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In this article, it is again written about these Online Ukraine Dating scam sites. The difference here is this was written by Shaun Walker of theguardian news.

The economies of several Ukrainian cities are boosted by the surreal and disingenuous online bride business, and Odessa is the biggest hub. It does not take long for a visitor to the city to stumble upon an “international date” – there are legions of western men in town meeting with young women they have met online, usually with the conversation facilitated by a translator. At internet cafes and homes across the city, thousands of women spend hours each day chatting with prospective suitors online.

There is nothing like the prospect of economic hardship to facilitate intercontinental liaisons, and so, far from business drying up in recent months, the romance and “bride” trade is booming. If anything, there are now more western men planning trips to Odessa than there were last year when I accompanied a “romance tour” to Ukraine for a magazine story. I spent a week in Odessa with 29 men, all of them hoping to find a wife during their trip. They were mainly Americans, but there were also Brits, an Italian and a Saudi on the tour.

I went with a company called Anastasia International, which is no grimy basement operation, but a huge company with a projected revenue last year of $140m (£84m). It has thousands of women in Ukraine and across the world on its books, available for chats and in-person meetings with lonely bachelors across the world looking for a wife.

As internet dating has gone mainstream over the past decade, Anastasia is attempting to rebrand what was once called the “mail-order bride” industry as something modern and progressive. This is no longer the preserve of seedy and exploitative men seeking vulnerable women from impoverished backgrounds to work as a longterm sex slave, the marketing suggests. This is “international dating”, a civilized way to find romance without borders.

Except that the branding is still somewhat disturbing. The men pay for every minute they chat online to a woman, something that it becomes clear is a dangerous part of the business model. The company claims on its website that finding a woman in Ukraine is like “dating a model, but with the values of your grandmother”.The men featured in testimonials are sick of western women, whom they insist have forgotten “family values”.

‘This is game time’

Armed with this information, I was fully expecting to spend a week being nauseated by odious men preying on vulnerable women, and there were

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ukraine online dating photo
Ukraine Online Dating Photo

It is so upsetting to me that this type of thing has been going on so long now.

Just search Ukraine dating sites or free Ukraine dating site or the best is real Ukraine dating sites. You will have thousands of results. Why because it is a big business It was written that Anastasia International made 140 million a year that was a few years ago. Now it is well over 800 million a year! It is also upsetting that the Ukraine people mainly the girls are the reason for this. No, most of these

dating companies are not based in Ukraine two of the largest are here in the USA.With over 500 thousand members at $30 a month that is 15 million a month just for the membership.

Now add on all the separate charges- live chat, phone interpreter cost and $250 to receive her phone number.

Does this girl look real to the right? Well she is real I met and dated her, but she does not look like this. It is a photoshop picture, yes she is a pretty girl but not like this flawless look. You see they told her the more men she deceives and gets men to write her or chat with her she gets a bonus. A free photo session! The company takes the photos and enhances them to draw in more gullible men. She told me all the things she could about online Ukraine dating sites. She was very upset when she found these photos on many sites. I am not showing you the whole photo; it is very sexy almost obscene and without the girl’s knowledge!

 Men are constantly being deceived by these sites for millions of dollars a month. One man, I knew told me he spent over $10,000 on a girl writing her over a year.

When he finally went to meet her in Odessa, she refused to meet him in the beginning. A few days later he met with the girl, and she was not interested in him. But the real story is she was not the one writing him it was some agency translator. It took the agency a few

Maria photoshop girl
Maria from Odessa looks nothing like this “Photoshop”

days to find the girl to meet with him and she was not interested in him at all. The worst part about this is when she decided to get up and leave him sitting there at a cafe. The representative from the agency shook his hand and said sorry, but that girl is bad and walked away.

Leaving him in a city he did not know, a company that did not care about him they already had his money.

This is what is bad about these sites they already have your money, Why would they care if you were left without help? I see it time and time again foreign men sitting at a bar looking into space wondering what just happened. Not only did they get scammed and lose their money but also humiliated by some dating company that uses Ukraine girls. The guy that wasted $10,000 on one girl blamed the girl!! I told him you were scammed by the company, not the girl she had nothing to do with it besides signing up to a Ukraine dating site. These girls see adds or are looking for a job and come across online dating companies. That promise them either good pay or gifts and free photo shoots.

The girl signs up and gets her free photo shoot, and most of the girls don’t go to their online profiles. Now the agencies use the girl’s photo to trick men into writing them.

Marina photoshop photo
Marina Looks Nothing Like This Photo

If you were a lonely man and had not much experience dating and you find one of these Ukraine dating sites and a sexy young girl writes you. What would you do? Be honest if this girl to the right wrote you, Hi Rod, you are so cute, and I am looking for an older man like you. First, you think she cannot be real, and then you think well what do I have to lose! Well, she is a real girl named Maria, but this is not what she looks like.

She is all enhanced with CG, this is when we stop thinking with our minds and start thinking with well you know!! 

So you go along and write at $5 to $20 a letter, the sad thing is it is not her writing you back it is a paid translator. Could even be a guy that you are being answered by. If you notice there is a big warning not to use your personal email or phone number in your letters. Even if you did you would get a response from the girl saying you are breaking the rules. Or now because they do not even read your letter on the larger sites.You would get nothing but a response; I like you so much Rod thank you for the letter!!

It is so frustrating; now they know how desperate some men are they do not read your letter. Why do this? Come to Ukraine with me, and I will show you the real girls and women of Ukraine.

You will meet them sit and have coffee and get to know them personally face to face. Yes, Ukraine women are more accepting of older men, and they are not materialistic as other women in the world. I have been to Ukraine many times and know how to find and meet these women. Doesn’t it make sense to go with a Westen man like myself that knows this country and its customs? Or would you want to be another man sitting in a pub alone in Kiev wondering what just happened?

Any Questions or comments I can help please write me.

Come to Ukraine with me and have the trip of your life, and maybe meet the love of your life. Date Ukraine Women

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  1. Hi, I had no idea that it was required to pay for conversation or letter writing! I can see how that would be a huge cost and easily scammed.

    When you take these trips do you pre contact these women or is it random women you meet while in the country?

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