did tell me why this is and how each approached her. So there are some secrets in dating Ukraine women.

I was in Las Vegas sitting in a Starbucks having some tea. Three young women sat next

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to me. I could not help but hear their conversation.

One said I want to meet a man that is good looking has a great job drives a nice sports car, but only loves me. Another said he also has to be a powerful man like a big boss! Oh, that would be my dream one said.I could not help laughing a little. One of the girls ask me what is so funny? I told her that man does not exist. If he does he is married, but if he is not married he would have his choice of many women every day so why would he be with just one? Not one had a comment for me, they knew I was right.

The Ukraine women are smart, they know this about men. They do not fall in love with their eyes or with the size of a man’s wallet. Customs tell them the need to meet a good man start a family.

There is no room for dreaming of a prince on a white horse. Here is the dilemma for Ukraine women, they want to marry but there are few men as they call, marring material. I know they will not just settle for a guy that does not love and care for them. If they did this there would not be a problem in Ukraine. Here is where most dating advice writers on the internet go wrong about how to date a Ukraine woman.

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There is one problem here, have you ever heard the joke how to become a millionaire? It goes like this. OK, first you need to get a million dollars…!

It is like this with all these dating sites dating advice sites they all assume we have a Ukraine girlfriend! Or everyone knows how to meet Ukraine girls! First, you are in a foreign country so are you so brave to walk up to a woman, ask her her name? It was my third trip to Ukraine, I thought I was this cool American from my previous trip.Walking down the street in Kiev saw a pretty woman, walked right up to her. About 5 feet from her, she held up her hand like a cop to my face.Not realizing at the moment what this meant I continued. She then turned her whole body away from me.

I was embarrassed, so many insecurities came to me. What did I do wrong, I am a cool American, she turned her back on me. I now know what I did wrong that day I did not follow the cultural rules.

It was considered rude to her what I did. Now I had so many doubts about what to do! Here is where I come in I will personally walk with you up to a woman and meet her. Or at least be close by coaching you on what to say. How to meet a woman or more importantly how to meet a Ukraine women. It is the only reason for some men to come to Ukraine. Like I have written before it is not a difficult thing to accomplish. You just have to know the rules.

  There are some rules to approach a woman.It is rude to try to approach women in certain places I could be like all the other dating advice sites and dating sites. Tell you to join an online dating company.


Give them a lot of money show up in Ukraine and get scammed. I have read so many books watched many videos on meeting women. With these women, it got me nothing. Well, there I was in Ukraine alone again.Until my Friend, Igor from Kiev showed me the correct way to approach a Ukraine woman, when and where to meet them. It was like a Eureka moment!  It became very clear, the more I learned about it, the easier it was to meet women. I am not saying I am some smart guy or I have all the women in my hand. Yes, sometimes it does not work for me. Sometimes a woman with say sorry, not interested or please leave us alone. Here’s the thing there are much more women to meet.

OK let me be honest when you book a tour with me you will meet and date a woman l believe this 90{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f}.

It might not be the most beautiful woman but the guys I have helped out in Ukraine almost always say when we are about to approach a woman. I think she is too good for me or she is out of my league! Then she smiles at you and nothing else matters.

Come with me to Ukraine date some women or find the woman of your life it is up to you!  

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