Online Ukraine Date Scammers

Online Ukraine date Scams are everywhere!

This was the way Ukraine scams were done in the past, now it is not the girls that do it. It is the agencies that work for these online dating companies

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This is a letter from a man to Krystyna an online blogger.

Hello Krystyna,

I am using and get about 50 invites from a woman much younger than mapper day. I am 51 and looking for a woman from 40 to 50. This is on my profile.

But still beautiful woman from 19 to 25 want to contact me and they are so beautiful. I think they are models hired by the dating site to attract stupid men looking for a Ukrainian or Russian woman because if you want to read letters there, you must buy credits. You have to pay sometimes 20 euro for reading 1 letter.    read more click

Hello Jos,

It is really good that you are cautious and are wondering why young beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women who are much

Irina Ukraine scammer
Scammer her photo is photoshopped

younger write to you their messages.

The scenario is every Western man’s worst nightmare: “I was contacted by an amazing woman from Ukraine. She was beautiful and funny, a full 23 years younger than me. I just knew she was the one! It was love at first sight”. But the reality is something different….

Unfortunately, it may be sometimes too good to be true. After investing (a lot of) time and money in what you think is your one true love, “your perfect Ukrainian lady” stops contacting you. From my personal experience, I can say that the men have since gone on to find love online.

The first sign of International online dating scam is a very young woman from Ukraine or Russia contacting an older man from a Western country. As for me, it is very strange if a 20-year-old beauty from Ukraine contacts first a man who is much older than her (20-25-30 year age difference is extremely big and may be the reason for problems and misunderstanding in a Western-Ukrainian relationship).

But I have to mention that not every young Ukrainian woman who contacts an older man is a scammer. On the other hand, she should be viewed with caution. Some readers told me that several beautiful Ukrainian ladies wrote to them first that they really wanted to talk to them as soon as possible.

Well, we should realize this is the 21st century and all. Women can initiate a        read more click

So this is how it works on all sites, there is a company like Dream Marriage or Online Ukraine Date.

Beautiful Ukraine scammer
Anna scammer

Yes, these companies are just the front for the scammers I believe they do what they can to prevent scams. Now a company will subcontract a travel agency in Ukraine. The online company will then request the agency has to pay them a certain percentage, for any booking. If the agency helped a man get an airline ticket or apartment rental then the agency pay the site a percentage. Up until about 2 years ago, this is how it was but it has changed. Now photos are for sale if you go from site to site the same girl can be found on 25 to 50 different online sites. She doesn’t even know this that she is all over the internet. The agency has translators that write men all day long but some companies are so good now they use programs to do the translations. here is one site in Ukraine that hires translators for dating agencies. Ukraine online jobs

So the men are not even communicating with a person but a robot.

I still belong to some online dating companies if you don’t interact with other members it is free. I would say I get between 100 to 200 letters a day on Dream marriage. From girls that have not gotten a response from me in over a year. But they still keep writing why is this? Because they are not real girls it is a robot program writing these letters. I have noticed that all the letters the font is the same and the style is the same and the color of the font is always a light blue. OK now if a man does decide he wants to go to Ukraine to meet a certain girl. Some girls will refuse and you are out all the money you paid for membership and letter

Beautiful Ukraine scammer
Marina scammer

fees. But let us say the girl decided to meet you, first they have to find the girl.When and if they do find her they coach her.

Even if in her profile she said she speaks English she will ask for an interpreter which will cost $20 to $30 an hour.

Why will she do this for a commission, the girl you meet is a professional dater she gets paid to date you. It is such a big business now in Ukraine. And a lot of the girls that work for these agencies never want to leave their country. She gets to date a man that will take her to nice restaurants and might even buy her some nice clothes or a cell phone. We men are very trusting especially if we have the beautiful girl with us. So again if you do not want to be scammer taken advantage of or just made to look foolish don’t use these site it is a business that will not change. Why because there is too much money in it.

Beautiful Ukraine scammer

If you want to go to Ukraine and meet a nice girl that is not after your money, give us a try. I will take you and show you where and how to meet a Ukraine woman or girls.

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10 Replies to “Online Ukraine Date Scammers”

  1. What a topic. I can honestly say that this is the first time that I came across such a post.

    For example – You haven’t messaged someone in about a year but they keep on messaging. It’s good that you suspect it’s a robot so you don’t do anything. Hopefully, others who are less tech-savvy compared to yourself think the same.

    Also, this is the first time that I’ve heard of the term ‘professional dater’. I guess I have seen it around, but I’ve just never heard the term used. It’s funny what kind of jobs exist these days.

    It’s good that there are sites like this that keeps an eye on scammers like this and warns others.

  2. Wow! That is me. I was one of those that really thought she loved me more than any other and that she was the one for me. Like you said, I found her picture attached to another site under a different name. Scammers.
    I never did find a real person, most just computers trying to get me to spend money somewhere. Is there a place a person can go to really find other single people and perhaps meet?
    Thanks for helping me see the light.

  3. It is so sad that there is so much exploitation and that people scam like this just for money. I can’t believe that so many fall for these, and pay out to these dating sites! Well, actually, yes I can. I guess it is similar to work-at-home scams. I am glad there are really actual sites out there that are legitimate. Although I was curious and clicked on the link which does not go anywhere.

  4. Thanks for the comments Marco, I hope to save men from being scammed but more importantly from having their feelings crushed. I have met men that were so excited that they found their dream girl only to find out she was in it for the money!!

  5. Sorry, Bob for your story that I hear so many times and this is the reason I started this site first to expose all these Ukraine dating sites. But second to help men like you find their happiness if you would read these two post.It shows there are some girls that want love. Ukraine girls, in general, are some of the best women I have met.


  6. Thank you, Maurice, yes it is good advice and it took me many years to finally discover this. I hope I can stop some of these men that think all is good. It is sad that these Ukraine sites do not care about the feelings of these men they take advantage of.

  7. Yes, it has come about in the last few years from Ukraine scammers, It is always the case if it seems to good to be true! But the sad part is there are a lot of girls women in Ukraine that just want love just like the men that are looking for it. Oh, thanks for letting me know my link was not working it has been fixed.

  8. Rod, I must admit when I first came across your site, my instinct was to think (or misjudge, shall I say) that once again this website, like many others on the internet, was going to scam clients as well as promote escorting and ‘legal’ exploitation of young girls. But, what kept me reading was your honest take on what is often the scenario I have just mentioned. It is refreshing that you actually give some pointer to potential victims of scams, on how to recognise and stay well away from dodgy online dating situation.
    Generally speaking, I have always felt uneasy about online dating, nor have I ever used any platform. Yet I am fully aware that people can find true and long-lasting love online. But, when I see companies advertising a certain category of women, Thai or from Ukraine, or blond or rotund, well then forgive my narrow mindedness, but I can’t help but thinking of women being spoken about – or advertised – as if they were merchandise on shelves. And the idea, quite honestly, make me cringe. Maybe with such online companies, the victims are not only the clients who get ripped off of their money, but the human merchandise too.

  9. Hi Giulia, thank you for understand and not judging! You are absolutely right it is not only the men but the women too that get used. Over the last year, it has become such an issue. I have a friend that I work with, in Ukraine and the word is getting out. In her small city, she works in a travel agency. She had to recently find a part-time job because foreign men stopped coming. You are also right about the real victims are the girls -women who are posted on so many sites that they never signed up for. There are so many good honest girls in Ukraine, but you will not meet them on some dating site. The sad thing is there are some Ukraine women will never have another relationship in their lives. They hope a foreign man will want them because their men do not.

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