Marta The Ukraine Girl Who Scammed Me

This is my story about a girl I met online!

Her name is Marta, and she was the most greedy person I have ever meet in Ukraine, she is a Ukraine online date scammer! I set out to prove or disprove these professional daters from online Ukraine dating sites. I used the site I wrote a post on a few weeks ago about a man I met and his story was so depressing to me I decided to see what he went through. I went to the site he used many beautiful girls there to see, and most are photoshopped. But I know they are not the girls you write they are just window dressing. Yes, they are real women and girls but they just signed up to maybe try to find love but their photos are being used by many many sites, and they do not know!


Marta a scammer from Ukraine
Marta and me

I met Marta around January of this year online we wrote and sent each other personal videos she seemed like a real person I mean a person that was looking for love. She would write very nice and personal letters not template letter like some do. She was From Lviv Ukraine I have not been there before. After a month I requested her personal email address, I had to pay $70 dollars for it.It was okay I kept telling myself I am doing research, so I would not have feelings for her. When I received her personal email it was strange it was her first name but someone else’s last name on the email address.

 I looked up online for this other Marta, and sure enough, it was another girl. Same city but a different girl!

I continued to write her at this email address, and she would reply but very short replies. She continued to write me through the site, but I would not respond because it was 5 dollars per letter. We decided to meet in March I was not sure if she would show up, but It was just another trip to Ukraine for me. A few days before I arrived I got a text from Marta saying she could not meet me until Sunday no problem two days later. I arrived in Lviv Friday night it is a nice but very busy city so many tourists.

On Sunday I met Marta, I forgot to mention she insisted on using her interpreter and it would be 25$ an hour. She told me if you do not agree I will not meet you, so the scam started!  

When I met her, she was the same girl in the photos online, and she also sent me photos of her through her email, or someone did? But they were always professional photos photoshop photos as most girls on these sites have. She was very cute 35 years old and looked younger. We went to a restaurant, it was very nice and very empty for a Sunday night so either the food was

Lviv opera house
Lviv Opera House

not good or it was very expensive. I found out when I received the bill it was very expensive three times the price of other places in Lviv. We called it a night early and decided to meet in the morning. We met in front of the Opera House beautiful building! It was around 10 am Marta decide she wanted to go to Mcdonalds and have hamburgers. I felt like she was a person that wanted to meet a man at this time, so I tested her. She asked me what I did for a living and how much I made, I lied to her and told her I made more than most people.

Then what happened next was so ridiculous I could not believe it, I mentioned earlier that I need some nail clippers I forgot mine at home.

She said let’s get a taxi so we can find you the clippers. We were in the cab for about 30 minutes quite a long ride, and we come up to this big shopping mall. All I needed was clippers! She found a makeup place to buy my clippers and then asked if she could get some things. I said why not see what she wants, and she got lipstick and some makeup it came to 35$. Walking through the mall, she walked into an expensive Italian shoe store and started trying on shoes no questions asked!

30 minutes later she put two pairs of shoes on the counter and said will you buy me these shoes!

I was so surprised I could not speak, her interpreter said Rod don’t make a scene. I was so mad at her to be so blatant about how she did this. I asked Marta why should I buy you two pair or even one pair. She said it was my birthday two weeks ago. I did buy her the shoes telling myself this is research. So now I am absolutely sure this is all a scam. I now know what my friend went through here in Lviv.(Do you want to read more about scams) From what I understand Lviv is not a popular place for Ukraine online dating sites. The next few days I did not see her much, making excuses. I met her a few days later with her interpreter of course. I said Marta I know you understand English why do we have this girl with us? She said I do not speak English and if you do not what to see me we will go! I said OK go she was surprised at my answer.

She said well I guess you do not want me to come over to your apartment and cook you breakfast in the morning!

Marta scam girl
Not A nice woman
Marta Ukraine scammer
Marta and Her Interpreter

 I said what are you saying you are going to stay with me tonight? Marta said no of course not, but I will come over early and cook for you! OK, tomorrow you will come over. She said wait I have something to do tomorrow but on Saturday I can come to your apartment Saturday is three days away. I said OK I will see you Saturday; I will text you the address Friday night. You should have seen the look on both of there faces as I turned and walked away. I did not see Marta or her interpreter again; I did make a complaint to the agency in Lviv. But nothing came of it her profile is still on this site and with a 100{77d98b13d243b44f31c75ad84883e5d111de0b8c49265fea6922cba70cebec2f} rating for her.

I just can’t believe in Ukraine there are women like this, in a country that is so religious and believe in karma!

I know every culture every country has its bad and good people, and I have met some of the bad people. It does not stop me from going to Ukraine now as I showed I can spot a scam when I see one. For the most part, if you use a Ukraine online dating site the percentage is very high you will be scammed. That is why I started this business to not only help men not get scammed but to help them find that girl. And in doing so they will also help a Ukraine women start a happy family.

In all, I spent 500$ on this experiment and I hope to save men like my friend Mark thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Would you like to find your love or just date a beautiful Ukraine girl come with me and you will? At the very least you will find a country and people that are very compassionate and value family over all else.


If you have a comment or a question about the Ukraine girl you might be communicating with email me

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10 Replies to “Marta The Ukraine Girl Who Scammed Me”

  1. Sounds like a full on scam. But judging by the picture you are about my age and I would never in a million years hit on someone that young especially through a dating service. You’re asking to get scammed man. The difference is that younger people want money and when you’re older you may have money but are looking for love. This is what looks the case here. I hope you learned a valuable lesson here. I don’t know. Well written and actually kind of funny in a weird way but life gets weird if you keep putting yourself out there when it’s been time to settle down a couple decades ago.

  2. Yes some of us settled down and some of us are experiencing life by exploring. This was a way of showing so many out there to be careful.These men that get scammed and have no idea it happened. As I wrote from the beginning I was trying to help the men so I purposely got scammed to see just how far these professional daters are willing to go. But you are being a little stereotypical here about young women not all want money and is really not the case in Ukraine. 10 to 15 years difference from a girl and a man is not at all uncommon.

  3. Hello! I would be lying if I tell you I’m shocked. I have heard of so many dating sites scams that it is sickening! It is happening all over the world these days. I guess it is a source of income for these women… for men too.

    This strengthens my belief that one must rely more on our intuition. And we know that is way difficult to do when we meet someone on the internet.

    Just one question… why is it that older men almost always want to look for a much younger woman? This is something I’ve been curious about for a while. Maybe you can shed some light to this query.

  4. Thanks for the comment, first I want to say I hope I can help some men from going down this path. So why men want younger girls for me I prefer women no younger than 10 years. This woman was 13 years younger than me but it was just an experiment for me. But there are men that want girls 15 20 years younger although this might happen I do not think it could last. I have heard from men that they want the young girl to feel young again.

  5. Sorry to hear that you got scammed Rodney. I’m glad you’re writing these kinds of articles to warn others what can happen with these online dating scams. This may have just prevented me from wasting hundreds of bucks! Appreciate the advice.

  6. Yes, it has been some time now that this has been happening in Ukraine. I hope to help as many men as I can but also not insinuate that Ukraine is a bad place to go you just need some help.

  7. That sucks man. It is unfortunate that so many people try to cheat when there are ways to be decent that are much better. Well better luck next time and thanks for the heads up.

  8. Yes, it is not a good person that makes money of others emotions, I have heard many guys stories that said they thought they found the one women to make them happy. I turned out to be a scam.

  9. Hi Rod,

    Thank you for this article! It’s amazing to find out how many scams are out there and how specific they get! I will spread the word and let other people know about this as well. Thanks!

    Thanks in advance,

    Alec Thatcher

  10. Thanks, Alec, men need to know about this not only to save money but also to save hurt feelings. I have heard it over and over how men thought they found the girl of their life only to realize it was just a scam.

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