How To Travel To Ukraine

Travel to Ukraine!! This is what brought me to Ukraine a girl from Russia and a man from Pheonix.

Street in Donetsk Ukraine
Street In Donetsk

A few years back I was in a rut I just lost my job and my girlfriend too. The banking crises was almost over, but it was very hard to find work. I was in the casino business, but the industry had laid off over 250,000 people. What to do? All I could find was the taxi business. I drove a cab for four years in Las Vegas, some amusing stories driving a cab. What to do about my love life was a question I thought about often. I did not want to go back to my old ways and end up with another money hungry Vegas girl. I had some friends that went to the Philippines to find a wife. That was not for me I wanted something different someone different! I was on some of the international online dating sites, but at that time it was relatively new. Chinese and Russian date sites were the most popular at the time. I played around on these sites but nothing serious.

Driving my cab early one morning, I get a call from a Nightclub that wanted me to pick up one of their employees. I pulled in around back to get my passenger.

She was so gorgeous, sexy girl I wondered who she could be. I opened the door for her, and she sat in the back, as we drove I asked her how her night was? She did not answer me; I again asked did you have a bad night? She said finally yes a bad night. I said I am

sorry to hear that and before I could say another word, she said I do not want to talk to you. We drove the rest of the way silent, not my style, but she wanted it that way. A few nights later I get a call from the same Nightclub, and when I pull around back there she is again! I opened the door for her and said are you sure you want to ride with me? She said why you would ask that? You told me the other night you did not want to talk to me. She said I did not I was tired but we can talk now.

This was the first time I saw a part of the Slavic culture. They will almost always tell you the truth even if it hurts your feelings.



russian girl in Las Vegas
Russian Girl In Vegas

Natasha and I got to know each other she was a smart girl that came to America from Russia on a student visa. One night I told her I was communicating with a Russia woman from Moscow. She asked why you would be doing that; I told her I need to try something different. Natasha said, Rod, if you want a Slavic woman go to Ukraine. Natasha told me the girls from Ukraine are much more what you are looking to find. A woman to settle down with right? Go and find yourself a nice Ukraine girl. Here is what change my thoughts from Russia to Ukraine. I did not even know where Ukraine was on the map Eastern Europe, but that was all I knew.

A few weeks later in my cab, I was waiting at the airport for a ride. I pick up this guy nice man we talked all the way to his hotel, I asked him how long will you be here in Vegas?

He told me one night, but I hope, less. I said you come to the best adult party place in the world alone and you will be here one day? He then said something I have only heard once in my days of driving a cab. He said I want to get home to my wife I miss her. Where are you from I asked? He said Pheonix! That was only a one hour flight, and he misses his wife. He told me I am here to buy a truck and then back to Pheonix to be with my wife. OK, now I asked him is she one of those controlling women that do not trust you? He said no I love my wife and want to go back to her. He told me his story how he met her when he was traveling on Business to Ukraine.

How he knew she was the women he was looking for despite her age, she was 16 years younger than him.I dropped him at his hotel and the last thing he said to me was if you want a great woman go to Ukraine!! 

Traveled to Katya
Katya, The Girl That Never Showed

I was told by two different people in a short time I should go to Ukraine to meet a good woman. This was when I became serious about looking for a Ukraine woman. I went to several online Ukraine dating sites and joined two of them. One was Anastasia Date it was very expensive.  $30 a month and I think it was $10 to read a letter the other was Dream Marriage. Here is the site that took so much of my money, I don’t like to think about it. It cost me over $1500 and year and when I wanted to get a girl’s private information it cost $250. It was the beginning of the scam for me. I met a few nice women on this site and decided to go and see one of them, Katya.

It took me a few months to get over the fear to travel to Ukraine. A country I did not know anything about and feared it was still the USSR!!

It was over eight years ago, and there was not much on the internet about it. I made my plans and then canceled and again made plans and canceled. I was not sure what I was getting myself into was Ukraine safe for Americans? Would I be taken and never seen again, these were my thoughts. I knew no one that had been to Ukraine I was on my own. The woman I met online Katya assured me she would make all the arrangements for me when I arrived in Ukraine.Also, she would meet me at the airport. I felt a little better, so I made my plans and traveled to Ukraine.

I showed up in Donetsk one afternoon in September and no Katya! I was in a foreign place and had no idea what to do next.

I was standing in the airport looking around and seeing everything written in Russian. Cyrillic the Russian alphabet looked similar to English alphabet in some cases, but most letters have different sounds. Here is my name Rod spelled in Ukraine Род! So you see I was lost in a very foreign country. The best part there was no wi-fi, and my phone would not work in Ukraine what a great feeling that was!!I wanted to get back on the plane and go home to America.I see something familiar the word “TAXI” I felt so much better at that moment. Taxi drivers are the best ambassadors for foreign travelers they know everything about their city. I got into a cab and asked the driver do you speak English he said no. But the crazy thing is he understood me and got me to my hotel safe.

Oksana for Donetsk
Oksana The First Girl I Dated

 I did meet a few Ukraine women and girls that trip but not Katya. I made a good friendship with Dasha and Marina two young girl that showed me their city.

Also, I date Oksana a very cute woman that had the most amazing eyes. It turned out to be a very good experience for me. I was introduced to a beautiful country by some beautiful women. Ukraine is not the easiest place to travel to if you do not know the language most Ukrainians do not speak English. The one way I suggest for you to see this great country and meet some beautiful women is with my company. Date Ukraine If you are planning to or want to travel to Ukraine and meet the women of your life come with me to Ukraine!

A question or comment please write me. Rod L.

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  1. Rod, interesting story and what you propose makes sense. Ukrainian women are beautiful and are always looking for Americans (foreigners) to “save them”. A tour would be the right way to go about experiencing the country and 5 guys is a very good number. Thanks for the heads up, Rod ! My question, how do they react towards black men from the U.S. ?

    1. Yes, it is the best way to meet these beautiful women. It is correct that a foreign man will save them from a not so good life. On the same note, they will not go with just any man. How do they feel about black men, good question? I have introduced a few black men to Ukraine women and they are open to this. As long as a man is kind and respects her, this is what they look for.

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