How To Meet Ukrainian Girls

How would you meet a Ukrainian girl? The first step to meet a Ukrainian girl is to go to Ukraine. Not online not through skype and definitely not with an online photoshop photo. There is no secret to meeting these girls, yes you have to follow their customs. Let’s be honest you have no idea how to meet these amazing girls right?

This is not so bad most men I meet with have no idea how to meet a girl any girl. In Ukraine, it is more difficult to meet a girl than it is in the country you are from. There is the language thing also where to go when you get there. Do you go to a cafe or a bar maybe the supermarket? One big question is what type of man are you? Are you outgoing or maybe shy do you see girls as less than you? Many variables to consider when you are looking for a girl.

Another thing is these girls are different from city to city. I have been to many cities in Ukraine. There are big differences from one place to another. For example, the girls in Odessa are very different from the girls in Vinnitsa.

Yet only a few hours away from one another. When I meet with a man I need to get some sense of who he is what he is looking for in a girl. For instance, I would not take an Indian man to say the East of Ukraine. There are certain cities that are more welcome to different types of men. Call it prejudice or just call it what it is a reality!!

One city is different from the rest that is the capital city of Kiev. Many different types of cultures there. Many Armenian and Georgian people in Kiev. Most any type of tourist would be welcome here.

The problem for men wanting to meet girls is it is somewhat more difficult. Kiev is a very fast pace city, most girls do not have time to sit on a long date with a man. The reason is travel, most girls travel by walking, bus, or metro. I have friends that tell me it takes them almost 2 hours to get to work every day. That equals a 14 hour day! I am not saying it can’t be done it can if you know the schedules of the work in Kiev. In smaller city girls have more free time because travel time is shorter.

Now let us talk about how to meet Ukrainian girls. With all the videos, blogs dating sites and scammers who do you listen to?

One of my coworkers called me the other day, she was a little upset about what she found on youtube. Many videos on several ways to meet Ukrainian girls also to be careful of these girls. Some were saying the girls were cold or ice princesses because they would not talk with the authors of some videos. In all my years in Ukraine not once was a girl cold to me. That is if she was in a place or at a time when it was OK to meet her.

In some of the smaller towns, girls are not so welcome to strange men. This happened to me several times, what I thought was to be rude. It was actually me being some strange guy in their city.

This happens almost everywhere in the world. It is so frustrating to hear these guys talk like they know these girls. Ukrainian girls are arrogant or they are hard to understand or my favorite they are untrusting of foreign men. Wow, how could this be true? It is not true of these girls what it is, is ignorance.

Here is a scenario for you a beautiful girl is approached by a foreign man in her city. He does not follow her customs walks up to her as she is going to work or meet some friends.

She will definitely ignore him or walk out of her way not to have any contact with him. Is this an ice princess? Maybe she is a smart cautious girl. When I had a dark tan one visit to Kiev not many girls would talk to me. After I realized this it was easy for me to show the girls I was not who they thought I was. All girls around the world are cautious of men and even more of strange men.

Some of these videos are by western men that think they are the thing all Ukrainian girls dream about. What a joke to think this way.

Only because you are from America you think you are gods gift to these smart girls!  So if a sexy girl ignores you it is on them. For me, this is good. Because with us as your guide you will not have to wonder why or feel intimidated when you are looking for her. We have done most of the groundwork for you all you do is show up, within a few hours you will be meeting girls. You will not be in a foreign country not knowing anything or anyone like so many men do.

About these so-called date experts that can help you meet the girl of your life a girl that is way out of your league.

I have a friend that went to a retreat where someone would tell him all the secrets to meet girls. How to conquer your fears of the opposite sex. It was expensive he told me. He and many other guys were at this retreat doing the same prosses. He told me he learned a lot about how to meet and date girls. I asked him how many girls have you dated since this? His answer was 2 in the last year, 2 girls wow!

I have dated a hundred times more without such training. We can teach you not with a video or some web book, and definitely not a retreat with a bunch of men.

With our service, you will be in a natural setting in the city you choose. You will not be ignored. Maybe you will meet 2 or 3 girls maybe you will meet 10 girls. But I promise 99% of the men with me will meet at least one girl. A girl that is interested to meet you not a girl that is paid to be nice to you. Not some pre-arranged meeting where you do not know who is on your side.

 I can not say I am the best at giving men a dating tour. But most of the men we meet with are happy or should I say satisfied. Yes, a few get married some have a good relationship with a beautiful girl. Some come back to Ukraine to meet and date more girls to find what they are looking for!! 

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