Is There A Typical Ukraine Woman?

Many people think of a Ukraine or Russia woman as dark hair brown eyes. But also I have had friends say the typical Slavic woman is Blonde blue eyes. Which

Dark Hair Brown Eyes

is correct? 

Blue Eyed Blonde

I personally found that in the eastern part of Ukraine Donetsk, Lugansk, and Alchevsk have the dark hair but some of the women have blue or gray eyes. I will not forget the first time I saw a woman with gray eyes. Kiev is hard to say there are women from all over Ukraine that settle there. In the west Rivne, Lutsk, and Lviv the women are more fare complected. Light brown hair blonde hair and light eye color.  Ukraine women are like the women of America all different types light dark green eye blue eyes and dark eyes. Which is better? it is up to you all I am saying if you can not find your type of woman in Ukraine then she probably does not exist.

The one thing I find typical of Ukraine women and girls is their personality. After you get to know a woman she will not hold back ask her a question and she will have an opinion.

Rarely will you get “oh baby I don’t know whatever you like!” I was told many times by Ukrainian women if you don’t want an honest answer then don’t ask the question. I still get a little offended sometimes by their answers to my questions. I was going on a date with a girl in Odessa, I had my favorite shirt on. When she saw me she gave me a look like something smelled bad. She said are you going to wear that shirt? I asked don’t you like it? Nope take it off is is so ugly! My favorite shirt is now in the bottom of my closet.

Here is an article from a very good site that helps explain the Ukraine people and its customs it is called Proud Ukraine you can read the whole article here. Proud Ukraine

I do like that site a lot it is nice to see how proud a country Ukraine is. Here is some good advice for you when in Ukraine never talk bad about the country. All of my friends in Ukraine love their country, but really whats not to love?

From the field of wheat and the amazing fields of sunflowers, all you see is an ocean of yellow. Once you leave Kiev you are in the forest from the train all you can see is trees and more trees. There are so many rivers as big if not bigger than the Mississippi River. The Dnieper is the third largest river in Europe. It has been closely bound up with the life of the Ukrainian people. It is the ‘holy river’ of

Dnieper River Kiev

Ukraine. Its length is 2,285 km, of which 485 km lie within the Russian Federation, 595 km within Belarus, and 1,095 km within Ukraine. Ukraine is a beautiful country, but what makes one of my favorite countries is the people. Very kind, helpful, intelligent and passionate people.

I have had a few bad experiences there but it was my fault for not know the customs. It was not anything very bad, one old woman I asked her a question and she went off on me.

Saying something in Ukraine people around were smiling as I was. To this day I have no idea what it was I did maybe she is one of the few that do not like American? Here is another thing most people I meet like Americans, they want to know many things about us. I have had people hear me speak English stop me and ask me questions. The most common question is do you like our country? Another question I get a lot is what are you doing in Ukraine? My favorite question is do you want something to eat? The food is great! soup is very popular there. Also, they have great bread, cheese, and sausage. My favorite dish would have to be Vereniki, these dumplings with many different stuffings.

Typical Ukrainian women

There is a stereotype concerning the description of a typical Ukrainian woman that she has “black eyebrows and brown eyes” like in outstanding Ukrainian song “Ochi chornye” («Black eyes»). But practically this cliché turns out to be old, as there is a great variety of fair-haired and dark-haired Ukrainians with blue, green or grey eyes.

Theoretically, the appearance and traits of all Ukrainian women can be divided into several types depending on the region of their origin.

Southern anthropological area

Lower Dnipro type: dark-haired women with cheerful nature

Lower Dnipro Ukrainian woman

The inhabitants of southern regions, such as Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhia are mostly dark-haired and dark-eyed with a straight nose and oblong face.

They inherited their appearance from the Scythian-Sarmatian tribes and Turkish nomads (proto-Bulgarians). It is commonly believed that southern women are more cheerful, optimistic and have an easy attitude to life. They received these traits due to their stable lifestyle by the sea and warm climate. Some psychologists state that such women are also witty and businesslike.

Central anthropological area

Fair-haired women with changeable nature

Central anthropological area Ukrainian

The greatest majority of Ukrainian ladies belongs to this type. They live in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kropyvnytsky and Dnipro regions.

Ukrainian women from central regions are usually of average height and have a medium-sized face with small cheekbones and eyes, round head and fair hair.  In some regions, they are dark-haired with dark eyes.

From the ancient times, the territory of Ukraine was the crossroads of trade routes, where blood was blended by various tribes and races, such as Trypillians, Iranians, Scythians, Greeks and local proto-Slavic tribes. That`s why the appearance of Ukrainian women from the central area has “average characteristic”.

Ukrainians from Central regions are usually controversial and have a great imagination and fantasy. Mood and health swings are also inherent to such ladies that is explained by flat territory with great opportunities and the lack of any barriers.

Danube type: individualists with European roots

Danube type Ukrainian

This subtype of central Ukrainians takes the second place by the majority and represents such regions as Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia and partly Ternopil. Characteristic features of such women are europeoid traits: long and narrow face, straight and thin nose, fair hair and dark eyes. Women inherited such traits from their ancient ancestors – Celtic and Thracian tribes.

The temper of Danube Ukrainians is changeable, headstrong and sometimes skeptical.

Northern anthropological area

Polessky and Volyn types: esthetes with medieval appearance

Polessky and Volyn type Ukrainian woman

The inhabitants of such regions as Kyiv (partly), Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Ternopil (partly) have mostly fair hair, blue or grey eyes, and medium height. They have an active life position and well-developed esthetic feeling. Such women are also emotional, dynamic, vigorous and sanguine. read more

As you can see there are many different types of women in Ukraine there is always your type of woman to date. So come with me to Ukraine and meet the woman of your life. 

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  1. Ukrainian women are not typical to me at all.

    I have been to Odessa. I am curious about other cities in Ukraine. I am also interested in other Eastern European countries such as Slovakia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus.

  2. Yes the Ukrainian women are special. Odessa is nice but the best cities, in my opinion, are not the tourist type cities. Like Vinnitsa or Poltava.

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