Marry 500 Ukrainian Girls

I would like to marry 500 Ukrainian women and or girls this coming year. The laws are different when it comes to marrying these super sexy women. I would be very happy to reach just half of my goal, I know I could make them all happy.

Elena Sexy Girl

Or at least happier than they have been in some time. But satisfying that many girls would be very time consuming and extremely difficult. I can already imagine all the problems I will face. It would be well worth it for the girls to have a man they could rely on. A man they could give their love and devotion to, in return they would get what most girls dream of.

A big house lost of money a great materialistic life. Who? sorry I am not talking about Ukrainian girls!!


These girls want security most of all a man that will put up with there mood changes. A man that would be there for them through the worst times. There is a saying in Ukraine. A man will show you his true loyalty when he is at the top. A woman will show her loyalty when she is at the bottom.I do know this to be true from personal experience. With the Ukrainian women, it is true they do not wish for anything more than a happy family. Yes, sure there are some golddiggers there. From my experience, most of these women do not want to leave their country.

They just want a man to make them happy. If you are a man that is looking for a new place to live. It would be a great place to start. It is relatively cheap there.

A western man could live for about $5000 a year here. I have shown many men how easy it would be to live in such a country a few sold everything and moved to Ukraine. When you are with my company you will see the real thing, the real people. I will show you how to meet the normal girls, not in the tourist area.

I can not guarantee you will find your love but I can guarantee you will meet some of the most amazing girls.

We can also help you when you find s sexy girl how to keep her with you. No, it will not be money or expensive gifts. We have found a sure way to do this over the years. We can also help you discover if the girl you are with is with you. Meaning wants to be with you or wants all the money you are spending on her. It took me a few years to discover this, but now all I need is a few minutes!!

 I read online there are many seminars, self-help books, and videos on how to meet girls. Is our society coming to this? We need direction on how to meet people what the FU_k !!

Do you need some like this, a dating mentor like that movie Hitch? I say it like I did not have the same problem a few years ago in Ukraine. I would think do these women like American do they think we dress funny are they real inside or empty? The answer is yes to all of these questions. They do like us, we do dress funny, they are real inside as well as empty looking for love.

Back to the title of this article, I do hope to marry 500 girls to 500 men that will care for these girls. Respect them and protect them.

Sexy Girl

I started this business to help men like me find a way to connect to these girls. Over the years I have found a few ways but I am still learning more all the time. It is not such a mystery it is more, different country different culture. It is sometimes not the easiest thing we men have been brainwashed by the girls in our past. We are taught to be week towards our women it goes against nature.

OK, children are perfect examples of what is natural. When a child gets hurt they run to their mom for comfort. When a child is scared she runs behind her father.

Men are providers women are gathers, this is why girls want or need things. More and more to keep the house comfortable, full of food and care for her family. In Ukraine this is how most women want it to be with one exception, she will want to help provide for her family. Yes, most girls want to work need to work they are not homebodies.

Most women in Ukraine work 10 hour days 6 days a week, yet still, take care of their man and kids. Can you imagine your ex doing such a thing?

Here is the best scenario to meet and date a super sexy girl that will cook for you treat you like the man that you are. It does not happen much with my group, but we have helped many cute kind of sexy women meet the man of their lives. If you are still reading this I am sure you are a lost person looking for the way home real home.

Let me ask you a real somewhat insulting question. $5000 is a lot of money right? If you were asked by someone. If you give me $5000 dollars this cute sexy girl will be your girlfriend for 1 week.

How many of us would think about this and probably do it?? With my group, this is definitely a possibility. I am not saying I will do this for you that would not be legal. Many men that have come on a tour with me say this, all it cost me was $5000 to have a great time. I met dated this wonderful woman I will sure to be back soon. When you do come back our services will be a day by day approach. Besides, you will have your woman to help you out most of the time. Unless you want to find a new girl? We can help!


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