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Here is where I started my search for a new type of wife, a Ukraine wife. Ukraine online dating to find brides are big business!

I was very new to online dating then, it was something I need because I just went through a bad divorce. A few years ago say 6 or 7 years there were not many online Ukraine dating sites. Now there are more than you can count.

I once read that it is a 5 billion dollar a year business Ukraine online dating!Irina donetsk

Some of these sites have over 500,000 members it is crazy. I do not know how this happened before it was the Russia girls everyone wanted to date. You know the Russia mail order bride thing. I have been to Ukraine over ten times in the last seven years. I remember the first time was a total scam on me I wrote a girl for a few months went to see her and no girl. She would not answer her phone! So there I was stranded in a country where looking for a bank because of the alphabet they use is like reading Klingon in star trek. It was so difficult for me the first two days. I was like a scared child sitting in my hotel room.

Over the years I investigated some more sites some were OK but most wanted you to either pay for the service a monthly fee between 20 to 100 dollars.

Some sites charge by the letter you receive from the girl between 5 dollars to 20 dollars a letter. What I came to find out was the girl that was in the photo. The girl you thought you were writing, was not the girl answering your letter.

It was a paid translator to answer letters; some translator had over 50 men to write back every day.


Over the years I have gotten to know a few girls from those agencies, and they all told me the same thing they were paid very small salaries.

One girl told me she made 50 cents for one month’s work. These sites are about one thing and one thing only money.So again that is why I am in this business to meet men in Ukraine and help them date a Ukraine girl. I do not know how many times I am sitting in a pub or cafe and meet an American or Asturailin man. Ask them what they are doing in Ukraine, and they say I came here to meet a Woman!

Then the story she was not the same girl in her photos, or she did not show up to meet me. Or we had one date and then she said she did not want to see me again.

These guys flew over 5000 miles spent quite a bit of money and got scammed. These dating sites hope you will not be brave enough to come to Ukraine. If you do, they will make all the arrangement and charge you twice the price if you’ve done them yourself.

Here is the story that got me into wanting to help these men. I was one of them so many years ago. I met a man, Mike; he was from Idaho or Iowa I don’t remember. So Mike was sitting in a pub, and we started to talk, first, he told me he was in Ukraine for business. Then the truth he was there to meet a girl, and she only met with him one evening. She promised she would be with him for the whole week.

Only saw her for 4 hours, he then said she spoke English well enough but needed an interpreter. So she could make sure she could completely understand him.

Well, the interpreter cost 25 dollars an hour, and Mike said no he would not pay. So no pay no girl, this is what they do with men there. The real people of Ukraine I talk with are shocked by this scam. So I ask Mike if he wanted to date a real Ukraine girl. I said meet me at noon buy the mall, and I will show you what to do. Mike was there when I got there; I said let’s go find some girls. I ask him when you find a girl you like tell me; there were girls everywhere. So after some time, he said that one. What of all these girls you pick the older kind of cute woman? No Mike, not her, we saw these two girls walk by sexy they were laughing having fun.Tati

I said Mike those two you like them? He said I could never get a girl like that. We walked over to them, I ask one of the things I ask a girl there.  I know they’re almost obligated to do.

 Sure enough, they agreed I made up a story we want to buy some shirts with Ukraine writing on them.I ask the girls if they would show us some places. Now, this mall is six stories high, so we were with them for some time looking through the shops. Mike and one of the girls were getting along well.  You know what? her English was not good at all, but they were having fun trying to communicate. I told Mike I had to go; I said why don’t you two go and get lunch together the girl liked this idea. Off they went, I did not see him again.

I like to see people happy there are many real Ukraine girls women that want to date American men and if they fall in love marry.

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  1. I would love to go to Ukraine but I am a little scared of the war is it safe? I know the women are very pretty and it would be cool to date one. Is it safe?

  2. In all my travels to Ukraine, I have never felt threatened and even as the war continues I still feel safe there.The was is in the south-east corner of Ukraine it would be as far as say Las Angeles to Salt lake city or Paris to Prague.

  3. I would like to come to Ukraine this summer would you help me? I am from Sweden I wonder if my English is not the best would I have a problem meeting women?

  4. Hello Sven, you would not have a problem, if your English was not the best. If you would like an interpreter I am sure it would not be a problem. The summer months sell out quick!

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