Ukraine Date Secrets

The day everything came together for me in Ukraine. The best dating advice for men is dating advice from men!

Nika Professional Dater

Not just any men but men that know about a country I am not saying some professional date counselor. But a man that knows the customs and what to say and what not to say to the native women of Ukraine.

I met Igor at a place that the internet said was one of the best places to meet single Ukraine girls. When I arrived at this place, it was empty except for the staff and a few guys smoking hookah. I was trying to ask one of the servers why there was not anybody there. But she did not understand me, a man came over and asked if he could help me. I explained what I wanted to know why no people? He said two reasons the Maidan shooting was only a few weeks ago and it is Tuesday night.

Madian square in Ukraine
Here is a barricade made by the people of Ukraine against their government.

The Maidan shooting was terrible a government gunned down its people with snipers just innocent everyday people.

Igor said why are you here just after the shooting are you crazy. I said why is it not safe now? He told me a few stories and said now it is all calm you have nothing to worry about now. We talked a little, and then he left but gave me his phone number in case I want to go to dinner later that week with him.

I, of course, was going to take him up on his offer I called him Friday, and we decided to meet at the same place.

I was not aware of what I would learn from a few simple conversations. 

cute girls to date
Oksana- Marina

When we arrived, it was very crowded. We first went to smoke hookah I am not a fan of this, but I was his guest. We got a table with this big couch, within a few minutes two girls asked if they could join us. Igor said, of course, they sat ask Igor his name and one girl asked me where are you from? I do not know why but most people can tell I am not from there. I told them Las Vegas, and that was it they were hooked.

I ask Igor how did this happen so fast? He told me girls like foreigners, and you are with a local, so you are safe.

So now I am learning some things, he also told me if a girl looks at you she is welcoming you to approach her. If a girl smiles at you it is polite that you have to talk to her. We sat with the girls for an hour or so, then Igor said let’s go upstairs.

I said what about the girls he said they would find someone else to sit with.

Are you kidding me leave them here, I was so lost. I ask what was wrong with those girls. Igor said nothing but we will have much more choices. We get upstairs, and it is like lounge music but not too loud and maybe 100 girls. So he said who do you want to talk to. I looked around and said those girls three very pretty girls in short skirts.

He said no Rod those are easy girls, girls that want money for sex. I ask how do you know; he said in most places like nightclubs or lounges there is a line in the room. One side easy girls the other good girls.

Tanya Nice Girl

I said how can you tell? He said what do you see on this side of the room; I said a lot of pretty girls and what on the other side? I said again a lot of pretty girls there is no difference. He said there is a big difference if you look past the pretty girls.

After I learned the difference, it was like opening my eyes again in a whole new way. I got chills down my back.

I said Igor this is real this is true. He said see for your self, so we walked up to the easy girl’s side, and I said do you girls want to have some fun? They said sure what do we get? Then Igor and I walk to the other side of the club, and I asked the same question. The girls said can you buy us a drink and we will see if we can trust you guys.

In Ukraine, you can not tell by looking at a girl if she is easy or a good girl they all dress the same very sexy.

Now I have a few secrets or should I say understanding of how to date a Ukraine girl. It is different than here in the USA!

Now I had to try some of my newly learned dating advice. I did meet a lot of girls that night and the next day too. But I was finding out the girls were not my type, sure they were fun and nice to be with, but I was looking for more of a serious relationship. If you just want to date many girls that is easy but if you want to find that girl of your life, it is not so easy.

I have actually found that girl of my life three times, so I thought.

Nino and I in cafe dating
Nino And Me

I will not use their real names, but the first was Nina she was so cute and had this big sweet personality she was going to a trade school to become a stylist. Very classy girl we dated a few weeks, then I went home and came back a few months later. The biggest problem we were going to have to deal with was the war. We were talking about marriage, and how she was so happy we met because it changed her life. She said I was the most gentle, kind man and appreciative. I was just myself nothing special I thought. I was told some of Ukraine men are not so good with their women.

It hurts me a little to see this photo of Nina.

Then the war started, she was from Lugansk right in the middle of all the fighting.

We did stay in touch as much as we could, sometimes the cell service worked and sometimes not. It was so nerve-racking to wonder day by day if she was all right. When we did talk or write it was always the same, she would tell me she slept on the floor because of all the artillery shells all night every night.

What could I do to help my girl?…. Nothing!

You see no one was allowed in and no one was allowed out of the fighting zone. Even if she could leave, she would not because her sister and mom live with her and she could not leave them there of course. We talked as much as we could and then the day came when we lost contact with each other. As in many wars, the propaganda started, and Nina was protesting against the west. She decided I was not on her side of the war and stopped all contact with me.

Apartment building like Nina’s.

I saw her on facebook with all these propaganda pages saying down with Kiev down with Ukraine it was sad to see.

I know I was not there I do not know what happened to her and her family and I did not know too much about the war. I only wanted her to be safe. She was safe I guess, then one day she wrote me how I am doing. We wrote and talked a few more times, but we both knew it was over between us.

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