Items You Will Need In Ukraine!

Ukraine is a very modern country, and there is no need to bring the everyday things with you that you can buy in Ukraine. Say you forgot your toothbrush it is very easy to get one in Ukraine. But the stores are a little different there. Most stores sell related items, for your toothbrush you will have to go to a place that sells bathroom and kitchen items. Things like soap and deodorant or maybe shampoo. There are stores that only sell soap dish soap laundry soap and bar soap. Most food markets sell just foodstuff, and some smaller markets are actually two stores in one. If you want to buy beer

Good Ukraine beer

you will pay at a certain cashier. In the same store if you want to buy water you will go to another cashier. Sometimes it is very confusing to find out who sells what in the same market. There are some supermarkets but not in the tourist areas.

One trip to Ukraine lost all my electronic adapters phone chargers, computer charger, and the electrical outlet converter. It took me three days to find these items in Kiev.

The converter I found in a specialty shop that only sold such items. It was in an underground mall I guess you would call it. There are many of these places underground shops. When you come to a major intersection, there is a way to go under the street to cross, and this is where the shops are. Some of the things you will definitely need to bring with you are converter plugs for US 120 volt to Ukraine 220 volt also a good LED flashlight like this one here. Many times in Ukraine the lights go off, it is a rolling blackout, so you need to be prepared. Often you will need a flashlight to navigate stairs in the hallways of the apartment. To be a gentleman, your girl will be wearing high heels and some walkways at night are not lit. You will be a hero for showing her the holes in the sidewalks or cobblestone walks. It took me a few trip to Ukraine to discover these things you will possibly need. If you have a question about something, you want to take or do not know if you will need it write me.

LED flashlight
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