How Ukrainian Women Think

How do the Ukrainian women think about life love relationships? Everyone has an opinion on what women think, right? I am not saying I can read minds only wanting to explain from my experience. Here is a more general perspective on what I feel they think in life, love, and general being.

If you want to believe the internet or most of the hundreds of articles that promote Ukrainian women as money hungry or even worse that they are only about sex tours. Sure it makes good reading, for most who have no life and have to bash others to make themselves feel better. It is odd that the Caribbean and southeast Asia has a transparent view on sex tours to their countries.

I ask anyone that has a poor opinion about Ukraine a simple question, have you been there? I have talked with many men that have been to Ukraine. Men that have been scammed by certain agencies.

I will not dirty anyone here. The funny thing is most of the men that had a bad experience told me they would like to go back again. What is the draw if these men were taken advantage of but want to go back? OK, it is like this. On one of my trips to Amsterdam, I was waiting for a train. It was a little crowded this day.

Later when I was sitting in a cafe I noticed my money was gone. I was told that pickpockets roamed the busy parts of the city. I only lost $100 dollars. The point is do I now think all the Dutch are criminals?

Of course not I love the Dutch people they are great friendly very easy to get along with. So because an agency that is not honest and prays on the tourist from western countries make all Ukraine a bad place? Again no! I am sure from people from America a big reason we have poor thoughts about this place is the cold war days. Russia and Ukraine are very different places I have been to both.

I know what Ukrainian women think is the biggest value in their lives. It is always the same what I have seen and been told. The family is the most precious to them.

With the state of the economy, it is very difficult to find a good man to love. I hear from these women there are not many eligible men. For whatever reason, there are not many men to start a relationship. Some say it is because of the war some say it is all the men are leaving to find work in Europe. Whatever it is knowing the reason does not solve anything for them.

Are there bad girls in Ukraine yes there are I have met been scammed by some. I would say of 1000 or so women I met. I can only remember 5 that were truly bad girls.

There one and only plan was to scam me get as much money as they could. Over the years all my friends’ the girls I dated not only did they not ask for money. When I would offer some of the women I thought need my help money. Most would not take it. I am talking about small amounts $20 to $50 dollars. I am not sure of the reason, I have been told it was they did not want to owe me anything. Some told me they did not want me to think poorly of them.

You see most of the women are not about money or about having sex for money. The women I have dated were not easily read by me in the beginning.

As time went on I realized what these women were thinking. It is very simple what they think. They want to date a man that is strong in his way of being. I am not saying he has to be some military leader or a guy that pushes a woman around. She wants a man that will protect her from the world in everyday life. A man that will support her.

Another thing they are thinking is will this man be loyal to me? Is he going to go out to find young girls to sleep with?

Now, do you see the irony here? This is what we men think beautiful women are going to do with us, sleep around. Well, let us not be so insecure because she is a sexy woman were most men would want to be with her. It is up to her and her morals. From what I understand when a Ukrainian woman marries a man the only thing she will leave him for is physical abuse or her does not take care of her and her needs.

It is the way most societies think one man one woman trust and loyalty. I do know this for a fact from the relationships I have been in over the years. Did I cheat on them?

No, the thought was not on my mind a little bit. I was with a beautiful woman she cooked for me took care of the house also me and my needs. Why would I want to ruin it? If you have read my past posts you will know what happened to most of my relationships.

What do the Beautiful Ukrainian women think? They think they want to be happy have a nice family most want a child.

There are also those that have a child. Then there are a few that do not want to have a child. The possibilities are many as you can see. When someone tells you that these women are bad wanting only sex and money. You will have an answer for them. If you want to have your own experience with them you have to go to Ukraine. Some men might be disappointed with their travel to Ukraine.

So I would suggest to hire a dating tour guide, let them make all the arrangements for you. I might know a place with a guy they call the Ukraine Hitch.

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