Is Kiev An Expensive City

Is Kiev an expensive city to visit? Like most big cities it can be if you do not know what you are doing. What does it cost a day to stay in Kiev? It can be as little as $30 up to $500 a day depending on how and where you stay. 

My first trip to Kiev I must have spent over $5000 in 7 days, it was not much fun. From the very beginning, I was taken advantage of by the taxi driver. I came to find out later just because someone says they are a taxi driver does not mean they are. It cost me almost $50 from the airport to my apartment hotel. Yes, they have these in-between places to stay called apart-hotel, actually, they are hotels in apartment buildings. This was $110 a day with no services at all, a very small room in a noisy building.

I was going to meet a girl I met online, she was real I thought before all the scamming started to happen. I met her the first night I was in Kiev, a very pretty girl from Armenia. Her family moved to Kiev when she was young.

We took a cab to a sushi place that was far from the city center. I believe it cost $100 for the cab ride and dinner. The next day we spent together seeing the tourist sites churches, monuments, and museums. She asked if a friend could meet us for dinner in the city? I did not mind at the time. We went to a place called Touch it was an ultra lounge. You could also order food that was very good but very expensive! Her friend ordered so much of everything for us to sample, nice friend. I think that bill came to just under $200 for drinks and food.

The next day we went to another expensive place, of course, her friend decided to come. When I looked through the menu saw the prices, I told them lets go to another place.

Pretty Girl

We went to Chateau a nice place that made their own beer, it is one of my favorites now. The girls were all of a sudden not so nice to me anymore! Anna said I have to leave I cannot be with you anymore.  I ask why? She said I talked about you with my mom, her mother told her she can not date an American man. It was all because I would not let them take advantage of me any longer.

Here I was in Kiev all alone, I knew no one. I did not even know how to get back to my hotel, although I had the business card from the hotel. Finding a cab that would take me was not easy, you can not flag down a cab in the city.


You had to call on the phone for one to pick you up. I called and nobody spoke English from the taxi company. I had no idea what to do, I saw a young couple walking by. I ask if they spoke English, the girl did and help me get a taxi. Finally back to my room, what do I do now? I do not have any idea where I am or what to do next. The woman at the front desk told me to go to Arena complex, it was not far from the hotel. At the Arena, I felt a lot better most of the signs were in English, but is this what I wanted? Come halfway around the world to sit in a place called the America bar.

Prett Girl

I was approached by a young guy asking if I was from another country, it must be the way I dressed. He asked do you want to see some beautiful girls dance for you? I said I do not like strip bars.

Oh, no my friend it is a cabaret, not a strip club. He said take my card and you will get free entry. After sitting alone for several hours I decided to see what this cabaret was. I walk in show them the guys card, they asked for my coat to be checked. I looked around, no one was in this place, not one other person. Two servers came over to me to ask what I wanted to drink. I ordered a beer. A few seconds later the music started to play, a very beautiful girl was on stage. She was a great good dancer, and no she did not take her clothes off.

When she was finished dancing she came over to me, asked if she could sit with me. I can not say no to a beautiful talented girl.

Other girls danced on stage it was a very nice show, very professional and tasteful. The girl that sat with me asked if she could order a drink? She did it was a fancy cocktail, I had no idea what it was costing me. The girl, her names was Ekatarina spoke English very well. She sat very close to me, as we watched the other girls dance. She held my arm and put her head on my shoulder. I felt so proud of myself I have this gorgeous girl with me. So I thought. When the billed came, after my three beers and her 2 cocktails it was $200. That was the most I ever paid for drinks in my life. Katerina asked me to come see her again tomorrow night at work. I thought to myself there is no way I will be back there, with those prices.

The next day I had no idea what to do I walked a little but was afraid to get lost. I stayed in my room most of the time watching Ukraine TV.

Around 9 pm I decided to go back to the Arena complex to have a few drinks at the American bar. After a few drinks in, knowing that a beautiful girl was upstairs waiting for me. I could not take it and went back to see her at the cabaret. She was so happy to see me, this time there were three men in the place. Katerina asked if she could have a drink, I told her no I will not be here that long. She said I understand this place is very expensive. She whispered in my ear if you by a bottle of champagne I can go home early.

I ask how much would this cost me? Only $150 that will be my quota for the night, I can meet you downstairs in the back. I did not believe her but what did I have to lose, I had no idea what to do in Kiev alone.

Sexy Girl

I went downstairs to wait for her where she told me she would be. 10 minutes went by then 30 minutes, I was about to leave when I hear sorry it took so long. Katarina said let’s go to a place the local people go you will have fun. We went to a place called Mafia club it is a chain restaurant and bar. A very nice place, we stayed there all night eating drinking and talking. I asked Katerina why did you do this for me. She said you looked lonely, I did not want you to spend any more money at the other place. She is a nice girl that wanted to be a DJ in a nightclub. She did become a professional DJ, we do keep in touch. Oh, the seven hours of eating and drinking at Mafia club was $35.

Kiev can be an expensive city if you do not know your way around. It can be very inexpensive with the right guide that knows how to stretch a dollar. With me, you will get a great tour at half the price of what others charge.

You will also get to see the best places to eat drink and meet beautiful women.

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