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The online dating site is big business in all parts of the world. I still have a problem with the idea of how someone can date another online! Is dating when two people meet then enjoy getting to know one another?

What should it be called? Looking at girls photos because you are afraid to act in real life?


I was a fool for quite a few years doing also this but I never thought I was dating any of the girls online I felt it was more of a way to find Ukrainian women that would want to meet me in person. Then if we liked one another we would date each other. I have been traveling most of my life. I have been to many states of the USA also Mexico and Canada.  I have dated in many different cities, a few girls from Mexico only one when I was in Canada. When I would travel to Europe I dated a few women there too. A Belgium girl two girls in Amsterdam.

 I am not trying to say I am some kind of ladies man only a guy that is a nice guy and most women appreciate this all except American women.

I have played with a few different online sites from Philippine to Russian to Chinese. I came to notice Ukrainian women on a few sites. At the time the Ukraine women were not popular at all over the years the online dating changed. It went from the companies being legitimate and the girls being the scammers. So now everyone is looking to scam all men from the girls to the online site and the dating agencies in Ukraine.

This is how it looks to me with the online sites oh by the way Facebook will not let some online dating agencies advertise there. Finally, someone is looking out for the desperate lonely people.


Online dating is a virtual strip club except for a few vital differences. You can not smell the sweet perfume girls wear. You don’t get to watch her sexy dance or let her whisper sweet lies in your ear. Also, you do not come home with all that stripper glitter, who doesn’t like stripper glitter? After you leave this type of club you feel foolish a bit, but you also have some good stories to tell your friends. You spent a few hundred dollars and everything goes back to normal.

With the online dating sites, they trick you trap you with lies! Lies that we stupid men no are lies but ignore. Plus we can do it from the privacy of our homes. Nobody will know you are in love with a virtual girlfriend.

I myself was caught up in this ridiculous scam for a few months. What helped me realize it was all a scam I saved all the letters the video chats anything that this girl sent me. One day I read over everything and nothing matched. I would be very specific in what I would ask her, she would almost never respond to my letters in a direct way. Every letter I reread was the same she did not respond in a normal way. It was just a template letter. For instance Hi Rod, I have been so busy but I am always thinking about you.

Then talked about her life and finish with I miss you! How could a girl I never met had absolutely no personal contact with, miss me? I saw what I got myself into, I did not write this girl anymore.

Sexy Teacher

You want to hear something strange it has been over 4 years that I stopped, she still writes me. I will tell you I know for a fact she is not a real Ukrainian girl. The are no Ukrainian women that would put up with a rude man. If I did not write her for a few days if she were real! She would have a big statement tell me a few things about what an irresponsible child I am. It would be over by her not me. These women are not stupid they have strong opinions, they will always let you know how they feel.

If you want to test the woman you are writing online, to see if she is real write something rude to or about her. If she does not answer you she is a fake.

I should know I have been embarrassed a few time because I did not do something I should have or did something I shouldn’t have. Although these women can be the kindest most loving people. If you cross them you will see how they can also be very strong, they are proud people. I say this over and over I would rather be told I am rude or unappreciative of my woman than for her to lie tell me everything is fine. Only to bring up through time what I did over and over again.

I do not understand how a company, well some companies only care about making money. OK, so a person in Ukraine that is being paid to translate letters to many different men.

Lying to them so they will write back and spend more money. I know Ukrainian people believe in karma, the only thing I can think of is they are desperate. People that work like this should go to church and pray for playing with others emotions. Think how would you like it and on top of it they are making Ukraine women and the country look bad.

Scam Photo

I have to comment on an email I received a few weeks ago a man asked if I could help him find out if the woman he was writing was real. Just by his first few words, I knew she was not real. I told him this then I get another email saying.

Rod, I was so taken with this girl I just couldn’t take anyone’s advises, so I hired a detective agency in Ukraine.  It turned out her profile was a lie, and I’m convinced that GoDateNow is complicit and pays these woman to write and video chat.  I read on Russian blogs that they get $1 for each message written.  Thank God I don’t like video chatting!  I was only taken for a few hundred dollars (plus detective fees).  The detective agency I used has flat fees and takes Paypal, I recommend them.

OK, so he did not, believe me, that is fine I never said I was the best. But what bothers me the most is the so-called detective agency.

Is not a detective agency it is another blog site that recommends the same companies that he used to get scammed. Maybe someone thinks I am a fool? How can you recommend the same sites you are trying to out?

If you want a real girlfriend go with a small company you can trust because we do no online dating or recommending of online sites. Come with me to Ukraine have the time of your life and maybe find the woman of your life.

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  1. Fred, it is very simple if you have a doubt or the women you are communicating with is not completely open to you she is not real.

  2. Hi, Mark, I do not think uadreams is a scam but there are many profiles that are! Be careful, if you think for a second she is not real that is your clue. She is not!!

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